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Chapter 13 Halloween

Harry woke up too early for a Saturday. He checked the time and realized it was just a little after six in the morning. He gave a groan as he tried to turn over and go back to sleep, but it was no good he couldn't get back to sleep. Today was just not going to be a day he could sleep in. Too much was going to happen today. He turned over and laid on his back staring up at the early morning sky on his ceiling.

He thought about his plans for the day. He was going to Hogsmeade with his friends for the first official Hogsmeade trip of the year. This time they wouldn't have any parents with them. Oh he knew there would be professors in the village as chaperones, but the Hogwarts Bandits were not going to have to stay with their very overprotective parents. Harry had been back twice in the last six weeks with his friends and their parents, but they had never been let out of the adults sight. It had been aggravating to say the least, but he guessed he shouldn't complain since none of the other students had been yet this year, and he had already been three times. But they had wanted to pick up things for their pranks and hadn't been able too, if it hadn't been for Dobby and the twins they wouldn't have been able to pull off the brilliant pranks they had lately.

Thinking about the pranks his friends and he had pulled made him smile. The last one was only a few days ago. It was bloody brilliant if he did say so himself. Now that Leilani was helping them instead of berating them, they were pulling off at least one prank a week. On Wednesday they had pranked the Weasley twins for the first time. They had set it up that as soon as they walked through the door of their Transfiguration class the twins' clothes had changed. They went from wearing their Hogwarts robes to wearing dresses. Fred had a nice purple knee length dress, while George was wearing a hot pink one. Both boys had ribbons in their hair and makeup on their faces. When the Bandits had heard about the reactions from not only the twins classmates but Sirius Black, they had felt like they had truly lived up to the Marauders legacy. After all it wasn't everyday that the Lord of Hogwarts fell on the floor laughing his arse off at one of the pranks somebody pulled.

So today they were going to stock up on pranking products, because they knew the twins were planning to get them back. They hadn't admitted they were the ones to pull the prank, but as Harry had told them when he got the fireworks from them that they now had competition, the twins hadn't been in any doubt at who had pulled the prank.

The other students had talked of nothing else since the prank. They seemed to be impressed that somebody had actually pranked the Weasley twins. Everywhere you went you heard them talking about it and trying to figure out who could have done it. Though nobody but the twins knew it was them, they had already started to become a new Hogwarts legend just like the Marauders.

And thinking about being just like the Marauders had Harry remembering today they were going to come back from the village early, and sneak into the Founders potion lab and finally take their Animagus potions. It had been done for two days now, but they all hadn't been able to get away together for at least a couple of hours since it was finished. He couldn't help wondering what his animal would be. He really hoped he wasn't something lame like a rat or bug. He spent a few minutes imagining what kind of animal he would be able to turn into, but when his imagination started getting ridiculous with thoughts of dragons and chimeras, he decided that was enough of that.

Then his thoughts turned sad as he remembered that today was Halloween. He knew Leilani was not looking forward to the feast anymore than he was. Who wanted to party when they had to remember this was a day one of their parents had died. Maybe they could talk the parents into letting them stay in the tower and have dinner on their own. He knew as professors his Dad, uncles and aunt would have to be in the Great Hall, but his friends and he didn't have to be, did they? Of course Nev and Drake might want to, but he knew that Leilani would stay with him, as this was the first time she had to experience the anniversary of a parent's death.

Pushing the sad thoughts away he jumped up and headed to the shower. He wasn't doing any good just lying there, so he might as well get ready for the day. His mind wandered over all that had happened, since Neville's grandmother had passed, and his friend had been adopted.

Neville had of course been so sad but all three of the other Bandits had been there for him. It had brought all four of them closer as not only best friends, but family too. Neville and his new parents had moved into the second floor in Grandma Helga's quarters. The private Library and offices had been moved to the seventh floor in the tower, so it now not only had the special ballroom and other rooms for entertaining. Harry thought it was an improvement after they had seen what was there before.

Neville and Leilani were now calling all of the Founders their grandparents too. All four kids were calling each other's parents uncle or aunt. Harry of course had been the last one to do that, but when Neville and Leilani had said that if they called his Dad their uncle, then he should be able to call their parents uncle and aunt. That had been a month ago and Harry had to admit it had made his Dad happy, so he never thought twice about it anymore.

He was getting dressed when he thought about some of the things that had happened outside his own personal sphere. Most of the trials had happened in the last six weeks. Death Eaters were given life sentences. Percy Weasley got a one year sentence. Crabbe was turned into a squib. Narcissa Malfoy got twenty five years since she had never killed anyone, just tortured them. Lucius Malfoy was sentenced to life, as was Snape. Fudge and his toad both got fifteen years for all of the bribery charges.

