10 Downing Street sits in the heart of Old London, which is why it was used as the official residence of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The same Prime Minister who was in office five years ago was still in office today. Several members of his Cabinet, including the Deputy Prime Minister, had been infested during the war. If there was anyone who could help me during this trying time, it would be him.

I materialized into the main lobby of 10 Downing Street just as the Prime Minister and another Cabinet member were about to walk in. The old floor of the house creaked as the Time Matrix came to rest upon it.

The Prime Minister and his colleague leaped back once they saw the device. "Don't be alarmed! I mean you no harm!" I exclaimed.

"Cassie Andrews! My, what a surprise! I'm sure security is going to be more surprised though!" the Prime Minister said, recognizing me from years before.

"Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister, for dealing with this surprise well", I said, trying to collect myself. "But there is a major problem I need you to help me with. The United States has come into possession of a powerful alien weapon, and I need help destroying it."

A look of horror began to appear upon the Prime Minister's face. He then turned and faced his accompanying Minister and said "Well, Miss Andrews, we would be glad to help, but first my Minister of Defense and I have an issue to discuss. Please excuse us." The Prime Minister then put his hand upon his accompanying Minister, and violently spun him around. Both men then walked off.

Hmm, this can't be good, I thought. I looked around the room for a hiding spot where I could morph something small. I caught sight of a house cat walking about. Better than a fly morph, I thought. It's also the Prime Minster's cat, so he will have his guard down. I knelt down and called the cat over. The cat came to me, and I rubbed its back, acquiring its DNA in the process.

I looked around for a good place to morph, and I spotted a broom closet and a couch . I carried the cat down the hall and put it in the broom closet, and headed to the bathroom. Due to working with the Hork-Bajir, I had gotten into the habit of keeping a morphing outfit on under my street clothes. I ditched my street clothes in the broom closet with the cat, crawled behind the couch, and began to morph.

Now as a cat, I could pick up every noise in the house. I could hear the Prime Minster argue with his Minister of Defense. "How could I let you talk me into doing such a thing?" The Prime Minister shouted. He was not far from me, and I didn't hear a door slam behind him so I pursued him. His Minster said "This will work out in the end, Sir! We have no reason to believe the Andalites would break their part of the deal!". Oh God, what is going on? I thought. "Are you serious? I believe the events of today are proof the Andalites can't be trusted! And in the process twenty-five thousand British lives were waged! All for "exclusive access to weapons technology"! My blood ran cold.

I reached the Prime Minister's office just as a phone started to ring. The Prime Minster answered. "Hello, Mr. President! You are just the person I wanted to hear from." The President responded in a very harsh tone, almost to the point of screaming "Put Cassie Andrews on the phone!"