Tangent's Tangents

DISCLAIMER: 'Ranma ½' and all characters therein belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogagukan, Kitty, and Viz Video. This fanfict has been produced for my own enjoyment and to pass on without profit. Other characters that come into play in this fanfict may or may not be pulled from other sources (including other fanficts, RPGs, manga, anime, literature, or possibly even GASP American comic books!).

ADENDUM: 'Ranma ½' is specifically sited above due to the fact that the majority of my fan fiction to date has involved that title to some extent or other. Recently, I've been perusing ideas inspired by other works, such as 'World of Warcraft' (owned by Blizzard), 'Naruto: Shippuden' ( owned by Masashi Kishimoto and Shonen Jump), and possibly 'Harry Potter' (owned by J. K. Rowling).



PREMICE: In 'My Life as a Teenage Ranma' I alluded to the fact that if I were to be inserted into the setting of Ranma ½, I would prefer to be someone other than Ranma Saotome himself. Someone more on the sidelines, able to enjoy the fun without being personally caught up in the untenable position Genma had placed his son in...

Enter My Life As Nabiki Tendo, where, despite my best efforts and plans as a 'self insertion', I utterly fail to stay firmly in the sidelines.

In my attempt to stabilize the Tendo Clan after my 'Mother's' death, I express an interest in advancing in the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts, with the idea that this would both help 'Father' to come to peace enough to maintain a loyal student base, and to help push Akane further into her potential so that when the time comes, Ranma will be more likely to respect his fiancée's skill in the combat arts.

However, this backfires horribly, as I discover after the fact that this has made me the ideal heir to the Tendo half of the Anything goes School, as Akane is all to happy to join Kasumi in foisting the engagement onto me since I've been the one expressing the most interest in the stability of our Dojo and our art, while Akane admits that she wants to pursue a career in acting instead…

This is the sidelines?



(Writer Challenge)

Circumstances unknown cause most of Wizarding Britain to be drawn into the World of Warcraft. Hogwarts and the Forbidden Forest appearing in the Headlands and Northern Headlands of Gineas respectively, with Hogsmead appearing north of the Greymane Wall, incidentally swapping places with a sizable portion of the Forsaken forces in the process.

Her plans thwarted, Silvanus pulls her remaining Forsaken on that front back to a more defensible position, allowing the village of Pyrewood to reconnect with their kin through the now broken gates in the Greymane Wall, gaining the cure that finally stabilizes their Worgen infliction in the process.

But who are these new wizards, who mostly align themselves as entire families dedicated to magic and start their training so young, yet are so overly reliant on wands?

Where did the new alley in the Magi Quarter of the City of Stormwind come from? What bizarre and horrible new undead are these Dementors who have appeared on a new island west of the Bloodmyst Isles?

And who are these new goblins of the Gringots Guild, who have successfully wrangled the privilege of being the preferred bankers of the displaced wizards?*


Remus Lupen takes the worgen cure in a bid to gain conscious control of his lycanthropy, which is a very similar infliction. This new werewolf wizard becomes the liaison between King Genn Greymane and Professor Albus Dumbledore as Hogwarts and Hogsmede become part of a Gineas pushing to reclaim its former northern border just north of Shadowfang Keep.

Where does the Malfoy estate appear? The Borrow? The Longbottom Manor?

Has the Hogwarts Express become the Train to Nowhere, and if not, where do the two ends connect?

It is a forgone conclusion that the Goblin Guilds of Azeroth would welcome their obviously successful 'cousins', but it is doubtful that the new Gringots Guild reciprocates this respect back towards their obviously insane new relations. Exploding sheep? Really?

What of the Ministry? How will Fudge and Umbridge deal with a world where magic is so blatantly out in the open and humans openly deal with such obviously dark creaturs such as Draenei, Worgen, and Giant House Elves?

For that matter, what do the Night Elves, Highborne, High Elves, and Blood Elves (all of which comprising the afore mentioned Giant House Elves in the eyes of the Ministry) make of House Elves? Some may take them as the ultimate proof of the end result of the taint of Magic on the blood of elves, but many are likely to deny that these frail and pathetic creatures are elves at all. Now if only they could convince the Gnomes and Goblins to stop taking delight in calling these strange new domestic imps House Elves…

What of Sirius Black, Gentleman Adventurer, former Prisoner of Azkaban, unrepentant Maurader, and now guest of the Draenei?

What of Voldemort, and his bid to gain power in this new world?

And What of the Boy Who Lived, one Harry Potter, who no longer has to worry about ever returning to the Dursleys (as they stayed behind, not being magical)?

For that matter, what of Scotland, which now has a small but significant population of Forsaken, complete with vats of a devastating war plague? Will the highlanders be able to put this army of undead back six feet under where they so obviously belong?



Something goes horribly wrong during the Chunin Exam Invasion, and Konohagakure (and a sizable chunk of the forest surrounding it ends up being reversed summoned into the world of Azeroth, appearing in the middle of Desolace.

Orochimaru retreats as the barrier his Sound Four had set up fails, since he no longer feels confidant that he can take out Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage. He pretty much abandons his forces to Konoha in order to better effect his getaway.

What do the Suna Nin do, as they are no longer able to return to their own village? For that matter, what of the disillusioned majority of Oto Nin, now that they are forced to come to terms with the fact that their leader considered all of them to be expendable on a whim?


Danzo and his Root forces left behind for whatever reason, emerging from their deep bunkers to the crater that used to be their home and having to deal with the forces of Iwa and Kumo as those hidden villages start the next Ninja War trying to claim the territories of Konoha, Oto, and the now severely depleted Suna…

Watch Danzo as he tries to evade independent capture attempts by all sides, including Madara and Itache Uchiha, who both have their own reasons for wanting him dead for removing key pieces from the board. Assuming that it is even Danzo's fault that the Kiyubi and Sasuke disappeared to begin with…

Danzo and his Root forces get pulled through with Konoha, leaving Danzo without any external allies other than Orochimaru (whose value is currently greatly diminished). What new plans does he form in this world of frighteningly powerful factions in a state of near perpetual war?

The Inuzaka Clan is likely to be the first people ever to deliberately seek out the Worgen for the sole purpose of becoming inflicted with a new Bloodlimit. However, they are also the most likely to be able to remain civilized after becoming inflicted even without using the cure, being the most mentally attuned to a near feral state already, and thus ready to accept and control their new abilities and urges.

Without the worries of Bloodlimit theft from without, do the hyuga finally do away with the Caged Bird Seal and heal the rift that has been growing between the Main and Branch houses for generations?

Since these new "ninja" are more solidly connected to nature and the spirit world than many other humans (being chakra based, elementally aligned ninjitsu is NOT magic, and summons are spirits by their very nature), Konoha may find themselves becoming yet another cultural bridge between the Tauren and the Night Elves, both of which being highly pleased to find a sizable faction of humans so strongly attuned to the natural world.

Orochimaru and Silvanus form an alliance, each planning to backstab the other as soon as they gain what they are after…

Kabuto finally giving up on Orochimaru in disgust and joining the Scarlet Crusade (who have no qualms about letting him experiment on the impure - which is to say; anyone who isn't part of their crusade).

Naruto gets bitten by a feral Worgen and… Nothing happens? Or does the Kyubi permit the affliction to take hold in hopes that Naruto becomes more feral himself, and thus more prone to being influenced?