Molly Weasley got fifteen years for stealing from a Noble and Most Ancient house, but had gotten an extra fifteen years when Arthur Weasley collapsed at work. He had been taken to where it was found out that he had been given love potions for more than half his life. He had been dosed with so many it took three weeks for them all too finally leave his system, which is when he collapsed. Thankfully he was going to be okay, but it did explain so much.

The Dursleys were all found guilty before the Wizengamot. They lucked out by being muggles, because of it they weren't sent to Azkaban instead they were sentenced to muggle prison. Petunia and Marge each received fifteen years, while Vernon got twenty-five. Dudley was sentenced to a boy's school until he was eighteen. Harry didn't know how they had used the trial from the magical world to get them in a muggle prison, but his Dad said it had something to do with the Prime Minister.

The one that was the most shocking was Barty Crouch's trial. It had came out during his questioning under Veritaserum that he had been responsible for another innocent in Azkaban, and with further questioning he had admitted he had helped his wife take the place of their son and had taken the boy home with him. He had admitted to keeping him under the Imperius Curse since then. The Aurors checked his house and found the escaped prisoner and father and son were both in Azkaban for life.

The only trial not done was Dumbledore's and it was set for next Saturday. He knew almost all of the professors were going, due to the fact they had their minds messed with. The new Minister of Magic Amelia Bones was sending some trustworthy Aurors to help the remaining professors watch the school and students. His Dad didn't want any of the students trying to take advantage of their absence to make him or his friends pay for their parents being locked up. But Harry knew he would be glad when Dumbledore's trial was over. The man had caused so much pain, and he wanted that part of his life put behind them all.

When he was dressed he went out to the sitting room to wait for his Dad to come out. They always liked to walk to breakfast together of course they always seemed to meet up with their family along the way.

"Good morning my wonderful Grandparents," He called happily as he entered the room.

Rowena Ravenclaw was looking suspiciously at her youngest grandson. "What are you up to young man?"

"Oh Grandmother, you wound me. Can't I just be in a good mood?" He asked with hand to heart.

"You are too much like your Dad." She said with a fond smile.

"Now you're wounding me Grandmother." Sirius cried out in faux anguish as he entered the room.

The other grandparents were laughing as the woman shook her head. "Oh you two, what am I going to do with you?"

"Love us." They said in tandem, as they headed out of the door.

"Well that was never in any doubt," was the response they heard right before the door closed behind them.

Neville Tonks-Longbottom had never been so happy in his life. Yes, he still missed his Gran, but he had never felt so loved or lucky as he did now. He had parents, a big sister who made sure to come and visit at least once a week, three uncles who treated him with love and understanding and three cousins who were not only his best friends now, but were beginning to feel like brothers and a sister to him.

He looked around the beautiful room that was now his. The walls were a pale golden color. The floor had a plush dark green carpet. His bed was a huge four poster with golden drapes that matched the curtains on his wall of windows. He still couldn't figure out how that wall could be since they were centered in the middle of the castle, but he loved it because of the light it gave to all of the plants he had in his room. Those plants were the only decorations in his room except for the pictures of his old and new family that sat on the mantle above his fireplace.

The room also had a couple of easy chairs, a desk and chair and a bookcase of books. The room really felt like it was his as he had picked out everything from the color to exactly what books were on his shelves. Each of the plants in this room he had loving potted himself. This room felt more like home than the room he had lived in for twelve of his thirteen years at Longbottom Manor.

He walked out of his room only to almost walk into his Papa. The man put out an arm to keep him from falling over as he took a step back. Neville had found out that his clumsiness was not looked down on with his new family like his Gran and her siblings had done. He would guess it was because his big sister was even clumsier than he was. His new parents were already used to it and had learned how to help forestall most accidents.

"Easy there, son, I wouldn't want you to get hurt and miss your trip to Hogsmeade." The words were accompanied by a gentle smile.

"Thanks Papa. I don't want to miss it either. The others and I are really looking forward to a day in Hogsmeade on our own with no parents." Neville admitted walking into the sitting room.

He didn't notice, as he had already turned away, the worried frown on his Papa's face. But if he had he would have just assumed it was because the man was worried about the kids going alone. He would have had no way of knowing that the man was feeling guilty because of the secret the parents hadn't shared with their kids. They had all decided not to tell their children that they were going to be the chaperones today in Hogsmeade. They all wanted to make sure this first trip was going to be safe for their kids.

Leilani and her Dad were hurrying down the stairs because she wanted to meet up with her boys. A big smile appeared on her face when she saw all three of them with her aunt and uncles. She rushed to catch up to the guys excited to get breakfast over with so they could head out to Hogsmeade.

She gave each of them a quick hug when she got near. She was so into expressing her joy at the prospect of a fun-filled day with her cousins that she didn't notice the angry glare she was getting from her ex-friend. A glare that became even more intense when she hugged Draco.

"Hey guys. Are you as excited about today as I am?" Her happiness seemed to have made her giddy.

