"6:55 where is he?" Piggy asked to herself. She was nervous,she hasn't seen her frog in so long what if he didn't like her anymore? What if he never liked her? Suddenly there was a knock at the door. When she opened it Kermit was standing there with a red rose in his hand."Hello Piggy" "Hello mon cherie" She replied."Come in" "Thank you" He said as Piggy closed the door behind him. There was an awkward silence."...Well we should probably get going" Kermit suggested."Good Idea" said Piggy re-opening the door.

When they got to the restraunt they were just in time for their reservation."Follow me" Said the waiter leading them to their table."What would you like to start off with to drink?" He asked."Water is fine thanks" Kermit said. "and what would this lovely lady like to drink?" The waiter asked turning his attention to Piggy. She giggled."water is fine to please" "Okay I'll be back in 5 minutes to take your order" the waiter said as he walked away."Well that was weird" Kermit mumbled under his breath. Suddenly they both saw another couple walk up to their table. The male spoke up first."Excuse me sorry to bother you but can my wife get a picture with you? She's a big fan" He looked at Piggy."Sure it will only take a second" He replied."I'll be back" He added.

The waiter came back with a bottle of champagne."Yo waiter when the frog comes back can you walk by our table and give me another compliment?" Piggy asked getting an idea."I'm very busy with other customers if your not ready to order i'll just come back" "wait" Piggy said rummaging through her purse to find a 20 dollar bill."Maybe this will change your mind" "I'm sorry I couldn't hear you" The waiter said playing along. She pulled another bill out of her purse."Take it or leave it" she said."Thank you gorgeous" The waiter chimmed grabbing the money out of her hand."The things I do for people" She mumbled.

She saw Kermit walking back to their table."Anything happen while I was gone?" He asked sitting down."The waiter just came by,dropped off our drinks and told me I was beautiful." Piggy replied hoping to make him jealous."Um okay." He saw her face fall a little."Well he wasn't lying." He added making her smile a said anything after that."I've missed you." Piggy said after awhile hoping not to have sounded clingy."I've missed you too." He replied.

The finally finished eating. They laughed,they talked just like things were before."I guess I should take you home now." Kermit suggested."Okay." Piggy replied. Her face fell again."What's wrong?" She didn't want to tell him he was the problem."Oh nothing.I just wish the night didn't have to end..."She explained."Me too." Kermit said."Kermie?" She asked moving closer to him."Do you ever think of the old days?" He sighed."I've never stopped thinking about them."

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