When the alarm goes off on Monday morning JJ nearly throws the clock through the window. Emily laughs at her but also takes pity on her, going to deal with Henry to give JJ an extra half hour of sleep.

When they finally make it to work, Henry is excited to be back in his day care class and the agents are happy to be back on duty. As they exit the elevator on their floor a shrill noise assaults their ears. At first they think it is some sort of new alarm system. But, no, it's just Garcia.


Emily and JJ are engulfed in a bear hug from the over-excited woman.

"Good to see you, too, Garcia," Emily admits. "But, I can't breathe."

Garcia lets them go. "I have to know everything! How was it? Was it as gorgeous as satellite pictures made it seem?"

JJ and Emily's eyes widen. "Satellite pictures? You watched us on satellite?" Emily presses.

She smacks the profiler's arm. "Of course not. I checked it out before you went." She leans forward conspiratorially. "Why? Did I miss something?"

"No!" the women answer simultaneously.

Garcia grins suspiciously. "Riiiight. Might have to do some checking."

Emily raises a finger to her friend. "Garcia, I swear if you search out anything we'll kick your—Hotch!"

"Welcome back, ladies," he says with a smile. "We've really missed you around here."

"Scarily, we missed this place too," JJ admits.

"Well, grab your coffee and get to work. Jordan had a meeting this morning but said she'd come down around 11 to touch base with you."

"Great! That will give me time to see what's new in there." She looks at Emily as Hotch heads to his office. "Well, Agent Prentiss, guess we need to get back to the grindstone."

"Yes, Agent Jareau, I guess we do." Emily pauses. "I'll miss being able to call you Mrs. Prentiss all day."

JJ squeezes her hand. "That's what texting is for."

With a last squeeze of their hands the two women head to their desks to see what awaits them. As Emily steps into the bullpen she stumbles to a halt. Six piles of folders are stacked on her desk. There are easily 50 cases in each stack. She looks around and sees none of her teammates.

"Jesus, didn't they do anythingwhile I was gone? Jen will kick their asses if they are this far behind," Emily is muttering all the way to her desk. She drops her go bag underneath her desk and lifts the first file. She opens it to read the note inside.

"Did you really think we're this cruel, Prentiss. Get real!"

Emily starts to laugh. She opens a couple more folders and sees they are all set ups. She shakes her head and calls out. "Okay, you've had your fun. Get your butts out here and welcome me back properly."

She hears laughter behind her and sees Reid, Rossi, Morgan and Hotch coming out of the chief's office.

"Prentiss, if thoughts could kill we'd all be dead men," Morgan laughs.

"You might still be. That was cruel and inhuman. And I really wish I could have pulled it on one of you!" She laughs.

"Welcome back, Em," Reid says, giving her arm a squeeze. "Did you guys have fun?"

Emily nods. "Yeah, we did. We actually relaxed and forgot about all this," she gestures to the BAU, "for a while. I had started to think that wouldn't be possible."

"Well, we're glad to have you back," Rossi lets her know. "As soon as you get cleared back to duty we'll be ready to take on some other cases again."

"Cleared for duty? Why do I have to be cleared for duty?"

"We all had to be," Hotch tells her. "Seems the FBI is worried that nearly getting blown up will mess with the psyche of their agents. So my welcome home gift to you is a 10 a.m. appointment with a shrink. Try to act happy and well-adjusted." He hands her an envelope.

"Gee. Thanks. Just what I always wanted."

The men laugh then let Emily get settled and back to work.

Garcia had followed JJ into the liaison's office. As JJ hangs her suit jacket up, Garcia grabs her collar and pulls her blouse off her shoulder.

"Garcia! What are—"

"Woo hoo! No tan lines!"

JJ blushes. I wore a bikini most of the time." Garcia's eyes widen as JJ blushes brighter, realizing what she said. "I mean, sometimes I had a suit on and other times I, oh, fuck. Pen, it was a private island. Only 4 people on it and the 2 workers were very discrete."

Garcia leans forward and whispers. "So you guys could…"

JJ nods. "Oh, yeah. Lots. Everywhere."

Garcia squeals, clapping happily. "I'm so jealous. But also so happy for you. I was worried that with your injuries you wouldn't be able to consummate the marriage."

"Oh, we consummated all right. Lots," JJ brags.

"That's good to know," a voice says from the doorway.

The two women turn and see Jordan Todd standing there. She laughs. "My meeting got cancelled. But, please, continue on with your talk."

JJ pushes Garcia towards the door. "That's okay. Pen was just leaving. By Pen!" She pushes the analyst out the door and shuts it. "I can't believe she got me to admit that out loud, in my office, with the door open."

"Well, it's been my experience that when you're in love common sense evaporates like dew in the morning."

JJ nods. "Yeah, that it does. So, how did things go last week? Have to kick anybody's butt to get their paperwork turned in?"

Jordan laughs. "No, they were fairly well behaved. I think they were still so sore from the explosion so they were happy sitting at their desks and working."

"Well, I guess we should be grateful for small mercies, then."

"Exactly. So, let's get started on the most pressing cases," Jordan says, getting down to business.

JJ nods and just like that is back in the swing of things.

By Thursday everyone but JJ is cleared medically and mentally for duty. It is nearly 3 p.m. when JJ gets a FedEx from a police department in a small town outside Birmingham, AL. She quickly looks it over and calls the detective in charge. Within 30 minutes of receiving it she knows it is a BAU case.

"Here we go again," she says to herself as she heads out the door to send her wife and friends after another serial killer.