"Of course we are Lei." Draco couldn't stop the eyeroll at the silly question. They had spent the last week planning this day out after all.

All four hurried into the Great Hall without a backwards look to the five following parents.

"It's like they forgot we were even with them." Sirius tried not to pout. "Leilani didn't even say good morning to me."

"They're excited for their trip today." Regulus tried to appease his brother's hurt feelings.

"About that," Ted looked worried.

"What's the matter Ted?" Sirius's over-protectiveness kicked in at once.

"Umm… I was wondering… shouldn't we tell the kids we're the ones chaperoning today?"

"I thought we decided not to. Why have you changed your mind?" Remus asked for all of them.

"It was just something Neville said. I just don't want them to think we lied to them about having a trip without their parents." Ted admitted with a frown.

"We're not going to be there as their parents but as professors. We're also not going to be walking around with them." Sirius explained, "But if you think we should tell them ahead of time I have no problem with it. I don't want to do anything to have Harry think he can't trust me."

"I think we should tell them." Andi piped up. "We all want our kids to know they can trust us."

"Okay as soon as breakfast is over we will pull them aside and tell them before they take off." Sirius told them. "We can explain that this doesn't mean they aren't going on their own, but as every professor has to chaperone at least one Hogsmeade trip a year that we all decided the first one was the best to do in case somebody with a grudge tried to get at our kids."

"Agreed," Regulus smiled leading the way in. "It sounds like a plan to me."

The four Hogwarts Bandits were walking along towards Hogsmeade fuming. Their parents had stopped them before they joined the queue to leave the castle. To their horror they found out all five of the parents were going to be in the village today as chaperones. The four teenagers were truly not happy about that. It was decided that as soon as they bought the items they wanted they would head back to the castle. What was the fun of being in the village if their parents were going to be looking over their shoulders?

"Hey guys. Why the long faces?" George Weasley called out.

"Yeah this is a supposed to be a fun day." Fred reminded them, as the twins slowed down to walk with the younger students.

"Yeah well how would you feel if you found out your parents were chaperoning in Hogsmeade today?" Harry asked with a huff.

Twin looks of horror appeared on the identical boys' faces. "That would be a disaster." They said together.

Draco nodded in agreement. "Our parents informed us right before we left the castle that all five of them are going to be the chaperones today."

"Oh you have our," Fred started.

"Deepest sympathy," George added.

"That is just cruel." Fred spoke again.

"And unusual punishment," George nodded.

"What ever did you do?" Fred demanded.

"To deserve such a fate," George finally ended.

"They said they just want to make sure nobody will try anything in retaliation since it is the first trip of the year." Neville's grimace would have been surprising if the twins hadn't known how much the younger boy had changed this year.

Neville Longbottom the chubby, clumsy, mediocre wizard was no more. He was now replaced with a Neville Tonks-Longbottom a happy, self-confident, fun-loving prankster. He was now a member of a group of kids that were always having fun and being happy.

The six kids joked and carried on as they made their way to the all wizard village. None of them noticed the third year redheaded Gryffindor who was sneering after them with resentment in his heart.

They headed to the joke shop first. The twins watched with amazement as all four of the younger kids began grabbing pranking products. They felt a momentary twinge of fear seeing this. They shared a glance of worry, since they knew the four in front of them were the only people in the school brave enough to prank the Weasley twins.

George shrugged his shoulders and went about picking things to buy himself. Fred soon joined him but he tried to keep an eye out to see what the others were buying, but that was harder than it sounded since all four went in different directions.

Draco saw the way Fred was trying to watch them and couldn't help snickering. He was happy to know the twin terrors of Gryffindor thought he and his cousins were something to be afraid of. He looked over towards Harry and smiled happily. His life had changed so much since the starting feast because of that one undersized Gryffindor. He had never thought he could be this happy.

The Slytherin was smirking when he saw Leilani pick up a package of skin color changing tablets. Nobody would have ever believed that Hermione Granger would pull pranks and love it, and yes she may be Leilani Lupin now but Hermione Granger was still buried deep inside of that feisty little redhead. And Draco could not believe how much he now enjoyed her company.

An hour later they finally left the shop. Their pockets lighter of gold and each with a large bag of items in an unmarked bag. They hadn't wanted their parents to know where the bags came from.

The four were laughing as they headed towards Honeydukes. The twins had left long before they had.

"Harry how much candy are you going to buy this time?" Neville teased. "I mean your Dad isn't with you to make you put some back like every other time."

""Hey I don't buy that much candy." Harry cried indignantly.

"Well will see when your total gets rung up when we're done in here." Draco laughed as he opened the door for the others to enter first.

Just as he started to enter the store himself he felt an odd tingling on the back of his neck, as if somebody was staring at him. Taking a look around he expected to see either his Dad or one of his uncles. But he was surprised when he didn't catch sight of any of them not even his aunt. Taking a more thorough look around he still couldn't find anybody watching him, but he still had that feeling as if they were.

