The meeting went very well. In fact, if they were not inside the very intimidating conference room, they wouldn't think that they were in a business meeting. It was more like a gathering of neighbors who are working on a community project.

The young men were introduced to the team with names that Mr. Hasting has undoubtedly cooked up for them. "I'd like everyone to welcome the new additions to our team. Hugh Peters will be working with the Research and Development Team." The Department name was Harry's queue to wave at his new colleagues. "Ryan West will be joining the Marketing and Advertising Team while Sebastian Scarlotti will be assigned to the Finance Department." The Marketing and Advertising Team cheered for their new companion while the Finance Department looked at the new addition suspiciously which made Blaise Zabini turn to them with a smug look on his face.

"Lastly, this is Darren Manning. He'll be working directly under me. For one month, he'll be observing how our company operates and after that, he'll begin his special project which has something to do with the Hastings Toy Convention. I have a gut feeling that these young men will have a long, steady career with us." Draco stared at the old muggle, thinking that he found the man who could rival his former Headmaster's lunacy.

"Alright, I'll draft their employment contracts and the training team will conduct an orientation in the next few days. Meanwhile, I need some requirements from you for our records. I'll send it to Ian's office later." The Head of Human Resources said in a fake cheery tone, reminiscent of Dolores Umbridge. She seemed upset that the CEO did not consult her about the hiring and clearly, there was a reason for this sudden impulse because as of their last meeting, they were clearly not short staffed.

After the meeting, they went back to Mr. Hasting's office where his granddaughter sat in the sofa, while reading a large tome. "There you are puppet!" Mr. Hastings greeted his daughter with a wide smile and a bear hug. "Are you ready for your trip then?" The brown haired witch who was wearing a dark green tank top and jeans, nodded.

"My flight is in one hour. I just popped by to say goodbye." The witch proceeded to give her best friends a tight hug while whispering instruction in record speed. "Harry, do not forget to report to Kingsley every Friday alright? Set up the necessary protective spells in here and in my grandfather's house. Also, please remember that you have a spitfire of a girlfriend who's going to kill you in your sleep if you don't contact her." She said which made her best friend blush profusely.

"Ron, your mother gave instructions that you have to spend your Saturday with the family. When you're there, please fetch Crookshanks and bring him to Grandfather's house. Can you please owl Luna and ask how she's doing with Pansy and vice versa?" That earned a snort from all four former Hogwarts Students. The mere fact that Pansy Parkinson was assigned to be in Luna Lovegood's care brought absolute hilarity to everyone who was in the Ward Assignment Meeting. They were all sure that Pansy would have killed herself by now and that Luna Lovegood would be there to witness it while talking about 'undiscovered' magical creatures.

Hermione moved on to her two Slytherin wards. "What, no hug for Slytherins?" Blaise Zabini grinned at her playfully with his arms stretched wide open. The brown haired girl laughed at Italian who surprised everyone by being the fun guy among the Slytherin bunch despite spending his days in Hogwarts lurking in the shadows. "You find your folks quick before this office become a crime scene. I mean, with Potter, Weasley and Malfoy in one room?" Hermione embraced the Slytherin while chuckling lightly.

"You'll have to play the peace-keeper for a while." The witch said. She knew that the Slytherin would do it anyway. In the weeks that she spent with Zabini and Malfoy in her care, he was always the one to break-up the fights between her and her childhood nemesis.

She turned toward her other ward. Draco Malfoy, the bane of her existence, the same boy who tormented her throughout her childhood days. "Malfoy, your mother is staying with your Aunt Andromeda. You'll have to visit her at least once a week. The poor woman will get lonely. Don't forget to study for your N.E.W.T.S; it is eight months from now and please don't send my grandfather into cardiac arrest while I'm away." The blonde rolled his eyes as his former classmate ranted on a list of dos and don'ts that he noticed were only given to him.

"Granger, I am not a child." Hermione glared at Draco before she handed him a parchment containing a list of things that he needs to accomplish.

Her grandfather looked at the exchange with a funny grin on his face. "You may as well be! Who was it who stuffed my pet inside a cauldron last week?"

"I was bored." The statement was met by a raised eyebrow from the woman.

"Malfoy, please do not screw this up." She pleaded before turning towards her Grandfather who was in search of something in his drawer.

"Grandfather, I'll call as soon as I get to Australia." Her grandfather handed her a black purse. Hermione opened the purse to find a credit card, an ATM card and a load of Australian Dollars. She gasped in shock at her grandfather's generosity. "Pops, I cannot accept this."

"You can and you will. I will not have you running around Australia without any money and you will most certainly not sleep in cheap motels to get by. I have booked a hotel for you to go home to, the information is all there." Hermione sobbed in her Grandfather's arms while the four gentlemen stood, basking in the gloriousness of Mr. Hasting's love for his granddaughter. "Go on puppet, you're running late."

With a final goodbye, Hermione apparated out of the office. Once Mr. Hastings recovered from the sight of his granddaughter vanishing out of thin air, the man turned to the group and said, "Let's go home."

The group stepped out of the CEO's office only to be cornered by the Human Resources Chief who handed them the requirements that they need to submit. "Ian, we still have to talk about their compensation packages."Damian Hastings turned towards the peeved woman with a sly smile on his face. "These young men are the cream of the crop and I expect them to be compensated generously. I already told Susan about this last week and from what she told me on her report earlier this morning, she sent it to you last Thursday."

The Human Resources Head, a thin woman with short hair that made her neck look longer than necessary, grunted. "That is exactly why I wanted to talk to you, Ian. The figures are too much for entry level employees who haven't even gone through the proper testing process. We were not even allowed to see their resumes beforehand."

"Bernadette, the reason why they did not go through the process was because I wanted to test a theory of mine." Bernadette looked on towards her boss like she was urging him to go on. "Tell me, why is it that in five years, 40% of employees who went through the proper testing process resigned claiming that they were not hired based on their level of competency?"

With that note, the group of men went out of the office leaving an enraged HR Head and an amused group of employees.

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