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Do you believe in magic and spells?

Yeah. We didn't either.

Until one night, changed our whole perspective on life.

One Month Before now...

Ally's POV

I was on edge without having a clue as to why I was feeling this way. But my stomach was clenching and un-clenching from tension I so obviously felt. I don't know whether it was the unnatural red ring around the moon, the heavy thunderstorm or the anticipation of trusting my gut that something bad was going to happen.

I close my eyes tightly, trying to get rid of the weird stomach clenching feelings, and sigh with frustration when it gets worse.

What the hell?

I snap my eyes open to see Austin hovering over me with a concerned expression.

"You alright?" His cute, innocent voice asks and I smile a little. "Yeah.. everything's just.. dandy. I.. I just, i keep getting this weird feeling that something bad is going to-" I stop when the lights shut off suddenly, before a huge lightning bolt shows in the sky, followed by the loud scary thunderclap. Then, i see Dez and I are the only ones up, before we both look out the window and are met with the red ringed moon.

I shudder.

I don't know if it was from fear, or just tiredness but suddenly, my eyes roll back into my head and i'm passing out.

Dez's POV

Me, Austin, Trish, and Ally were all watching a scary movie when Ally suddenly sighs with what sounds like frustration. I look over to see Austin hovering over a very agitated looking Ally.

"You alright?" Austin asks warily, and you can see he's confused.

"Yeah.. everything's just.. dandy. I.. I just, i keep getting this weird feeling that something bad is going to-" She starts, but gets cut off when the lights abruptly shut off. A very large lightning bolt shoots through the sky, lighting Ally's face up, before being followed by the loud BOOM of thunder. I look at Ally and start to say something when she looks out the window.

She shudders visibly, before passing out. I look out the window, being greeted by the big, creepy, red ringed moon.

Then, my eyes roll to the back of my head, and i fight to try to stay up, but to no avail. I give in to the darkness and let sleep overtake me.

My last thoughts are clouded as i drift off into the world of rainbows and meadows.

Something horrible is going to happen tomorrow. I just know it.

Ally's POV

"Dez.. get up. Come on, we gotta get to the gym." I groan. "I don't wanna get up." I roll over and pull my very puffy pillow over my head.

Wait.. Pillow? I didn't have a pillow last night..

and did Austin just call me Dez...?

I shoot up and run to the bathroom, tripping over the pillows and blankets before getting to the fully body mirror on the bathroom door.

WHAT THE HELL! I shout in my mind.


"D- ALLY! GET UP. NOW!" I yell, and hear to loud groans. Trish had obviously been woken by my scream. "Shut the hell up moron! We're trying to sleep!"

"Shutup Trish." I mumble and glare at her, while stomping over to Ally— Me, and pushing her off of the bed she— I was currently sleeping on.

"Oof." I hear a small moan, and heavy breathing before she— I lift my head. "Why'd you do that.." She looks up. "Dez.." She looks back down and then, my eyes widen, and he looks up again. "DEZ! WHAT THE HELL! HOW IS THIS-"

"Ally, IT'S JUST DEZ. Stop having a panic attack." Trish mumbles, and we both glare at her, before i yank Dez's— My arm, and drag him outside to the backyard.

"How in the hell did this happen Dez?" I whisper-Shout at him. "I don't know." He mumbles, looking down at his clothes. "These won't do though. If i'm going to be in this body, i'm gonna be wearing something fashionable." I glare at him. "That outfit is so fashionable, so shut up." He looks up at me. "God i'm tall.. Anyways, how the heck are we going to fix this," He whined, waving his arms frantically, gesturing to me, and himself.

"I don't know! I'm still confused as to why and how the hell this happened!" I shout, slapping his arm. "Okay, well let's go see if this happened to Trish and Austin too!" He shouts back, slapping my chest.

"They didn't.. The only reason i woke up was because Austin was waking me up to go to the gym, and Trish was mumbling. So, they didn't, and Erm.. but i kinda have a problem with the changing situation.."

"What?" He asks, oblivious to the fact that he's a girl nowand i'm a boy now.

I gesture to his body, hoping he understood. I certainly didn't want to have 'The talk' with Dez. The look of utter confusion on his—my face, proves he still doesn't get it, so i whisper. "Our gender change.. showers.. going to the restroom.. changing.." His look of utter horror would have made me laugh at him, but seeing the situation we're in, no. Forget it.

The only thought in my mind right now though;

He was going to see my body.

I was going to see his body.

"Oh god.." I groan and run my hand through my hair, before walking back into the house and glaring at the two figures standing at the window seal, watching and probably trying to listen, to our conversation.

I'm going to be stuck in Dez's body, for who know's how long! I wail silently in my mind.

What the hell did I do, to deserve this punishment!

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