He shook the thought from his head when he heard Harry call out to him.

"Get in here Draco and make your mean cousins stop picking on me."

Closing the door behind him he retorted. "What are they doing Harry? Telling you that you are getting too much candy?"

"Yes," was his cousins whining answer.

"Just remember Harry that Uncle Sirius won't let you keep it all if you get too much." Leilani tried to reason with her godbrother , as she was trying to pull a few packs of chocolate frogs out of his basket.

"Hey stop that Lei, I need those." Harry tried tugging them out of her hand.

"Harry, you still have three packs in there." She scolded in a laughing voice.

"But Leilani they're chocolate frogs. They're my favorite." He turned his pleading puppy eyes on her.

"Oh fine," She threw up her hands in exasperation.

Draco and Neville were laughing almost hysterically at their two cousins' antics. And their laughter only got worse when Harry sent them a triumphant thumbs up, when their girl cousin turned her back on him and walked away.

It wasn't any surprise to the other three that when they left the store Harry had spent more than the other three combined. He may have been the smallest of them, but he sure liked his candy. It was no wonder Uncle Sirius kept an eye on how much he ate, of course they knew he never ate too much at a time, but that he just liked knowing he could have some when he wanted it. They all knew by now that he acted this way, because until his trip on the Hogwarts Express first year that he had never had candy at all. The Dursleys had never allowed it.

The four Bandits were arguing as they made their way along the quaint village street. Draco and Harry wanted to go to the Quidditch store, while Hermione and Neville were trying to convince the other two to go to the book store. Neville may not be an avid reader like Hermione but he definitely preferred it to flying.

They were so into their argument that they didn't notice the furiously angry redheaded stalker that was sneakily following them. Ron Weasley's eyes were flashing with true hate at the four. He was supposed to be Harry's best friend, but now he hung out with that slimy snake and the Gryffindor squib. And Hermione Granger was supposed to be his homework helper, but now she had changed her looks and was calling herself a new name.

He wouldn't deny her new looks were a lot better than the bushy haired bucktooth girl she used to be, but that only made him angrier, because she was totally ignoring him now. He wouldn't have minded using the new Hermione as someone to practice his moves on.

The longer he followed them the angrier he got. He watched as they all started to enter the Quidditch store with that git Malfoy holding the door for the gal that was supposed to be Ron's practice girlfriend. Anger roared in his ears as he saw Malfoy lean down to whisper something in her ear, and without a second thought he pulled his wand and shot a cutting hex at the Slytherin. A malicious smile crossed his face when he her the ponce cry out in pain.

Harry spun around at the painful cry that came from his cousin. Rushing to his side he pulled the boy in the store closing the door behind him. He didn't know why but he felt that whatever had happened came from outside the store.

"Drake, are you okay? What happened?" He demanded when he saw the way the taller boy was biting his lip to stop from crying out again.

"Something happened to my shoulder. It feels like somebody cut me with a knife." He groaned out as Harry, Neville and Leilani looked at him with worry-filled eyes.

Harry gently turned his cousin around and noticed that the cloak he was wearing had a tear across the shoulder.

"Your cloak is ripped. Let's get it off and see what it looks like underneath." He said as the owner of the store hurried over.

"What is going on over here?" The irate store owner demanded, as he watched Harry and Neville help Draco off with his cloak causing the taller boy to cry out in pain.

They hadn't had time to answer when Blaise, Tracey and Daphne hurried over to them as they had already been in the store.

"What's wrong with Draco?" Tracey's voice was filled with concern for her fellow Slytherin. The last few months had brought them all closer together as friends.

Harry was staring at the spreading blood on Draco's green shirt. "He's been hurt. I don't know how for sure, but I think somebody hexed him. Could you guys go see if you can find one of our parents?" At the raised eyebrows he added. "They are all chaperoning in the town today."

Blaise nodded and headed for the door. "I'll go."

"I'm going with you." Tracey and Daphne called as they rushed to join him.

"Just be careful since we don't know who did this." Leilani told their retreating backs.

The owner of the shop watched as two of the boys was trying to get the hurt one to take his shirt off. When he noticed how pale the injured teen was he summoned the stool that he kept behind the counter for when he was writing in his ledger.

"Here sit down young man before you fall down." He said setting the stool right in front of the tallest of the boys.

Draco sat with a sigh of relief. He was feeling a little lightheaded. He gave a huff of exasperation as he knocked Harry's hand away. His menacing cousin was trying to unbutton his shirt with Neville's help.

"Would you two stop that? I'm not undressing in the middle of a store."

"Draco, we need to check your back out. Your shirt has a matching tear that your cloak had, plus it is becoming blood soaked." Harry continued to try to get to the buttons of the green shirt. "We would be doing this for any of us."

"I don't see you forcing Leilani to undress in front of a store full of gawkers." Draco sneered.

