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Also, in WoW, Azeroth is scaled to be manageable by online gamers. I'm of three minds on how to treat this:

First: Scale up! The over all map of the world of Azeroth is correct, but the size of the regions is corrected to account for Kalimdor, Northrend, and the Eastern Kingdoms being actual continents. The Eastern Kingdoms would be considered to be vast empires by default of sheer territory size.

Second: Northern Hemisphere or quartersphere. Similar to the above, but involving subcontinents instead of full sized continents. This has the advantage of following the climate trend of southern Azeroth being tropical.

Third: Large Islands. The lands or Azeroth would be only slightly larger than in the game. Enough so that villages like Goldshire could be represented by more than just a handful of houses without being annexed into the next town or eliminating wilderness or farmlands.


PRELUDE: The Grand Reverse Summons: Konoha comes to Desolace!

All it took was for the right people, to be at the right place at the right time. The time was right at the start of the Chunin Exam Invasion, when Suna and Oto began their stike against Konoha, but before their advanced infiltration forces could breach the final barriers impeding the way to a full scale assault. The Sound Four had set up their barrier, and Orochimaru was in the process of performing his Impure Resurrection technique in order to summon the first, second, and fourth Hokages and force them to slay the third and then lay waste to their own village. The place was the Room of Seals, where the elder seal masters of Konoha watched over and maintained the great seals of Konoha should they ever actually be needed. The people were a group of particularly aged and cantankerous retired seal masters who had been put on post to keep them out of their caregiver's hair while the elders who where supposed to be there had all come down with apparent cases of food poisoning (which, as it would later be determined, turned out to be quite literally a case of their lunches having been poisoned).

When the alarms sounded, these ancient relics of previous wars leapt (well, more sort of a hobbling limp, but they tried) at their chance to perform their duty to the village they loved.

Drawing their own blood, they quickly activated all the pertinent defensive seals they could find, both those that they were familiar with and later ones that had been put in place after their retirement. Including one which, perhaps unfortunately, had been damaged some years ago by a certain orange clad orphan who had been left unattended at the time. Still, the damage had been noticed by the Chunin who was supposed to be watching the boy at the time, and the man had been fairly sure that he had corrected the error without anyone becoming aware of his momentary dereliction of assigned duties.

Well, former teacher's assistant Mizuki turned out to be half right. No one had noticed until now…


Orochimaru cursed as the barrier his elite Sound Four had set up flickered and then vanished as the whole of Konoha seamed to shake. To make matters worse, the timing of whatever this new disaster was had somehow managed to disrupt his Impure Resurrection technique, and it could not be attempted again without new sacrifices. And now that his hated sensei had both Enma and his ANBU bodyguard available to assist him.

Orochimaru knew that he had lost momentum in this battle. It was time to form a new plan.

"Sound Four! Attack!"

Using his elite bodyguard to attack Hiruzen Sarutobi and his own elite bodyguard in order to buy time to get away seemed like a perfectly reasonable plan. It wasn't like his idiot minions actually stood a chance against the best that ANBU had to offer, cursed seals or not. Despite their own opinions and their supposed elite status, he hadn't actually bothered to train them to be much better than superior chunin. They were perfectly expendable, just like the rest of his army.

Besides, he recognized the signs of an impending summoning error in the sky, and he had no intention of being anywhere nearby when the granddaddy of all reverse summons pulled Konoha into the spirit realms.

"Did Lord Orochimaru just ditch us?"

"That bastard!"


Karnum Masterweaver, tauren druid, father of five, leader of the Cenarion Circle enclave in Desolace, and founder of the Karnum's Grove temple, watched in awe as trees began to appear in the basin which housed the Cenarian Wildlands all around the original grove which had had appeared during the Great Cataclysm. Lots of trees, and the attendant wildlife associated with a long established and healthy ecosystem. In just moments, the goals of returning life to the wastelands that had become known as Desolace had been advanced by decades… no, centuries!

It was as if the Emerald Dream had blessed the lands a second time. A miracle on a grand scale.

Konohagakure, the Village Hidden in the Leaves, and a rather sizable portion of the forest it was located in, had arrived on Azeroth!


Possibilities and Notes:

Hiruzen Sarutobe, the Third Hokage is still alive and kicking since Orochimaru cut his losses and ran away (again). He places Konoha under martial law while he determines just what to do with the displaces ninja forces of three hidden villages. On the bright side, Danzo seems to have disappeared during the transition, and without him, the key opposing block in the Council has apparently fallen apart…

For their actions during the invasion, both Sasuke and Naruto are granted brevet promotions to chunin, both of which being later ratified into full promotions by the Hokage, thus bypassing any blocks by the Counsil.

Team Seven remains intact. Given the situation Konoha has found itself in (being reverse summoned into a whole new world full of peaples and races with incredible abilities), Kakashi finally starts training Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura seriously. Well, more seriously than before. Sort of. If he can be bothered to put down his book at the time. Maybe…

The Cenarion Circle is tentatively welcoming towards the various ninja from the other side of the spirit realms. Especially since chakra, the main source of the power behind almost all special ninja techniques, being a mix of the spiritual and physical energies of the ninja themselves, is far more natural than the arcane forces that mages and warlocks draw from the great beyond.

The various ninja, for their part, after some initial reservations, more or less easily accept the tauren and night elves initially, and later contact with most other races goes relatively well as well, and Konoha seems to be on the verge of becoming one of the great neutral villages where all factions can meet in relative peace. Assuming that you aren't Forsaken, since most ninja seem to take an exception to the undead…

Danzo's Root forces emerge from their hidden underground bunkers at the designated time to discretely assist the invading armies while making sure that the foreign ninja don't destroy too much of the wrong parts of Kanoha. Except that they emerge to find that Konoha, and a huge circular section of the forest surrounding the hidden village, is now gone! Danzo is now faced with trying to explain what happened to the new Dyamo of the Land of Fire as he tries to set up a new Konoha with just his remaining Root ninja.

Itachi Uchiha is not pleased with the apparent destruction of Konoha and death of his little brother, and he decides that he needs to have a discussion with Danzo about these new facts. A long, protracted conversation, in person. Preferably held over Danzo's dead body…

Madara Uchiha is not any more pleased with the situation than his only remaining relative is. The complete removal of the Nine-tailed Fox from the world has rendered his grand plan unviable as it is no longer possible to reform the legendary Ten-tailed Demon Beast at all, let alone under his control. What the hell happened to Konoha? It was only supposed to fall, not vanish completely, taking everything with it!


Commentary, corrections, and suggestions please! ^-^

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