The moonlight shone brightly on the luscious green grass that laced the Palm Woods Park. An owl could be heard hooting in the distance and the streets were abandoned as far as the eye could see. It seemed to be quite peaceful. Quite safe. Or was it all just an illusion…

A few blocks down the street, a man was walking down an alleyway, the shortcut he used after he went to the pub almost every Saturday night. His clothes were torn and his hair was in a mess, easily explained because of the fight he got into with the tall buffy fella for winning at darts. He stumbled on the gravel from the effects of drinking. The alcohol was pungent on his breath. It seemed like any other night. But, as you can expect… It wasn't.

The first thing he saw was two teenage boys, probably around seventeen or eighteen. One had sandy blonde hair; the other had a bob of brunette hair. He swore he had seen their faces somewhere before. But where?

"Hey sir," the blonde haired said, "are you alright? I saw you nearly fell."

"I'm fine boys. Just was at the pub. Don't mind me."

"That's good to know." The brunette said before glancing over at his friend, "'Cause I'm kinda hungry…"

"So am I James. So am I…" The man thought the two boys would go away and leave him in peace, but in his gut he knew something wasn't right. Especially when instead of moving away, the two boys moved closer, liking their lips.

"The hunger's getting to me. My throat's burning and we haven't gone hunting in over a week!" The brunette one, James said.

"It's not my fault!" The other one replied.

"Kendall!" James complained, "I wanna go to bed! Can't we get this over with already?"

"Ok fine!" he replied, grumbling. Kendall, the blonde one sighed and stared at the man sympathetically, knowing what was to come. That man's breathing grew heavy. Hunger? Burning? What was going on? Suddenly, realisation hit him and he instantly knew who the two boys were. Half of Big Time Rush.

"You're from Big Time Rush!" He said in astonishment.

Kendall laughed, "Yeah. How'd you know?"

"Oh my daughter is a big fan of your music."

"That's nice." James smiled, "Such a pity though…"

"What's a pity?" the man asked, now slightly scared, due to the two boys cornering him in the alley.

"Well, let's just say…" James smirked, a glint of something foreign in his eye, "Try not to scream." First he felt a sharp pain on either side of his neck, then he felt light headed and everything in the world faded to black, his body now motionless on the ground.