Harry blushed at the thought of making Leilani take her top off. "Well you're not a girl, and don't be ridiculous nobody is gawking at you."

"Oh really? What do you call those?" He was pointing behind Harry's back.

Harry spun around to see about twenty students from the school staring avidly at them. Okay maybe Draco wasn't exactly wrong, but he needed his shoulder looked at.

In his worry for his cousin Harry's words came out harsher than he intended. "Oi stop being so blasted nosy and go about your business."

The door had opened up behind him as he was speaking. "Harry James, don't talk to people like that."

Harry jerked around to see a disapproving look on his father's face. It seemed Sirius Black had been found and Regulus as well, since he was only a step behind his brother.

Regulus was at his son's side in a moment. "What happened?" The agitated concern clear on his face, as he noticed the blood spreading across his son's back.

To Draco's shock his father was now taking over for Harry at unbuttoning his shirt, and to his dismay the man was making more progress than his cousin had.

Ignoring the man's question and grabbing a hold of the hands undoing his shirt he hissed. "Dad, don't take my clothes off in front of everyone."

Leilani answered the worried father's question, since Draco hadn't. "We think he was hexed from behind when he entered the store. He cried out in pain at that time anyway. When we asked him what was wrong he said that if felt like somebody had cut him with a knife."

Sirius helped Regulus pull the bloodied shirt off of his nephew as soon as it was completely unbuttoned. This was only possible when Reg had smacked his son's hands as if he was a toddler, since the boy had been trying to hold the shirt in place.

"Enough Draco," scolded the Arithmancy Professor. "I'm going to check out your shoulder whether you like it or not."

"Dad," whined the thirteen year old. "You're making a scene."

"No Draco, you are." The man corrected him. "Now hold still before I put you in a body bind."

A gaping mouth from his son was the man's only answer. He was horrified to see a nine inch cut across his child's left shoulder. His eyes met his brother's as they both realized that somebody had used a cutting hex on his son.

"Did any of you see who did this?" Sirius's voice rang with authority, as he asked not only the children from his family but everyone in the store.

"No," was the unanimous reply.

Andromeda Tonks made her way into the store at that time followed by the three Slytherins that had gone for help. Her eyes widened in disbelief when she saw her nephew's back that was facing the door, with a cry of distress she rushed to the injured child. Her wand was already in her hand and moving to run a diagnostic spell on the young teen.

"Andi, how bad is it?" Regulus demanded with a frown.

"It was a cutting hex, a little over nine inches long and about two inches deep. It wasn't a very powerful spell or it would be much worse." She commented as she started pulling a couple of potion vials out of her robe pocket.

She handed the first one to Draco. "Drink this Sweetheart. It is for pain."

Draco gave her a small smile as he downed the nasty tasting potion. He couldn't help thinking that this was another potion that wasn't as vile tasting, as the ones his old godfather used to make. He was brought out of his musings though when a hiss of pain escaped him.

"I'm sorry Draco." Andi apologized. "I had to clean the wound, so it doesn't get infected before I can heal it."

Draco understood then that she had poured some of the second potion on the open cut on his back to disinfect it.

"It's okay aunt Andi I understand." He reassured her as he felt her magic knitting his skin back together.

All of those around him smiled as they saw the cut heal. Sirius was siphoning the blood off of his shirt and cloak, as well as repairing the gashes in them. Regulus had been standing beside his son the whole time with a comforting hand on his right shoulder.

"There all done. You shouldn't have any problem after you drink this potion." She was holding out another vial to him.

"What is that one?" Leilani asked.

"It's a blood replenishing potion since he lost more than is healthy." The woman answered her niece.

Draco was re-buttoning his shirt. "Good now we can finish our shopping."

"Your Dad and I are going to accompany you kids on the rest of your trip." Sirius told him as he handed over the clean and repaired cloak.

"What? No way, this is supposed to be our time in the village alone." Harry cried out angrily.

A raised eyebrow was suddenly turned Harry's way. That look had the boy squirming. "Somebody has attacked one of you, and we have no clue who. You do not really think we are going to let you guys go off unprotected. Do you?"

"This is so unfair." Harry stormed out the door only to be brought up short right outside the shop when a strong hand grabbed his shoulder from behind.

"I don't care if you think it is unfair or not. You and your cousins are going to be protected even if you don't like it." His Dad's voice said sternly from right next to his ear.

The mutinous look on Harry Potter-Black's face told everyone that the young lion truly did not like it. The teen wouldn't even look at his father.

Neville tried to break the tension. "Are we going to the bookstore or back in the Quidditch store, since we didn't get to actually do any looking around in there?"

"Harry, what do you want to do?" Leilani asked in a timid sounding voice. She turned to smile at her Dad and Uncle Ted who had joined the group by now.

"If we're going to have to be treated like toddlers and stay with our parents while the rest of the students get to shop on their own, well I would just as well go back to the castle." The angry words were spewed forth.

