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Chapter 2: The Rescue and The Release

Previous in Pink Smoke:

"There is no We, I'm going to find Kagome on my own." And with that I took off, towards Kagome's scent. Please be safe. Kagome.

~Inuyasha's POV~

I was running. Not sure where I was going, but was following the scent of Kagome. Then I realized something, When I find Kagome, I'll have to make a decision I've been putting off for a while. I have to choose between Kagome and kikyou. I started to have a flashback when I was being controlled by Kaguya. I remembered what Kagome said, "Inuyasha! I love you has a half-demon!" Yeah. . . .Kagome told me that she loved me as a half-demon, but I have never heard kikyou say that she loved me.. . . . .I made up my mind!

I came up to a huge clearing in the forest, Kagome must be here, because her scent doesn't go any further than here. I tried to go to the clearing, but I ran into a barrier.

"Ow! Damn it! Kikyou must of put this here! But it won't last long though." I said as I pulled out Tessaiga. It pulsated and the blade turned red. I gripped it's handle and swong the red Tessaiga at the barrier. I watched as the wind scar went over the barrier and thus breaking it. I ran towards the cave at the end of the clearing.


~Kagome's POV~

Kikyou had taken me to a cave, deep into the forest. I was sitting on the ground and a soul collector wrapped around my hands, to bind me. Then kikyou finally spoke, "Inuyasha won't save you. If he comes it will already be too late, because you will be dealt with."

I started to struggle against the soul collector, but it was useless. I put my head down and started to think. Inuyasha, is right I am useless. I can't even save myself.

I looked up as I saw kikyou get up and go to the entrance to the cave, and I heard her whispering, "Damn it he got through my barrier. I guess I have to deal with the nuisance now." she turned towards me and grabbed one of her arrows, walked up to me and put the tip to my neck. Just then I heard something. . . .


Me and kikyou turned towards the entrance of the cave, there stood Inuyasha. He looked at me, then at kikyou, then the arrow.

"Inuyasha!" I said happily. He quickly walked towards me and asked, "Are you alright?"

"Yeah. . .she didn't have enough time to do anything." I said he slashed at the soul collector around me hands, thus killing it. I rub my left wrist with my right hand.

"Inuyasha. . .you should be with me. What does my copy have that I don't? We're the same person technically." said the dead priestess.

Inuyasha stood up and spoke, "You're wrong. Kagome is nothing like you! She's brave, strong-willed, kind, and most importantly she loves me for who I am, and doesn't want to change me. Kagome is the complete opposite of you, kikyou."

I blushed. "Inuyasha. . " I said softly.

Kikyou stepped a little closer to Inuyasha and said, "Inuyasha, why are you betraying me? You said that you'll always be with me. Can't you see this is the only way for us to be together? And in order for us to be together, that. . .that thing needs to be disposed of once and for all."

Inuyasha pushed me behind him and spoke, "I never said that! And Kagome is not a thing! Don't you EVER call her that again, or I swear I'll-"

"You'll what, kill me? Now why would you do that? Why would you want a copy if you have the real thing?"

"That's the whole reason why. Even though Kagome has part of your soul in side of her, does not make her a copy of you. I said that I would protect you against Naraku, but I never said that I wouldn't protect Kagome either. If I ever see you try to hurt Kagome again, I will kill you." Inuyasha stated, with a slight growl at the end, before I saw him turn around and pick me up bridal style. Before dashing out of the cave.

I looked towards the west as I saw the sun begin to set, then I looked at Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha? C-can you put me down?" I asked. He gave me a little confused look, but slowed to a stop in from of the Goshinboku (The God Tree or the Sacred Tree). He gently put me down as the sun complete disappeared beneath the horizon.

"Is something wrong?" He asked.

I shook my head, "No. I just. . ." I stared at the ground while making a small circle on the ground with the tip of my shoe.

As the sky got darker, the moon got brighter. Inuyasha and I stood there in silence before I spoke,

"I don't know If you'll remember this or not, i need to get this off my chest." I took a deep breath before looking up at him. My chocolate eyes locked with his golden ones. I could feel the blood start to rush to my face. "Um. . .How do i put this? I know you probably already know this, but i need to say this. Inuyasha, I-I love you." I said, then looking down.

~Inuyasha's POV~

"Inuyasha, I-I love you."

I saw her look down. I started to turn red, but I put my hand under her chin and made her look at me as I spoke,

"Kagome. . ." That was all I could say, Kagome, I'm not good with words. So, I'll just show you. I started to lower my face towards hers, I closed my eyes as I kissed her lips. Hers were soft and sweet. I wrapped my arms around her waist. I started to pull back, but I felt her wrap her arms around my neck and kiss me back. But unfortunately for us we still need air to survive, so we had to pull away. I rested my forehead against hers looking at her beautiful chocolate eyes. But she pulled away from me.

She looked sad, but I didn't know why. My eyes widened as I realized why she pulled away. The love potion! Damn it! She thinks I don't love her because of the love potion. I saw her back up, before turning around to run away. But I grabbed her arm and pulled her into my embrace. I whispered in her ear,

"I love you, and I'm not under the affects of the love potion. It's just me. Inuyasha. The hanyou."

~Kagome's POV~

After he said that, I immediately melted into his embrace. I couldn't help the tears that were falling down my face. I felt Inuyasha buried his head in the crook of my neck, and heard him breathe in deeply and sigh.

It felt like we were in each others arms for an eternity, but i pulled away. Inuyasha gave me a confused look, I just giggled. I reached up to rub his cute ears, when he didn't stop me I smiled. I started to rub one of them, and I saw Inuyasha closed his eyes and leaned into my hand, then I heard a purr-like growl from him.

I giggled and said, "Wow, the almighty Inuyasha is purring."

He opened his eyes and looked at me funny, "I don't purr. And besides I will only let you touch my ears."

I smiled warmly at him, and gave him a quick kiss in the lips before grabbing his hand, "I bet the others are wondering where you and me are." I said as I was lightly tugging on his arm towards the village. I saw him give me a small smile as we started to head to the village.

I guess that pink smoke wasn't a bad thing to begin with.

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