By the time the jet had landed, all the agents had gotten stiff from sitting still too long. Garcia had actually thought she might have to carry each of them down the steps herself. Her biggest worry was Morgan, who had gotten dizzy when he first stood up. She wraps her arm around his waist, no joking in her voice.

"Easy, Derek. I've got you. Just let me help you for a second."

Morgan nods, then immediately regrets the motion. "Oh, God. Don't let me nod my head again. Ever."

"Okay, that settles it, you'll stay at my place tonight," Garcia states.

"No way, baby girl. Kevin is going to need to see you, to know you're okay," Morgan insists.

"Derek, you have a concussion."

"So does Prentiss," he says petulantly.

"Derek, Emily's head hit glass, which shattered. Your head hit steel which shattered you. You can't stay alone. It's not safe."

"She's right, Morgan," Reid states. "The doctors said someone needed to keep check on you for the first 24 hours."

Morgan looks at them both, and then sighs. "Fine. But let's stay at my place. Kevin can come over and you can take the guest room. Just promise to wash the sheets before you leave," he warns with a wink and grin.

"Deal, my God of Chocolate Thunder."

Garcia helps Morgan down the stairs. She is not surprised to see Kevin waiting for her. Morgan smiles.

"Go greet your man, Garcia."

Garcia makes sure he is okay and runs to Kevin. The man wraps his arms around Garcia like he will never let her go. The whole team is warmed by the happy reunion.

Emily and JJ are the last to leave the plane. Emily has bruises on top of bruises from the two explosions she experienced. All she wants is to finish up her paperwork, clear her desk and head home for a soak in her Jacuzzi tub. She and JJ are heading to Alleghany that evening and she knows she will never make it if she doesn't alleviate some of the aches she is suffering. But she also knows Straus will have a fit if she doesn't clear her desk before leaving for her wedding and honeymoon. No need to give the woman more ammo to use against the team.

As they reach their office floor, Emily gives JJ a kiss on the temple and they split up to get their work done. As Emily walks into the bullpen she sees Morgan stop at her desk and take 3 folders off it. Reid pauses on his way to the desk that adjoins hers and takes 3 folders. Rossi takes the long way to his office allowing him to grab 3 folders. Even Hotch walks to her desk, grabbing 3 folders. Emily walks up to her desk, her gaze moving to each man and then down to the 1 folder that remains on her desk.

"Uh, guys?"

Hotch gives her a rare smile. "Call it an early wedding present, Prentiss."

"We decided this last week," Reid explains, still seeing her confused look.

Emily can't hide the tears that well up in her eyes. "You guys are the best. I love you all," she says quietly.

"Same to you, kid," Rossi says with a smile. He uses the files to mimic doffing his cap to her and heads to his office.

Emily just shakes her head and sits down, her feelings for these men, these friends, more than she had ever felt for anyone.

In her own office, JJ had come to a halt as she sees the figure behind her desk. Jordan Todd smiles at her.

"I may not understand your filing system but I promise not to screw it up this next week," the woman says with a broad smile.

JJ eases the door closed. She had spoken to Jordan when the woman had doubted her ability to work with the BAU. JJ looks at her with caring concern. "Jordan? You're filling in for me? Are you sure?"

"JJ, I can handle it for a week. Consider it my wedding gift to you and Emily. You both really helped me out when I was here. It's the least I could do."

JJ leans against the door, touched. "Thanks, Jordan. I really appreciate it. I was worried the guys would try to handle things themselves."

Jordan rolls her eyes and laughs. "They wouldn't dare try. You'd kill them when they ruined your system."

JJ laughs. "You're right, I would. So, I guess we need to run down a few things?"

"Yep. Give me a quick run through and I should be good to go. I know Emily should be ready to go soon, too."

JJ sighs. "I doubt that. She has 13 files on her desk that she has to clear."

"Not anymore. Hotch told me the guys had decided to take all but one so she could get out of here early. That means you better catch me up quick or she's going to be waiting for you. And word has it she's not very patient."

JJ laughs, wincing at the pain it causes her face. "That's an understatement." She walks over and sits in front of her desk. "Okay, let's start with the updates to the computer program Garcia and I designed to help us choose cases."

Two hours later, there is a light knock on JJ's door. It opens immediately to reveal Emily looking very hopeful.

"You almost ready, baby?" She then sees Jordan. "Jordan! Hi!"

"Hey, Emily. Nice look for your wedding," she says with a chuckle. "You two take the whole 'matching couple thing' to a new level."

Emily laughs, immediately regretting the pain in her cheek. "Yeah, the whole wedding party will look like something out of a zombie family reunion. We may even have to beat up JJ's brother and sister-in-law so they don't look out of place."

JJ waves her hand, as if it was really a consideration. "Nah, I figure Garcia is also bruise-free so we'll just make those three stand together." The three women chuckle at that thought. "Em, I think I need a few more—"

"JJ, I think I'm good. If I have any more questions I can ask Garcia or the guys. Get out of here so you two can head to Pennsylvania. Your bodies look like they could use a bit of a rest before the drive," Jordan says kindly.

"If you're sure, I won't argue," JJ states as she stands. All three hear the snap, crackle and pop of her knees and back as she does. "And I don't think my body will argue, either." She jokes with an embarrassed grin. "See you Saturday, Jordan."

"I can't wait. I'm really happy for you both."

The two women head out. Both are happy they had driven Emily's SUV instead of JJ's sedan. It was going to be easier to get in and out of the bigger vehicle. They do have a brief discussion of who actually gets to drive since they both have mild concussions. They finally flip a coin and JJ takes the keys with a smug grin.

"Brat," Emily sneers.

"But you love me."

"Yeah, yeah I do, Agent Jareau. And I can't wait to say that in front of everyone we know."

JJ blushes, as always nearly overcome by the love she has for, and the love she feels from, this amazing woman.