Sirius pulled his son into a side alley and erected a privacy bubble. "Harry James I have had enough of your attitude today. You have been acting this way ever since you were told we were chaperoning the trip today. It is time for it to stop. Your cousin could have been killed if that spell had been deeper or had hit his neck. You know very well that your safety and that of your cousins is your aunt, uncles and my first priority. I'm not doing this to make you feel like a toddler as you very well know. Now are you ready to finish your shopping?"

"No, I meant it. I want to go back to Hogwarts." Harry answered but at least it was without any anger coming through.

Sirius was staring at him with a hard glare for a couple of minutes, but when his son didn't look at him or say anything he gave a weary sigh. "Fine! I'll walk you back to the castle before coming back and finishing my chaperoning duties. You will stay in the Founders tower though."

"Does that mean I have to stay in our quarters?" Harry was looking upset.

"No just the tower since none of us will be in the castle." Sirius explained as he took down the privacy bubble. "Harry wants to go back to Hogwarts, so I'm going to walk him back. You guys can go on about your shopping as long as a couple of the adults stay with you."

"Can't we go back to the school, too?" Draco wanted to know.

The adults shared a glance. "Do all of you want to go back?" Remus asked them.

"I do." Leilani answered him.

"Me too," Neville piped up, while Draco was nodding.

"Fine, Reg you can accompany me walking them back. I have already told Harry that he has to stay in the tower until we get back later. That goes for the rest of you too, since none of us will be in the castle if you need us. Do you guys agree?" Sirius was asking the other adults.

"Yes," all four of the other parents answered in unison.

"Reg and I will be back as soon as we are sure the kids are in the tower. Please keep a lookout and maybe you can find out who hexed Draco." Sirius started shepherding the kids back the way towards Hogwarts.

The trip back to Hogwarts was made in almost complete silence. It seemed that Harry and Draco were both truly upset with the way their first official Hogsmeade trip had gone. Their fathers were not prone to talking, because they felt the boys were being unreasonable, so Leilani and Neville were talking quietly together.

Harry was happy when they were able to enter Neville's home in Grandma Helga's quarters and leave his Dad and Uncle Reggie behind. He didn't even bother to say bye to the two men. Ignoring the disapproving looks he could feel on his back he sat down in the sitting room, barely paying attention to the words his father was saying to the others.

"Remember you are to stay in the tower and if anything happens and you need us call for Dobby and have him come and get one of us." He turned to leave but called over his shoulder. "Behave all of you and we'll see you when we get back. Oh and Pup be in a better mood, because I'm not likely to take much more of this attitude." The man walked out without waiting for an answer.

Harry stared after his Dad, biting his lip. He knew he was acting like a jerk, but he was just so disappointed in how things went today.

Leilani sat beside him. "You know he was just worried about us."

He glanced at her looking sheepish. "I know, but sometimes it is so hard to adapt. I mean I went so long with having nobody care what I did to having the most over-protective father in the world."

"It's because he loves you, and he feels guilty that he wasn't there for all of those years." Neville reminded him.

A small smile graced Harry's face. "I know and I love him too. I shouldn't have acted the way I did I know, but I'll apologize later."

"Okay enough with the Hufflepuff mush." Draco called out.

"Excuse me young man." Helga Hufflepuff-Gryffindor spoke from the portrait over the fireplace.

"Oops… sorry Grandma," The blushing Slytherin said.

"Well I guess I will forgive you this time."

"Thanks Grandma." Draco smiled as he stood up. "Come on lets go work downstairs."

The Hogwarts Bandits cheered up and headed to the inner tower stairs. They were happy because it was time to take the Animagus potion.

They were all sitting around in the middle of one of the greenhouses in the tower dungeons. Each of them was holding a bright blue potion. Nerves were jumping under their skins. They were finally going to find out what their inner animal was.

"On the count of three," Leilani told them, "One, two, three."

They all tipped the vials up and drank the potions down. Each of them fell back in a trance.

Neville opened his eyes to see trees towering over him. The air was humid and hot. He couldn't help wondering why he was in this setting. He knew he was trying to see his inner animal but why was he here?

He stood up and started walking through the forest. Noticing some of the plants around him he realized he was in the rainforest of Borneo. Did that mean his Animagus form was something that lived here normally? He couldn't imagine what animal it would be, because he didn't pay that much attention to animals. He was more into plants which was why he could tell where he was.

He heard a noise above him. He glanced up at once and saw an orangish-red monkey-like animal sitting on the tree. It looked to be about three to three and a half foot tall. He couldn't take his eyes off of the animal, and even as he watched it jumped down right in front of him.

"Are you me?"

Of course the animal didn't speak, but it did jump at him. Neville raised his hands defensively thinking he was being attacked, but the ape-like creature sunk into his skin, as soon as it merged with him Neville knew that the animal was an orangutan and everything else about the species.

Neville's body stirred back in the greenhouse, and he had a big smile on his face. He loved that he was going to be this animal. He sat up anticipating the day he would be able to transform.

Draco slowly sat up and took in his surroundings. He seemed to be in a forest of some sort, but he knew it wasn't the forbidden forest or even the small forest behind Malfoy Manor. It was less dense for one and seemed to be in a drier area.

He didn't see any animals around, so he decided to just sit here and wait. He hadn't thought to ask Leilani if he had to go look for his animal form or if it would come to him. The thing about Draco was that even if he was no longer a Malfoy he still had that attitude of his that screamed 'I'm better than you so you come to me.'

It must have been about fifteen minutes later and the young man was getting annoyed. "Oi come on already I've waited long enough."

He had barely finished speaking when he heard a noise from the brush to his left. Turning he watched with cautious eyes as the bushes began to part, and a spotted cat walked out into the clearing he was occupying.

When he first saw it he thought it was a leopard with all of those spots, but then he took in its appearance more clearly. It was too small for a leopard unless it was very young, because was only about twice the size as Mrs. Norris. Its tail was also shorter, since the thing didn't even reach the ground.

"What kind of cat are you?"

The beautiful feline held its head up regally as if to say 'are you really that dumb.'

Draco didn't like the feeling, but seeing the haughty attitude had him realizing that he hoped this was his Animagus form. He opened his mouth to speak just as the animal jumped straight at him. He didn't even have time to scoot away or raise his hands before it seemed to disappear into his chest without any pain.

"Oi a little warning next time," He groused rubbing his chest to see if he could feel where the cat entered him.

All of a sudden it was like he was staring at an open book in his mind with facts about the cat. He now knew it was an ocelot and considered endangered in America. He gave a dry chuckle, as he could relate to the endangered part as he felt that way being a pureblood wizard. He decided he liked his new form.

He woke up lying on the greenhouse floor. Turning his head he saw that Neville was also waking up. When he turned the other way, it was to see Leilani lying completely still with only her eyes moving behind her eyelids. Taking a deep breath he sat up and saw Harry was also still out of it.

He exchanged a glance with Neville but neither said anything. It had been decided that if some of them woke up first they would wait until they were all awake to share their animal forms. He couldn't help wondering what Neville's was though, as they waited for the other two to wake.

Leilani woke up to find she was lying on a rock formation in the mountains. Her quick glance around had her noticing an opening in the side of theof a rocky area. It wasn't large enough for her to fit through. Another look and she tried to figure out where she was at. It was a mountainous area with trees around even if the spot she was on was rocky with little greenery.

Now Leilani read lots and lots of books, so it wasn't hard for her to tell where she was. She knew that she was in the Rocky Mountains, and she was trying to imagine what animal from this region she would turn into. It didn't help that the area held many different types of animals. Her gaze once again fell on the small cave-like opening and taking in the size of it, she started going through her mind for some of the smaller animals that would live in a den-like environment.

She had no idea how long she had been there trying to guess her animal form when she heard the clicking of claws against rock. Spinning around she saw a smallish animal making its way across the rock formation behind her. It was a brown color but seemed to have bands of yellow on it. The thing reminded her of a bear more than anything, but she knew immediately it wasn't, since for one thing it was too small.

Running through the animals she knew in her mind had her landing on the name of this species. It was a wolverine. They were carnivorous animals and had no problem taking on animals larger than themselves. She smiled gently at the animal, as she watched it make its way towards her. She knew she would probably have been scared, if she hadn't known that she couldn't be hurt while in her trance.

Trying to memorize exactly how her animal form looked kept her quiet. The wolverine raised its head and looked her in the eye for a solid minute before leaping straight at her. With a gasp of surprise she felt the animal become one with her.

A few minutes later she awoke with a start to see Neville and Draco watching her with interested eyes. Her head turned to see Harry was still out of it. Sitting up she prepared to wait for her best friend to come around. Her excitement was coming off her in waves, as she anticipating becoming that small menacing animal. She truly had not expected something like that, as she had thought she would be more like a rabbit or squirrel.

Harry sat up slowly. It took him a couple of seconds to get his bearings. When he did his eyes popped wide in shock. What the bloody hell was he doing sitting in the middle of a cemetery?

Standing and looking around nervously he went to pull his wand only to find it wasn't there. Come on Harry it's nothing to worry about. Surely Leilani would have mentioned it if something bad could happen in these trances. That thought relieved his mind a little, but for the life of him he still couldn't figure out why he was in a graveyard.

Harry walked around the huge graveyard for a long time wondering how this made any sense. There wasn't any kind of animal here. He finally sat down with his back against a tree feeling disappointed. It looked like he wasn't going to find his form. He closed his eyes and wished he would wake up since nothing was happening. He knew he was pouting, but he had really wanted to be an Animagus like his dad, and now it looked like that wasn't going to happen. He couldn't help wondering if his friends found their forms.

All of a sudden he heard barking. He opened his eyes and saw his dad's form a long way off, or at least he thought it was a long way off, since it seemed so much smaller than normal. The black dog was running towards him with an almost happy barking, but the closer it got the more noticeable it was that the dog really was a smaller version of his dad's form. The dog was definitely a grim, but it was only half the size as Padfoot.

The animal came to a standstill right in front of him, and that was when Harry saw the white lightning bolt shape between the dog's ears. He couldn't help looking at how small this grim was and feeling confused. Weren't grims supposed to be large almost bear-sized?

His eyes strayed to that white shape again. "Are you supposed to be me? Why are you so small? Is it because of the way the Dursleys treated me? I mean I know I'm small for my age, but did you have to be too?"

The dog's tongue lolled out in almost a goofy grin. It took a running leap at the boy and was immediately one with him.

Harry smiled despite himself. Yes, his form seemed to be too small, but he really was like his dad. He was going to be a grim just like the man. He couldn't help being happy about that.

He woke slowly to find all three of his cousins watching him intently. "Oi give a guy a little space." He scooted back away from the crowding of his friends.

"We're sorry Harry, but you took almost eight minutes longer than Leilani, and she was the last one of us to wake up." Neville smiled in apologetic way.

"That's okay Nev. I just wasn't expecting you guys to be so close." He waved off the apology. "Did you find your forms?" His excitement was palpable.

"Yep," Was the three unanimous answers.

"Ladies first Lei, what are you?" Harry beamed at his godsister.

"I'm a wolverine." She cried out excitedly almost bouncing in place.

"Nev, what about you?" Harry turned to the blond.

"I'm an orangutan." He gave his shy smile.

"Wow Neville they are supposed to be really smart and have almost ninety-seven percent of the same DNA as humans." Leilani told him enthusiastically.

"Thanks Leilani. It seemed so weird that as soon as the thing joined with me I knew all of the facts on it." The happy teen exclaimed.

"That was what happened to me about my animal too." Draco hadn't realized that was part of the process.

"Me too," Leilani admitted. "I wonder why that wasn't written in anything of the books we read or the Marauders journal."

"Well the Marauders might not have realized, since I'm sure they already knew information on the forms they turned into." Harry told her. "I mean a rat and stag aren't that unusual of an animal and as for my dad. His form could be considered a dog, and even if he thought grim as a magical child he would have known about them already. Though I do believe he is really a grim." He added as an afterthought.

"Why do you think that, Harry? Grims aren't real." Leilani was looking at him funny.

"Because I'm a grim," He gave a tiny grimace.

"Don't you want to be like your Dad?" Neville couldn't help asking.

"Why are you so sure you're a grim?" Leilani asked at the same time.

"Yeah Nev I think it's great to be a grim like my dad. It's just my form is probably about half his size, and I was wondering if it was because of the malnourishment from the Dursleys. I didn't think my Animagus form would be stunted too."

"Well maybe that just means you are a dog but in miniature form." Leilani tried to get him to see logic.

"No Lei, I'm a grim." He held up his hand when she started to interrupt him. "I found my form in a graveyard. I think that should even convince you, because why else would I have to be there to find a dog form?"

Draco smirked at his female's gawping mouth. "Does anybody want to know what I am?"

"Yes of course we do you prat. What's your form Drake?" Harry backed up when his cousin advanced on him for calling him a prat.

"Draco, tell us please." Leilani tugged on his arm to get him to leave Harry alone.

"I'm an ocelot." He told them.

Leilani was the only one who seemed to know what this was, as the other two were sending him confused looks.

"An ocelot is a kind of cat about twice the size of a housecat. It has spots like a leopard and a short tail. They are an endangered species," He explained, "and since they aren't really that big you shouldn't feel so bad about your size Harry."

"Yeah and a wolverine is a smaller animal too." Leilani pointed out.

"And I think my orangutan form is on the smaller size. It was about three and a half feet tall, and from the information I got the males can get over five and a half feet tall." Neville informed them.

Harry laughed out loud. "Guys, you didn't have to try to make me feel better, but thanks anyway."

"You know we all do seem to have small forms. I wonder if it is because we are so young. I wish we could ask Uncle Siri if when he saw his form it was smaller, but he grew to the size he is now." Leilani had a contemplative look on her face.

"Don't even think about asking him Lei. You know he wouldn't let us try this if he knew. I love my father to death, but he can be a little hypocritical when we are doing something he deems dangerous. He says he doesn't care if he did it or not, and he always reminds me that Granddad Potter would not have cared either. He says all parents want their kids to be safe and not to make the same mistakes or dangerous decisions they did." Harry couldn't help the fond smile he was wearing as he said this. His anger at his dad was finally gone.

"So when are we going to start trying the transformations?" