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Chapter Three:


With the sudden noise of the teenagers shouting Tenzin's name and the doors to his office flying open, Tenzin jumped. He was quite startled and wasn't expecting Mako, Bolin, and Asami to run in. It was no longer cool and calm at his home.

After cooling down a bit from the surprise, Tenzin sighed and spoke, "What's wrong?" Then he noticed how the teenagers looked. They were soaking wet and we caught a quick whiff of them. "Oh my Spirits! What on Earth have you been doing?" He asked pinching his nose to prevent himself from spelling the horrible stench.

"Oh the usual. Going out to the market, chasing people into dark allies oh…AND GETTING ATTACKED BY SEWER BENDERS!" Bolin…tried to explain.

Tenzin was extremely confused by the Bolin's explanation. Asami and Mako shook their heads, embarrassed that Bolin was the one to explain what had happened to the three.

Mako walked beside Bolin and pushed him back beside Asami. "Tenzin let me explain what really happened." Mako began to say as he shot a glare at Bolin who just smiled like a buffoon. "We were out doing Pema's shopping and we came across some not so friendly benders. But before we could do anything this kid we know saved us. He even became decoy so we could get away, but we followed him just in case." Mako paused. He was still confused about how Skoochy got away. "When we got there, the kid was gone and the benders were…taken out by chi-blockers."

Tenzin was truly confused about the story. "Have you seen this child ever bend before?" Tenzin asked.

Bolin and Mako both shook their heads. "He's just a poor kid leaving on the streets." Mako said with a guilty face.

"Yeah. And when we do try to look for him, he's nowhere to be found!" Bolin also added.

Tenzin thought to himself a bit. He started to remember the stories his father once told him. Then he started to think of one story in particular. Freedom Fighters. They were a bunch of kids who had lost their family to the fire nation. They grew up in the woods and weren't too friendly of the fire nation. They hated them and didn't care what they did would harm innocents.

Tenzin stood from behind his desk. He was still deep in thought about the Freedom Fighters. Perhaps they truly didn't dismember. "After dinner we will go and investigate." The three nodded and Tenzin flinched again just before covering his nose. "But please could you please take a bath?"

The three teens looked at each other and soon the stench also hit them. Each of their hands flew up to their noses and nodded in agreement.

It was around dinner time that Korra was getting upset. She hated being trapped in her room. She couldn't do anything. She couldn't practice bending, she couldn't attempt to air bend. She couldn't even visit the others unless Bolin or Mako helped her out of her room!


Korra noticed Mako act differently when he assisted her to Oogi. He seemed genuinely concerned about her. But why would he act like that? Especially in front of Asami! He has even spent even more time with Korra then ever. Even more then his own girlfriend.

Annoyed with the fact Korra couldn't do anything; she threw her covers off and swung her feet over the bed. She looked down at the ground and with a gulp of air pushed off her bed and to her feet. She still felt weak, but she was done with bed-rest. As fast as she could, she made her way out of her room.

When she reached outside of the women's' quarters, she noticed the light on in the main building of Air Temple Island. She groaned, knowing the distance was going to be hard on her, but then she noticed a quite familiar whine. She looked to her left and Naga was standing right behind her.

A smile spread across her face. "Naga!" She spread her arms out and hugged her loving polar bear-dog. "I missed you so much!" She said as she scratched behind Naga's ears.

Naga moaned, enjoying the feeling of her ears being scratched. She then nudged Korra a bit and ran in front of her. She then kneeled lower to the ground, allowing Korra to get on her back more easily. Korra was pleased with Naga and quickly, and carefully, mounted Naga's back. Naga then ran as fast as she could to the main building.

Once Korra and Naga reached the main temple, Naga kneeled to the ground again allowing Korra to slide off without any pain. Korra then told Naga to stay put and entered the building. Korra was still in pain, but she was done being hospitalized. She needed to go back out to Republic City and somehow stop Amon, no matter what may happen to her. Then again, there was also the reason to see Mako again…

When Korra came to the dining room, Korra's nose was filled with the smell of warm rice and cooked fish. It reminded her of the Southern Water Tribe. She had already eaten dinner, but she just wanted to at least see everyone again.

When she came to the door of the dining room, she overheard Tenzin talking.

"After dinner you will take me directly to where you lost sight of Skoogy."

"Skoochy." Korra heard both Bolin and Mako correct Tenzin.

"Right, my apologies. After you show me the area the three of you will head back to Air Temple Island."

"WHAT?" She heard Bolin, Mako, and Asami call out.

"But Tenzin you could get hurt." Asami spoke in a more gentle tone.

"Yeah, plus, no offense Tenzin uh, sir…but you could use our help." Bolin had tried to reason. Korra almost laughed at her friend but she kept them under control.

"We also need to go into the sewers." Mako spoke up.

'Sewers?' Korra thought and then she leaned against the door a bit more to hear more of the conversation.

"There are people down there." Mako added. Korra was now getting even more interested.

"Daddy, can I come to?" Meelo asked.

Then Ikki gasped. "If Meelo is going I want to go to!"

"No kids, you will be staying with me." Korra heard Pema say. "But Tenzin, at least take them with you. You could use your help, and…I don't want you to get into any trouble."

Korra heard Tenzin sigh. Pema was always able to change Tenzin's mind. "Alright." He finally agreed. "But if there are any signs of danger you three leave immediately."

Korra couldn't take it anymore. Tenzin shouldn't have to take on the tasks of the Avatar. It wasn't his job. It was her job. Nobody else should have to deal with these problems. Only her. Why hadn't anybody told her about what happened?

Korra's hand took hold of the door and slid it open with a loud bang. All eyes were on her now.

Mako jumped to his feet and put his hands on Korra's shoulders, but she was angry and shrugged them off. "I'm going too."

"But Korra, you need to rest." Pema said in a calm tone. Her eyes were filled with worried for Korra.

Korra shook her head. "I'm done resting. I need to be out there helping the innocent." Korra's eyes then traveled to Tenzin. "I'm going with you guys and there's nothing that can change my mind."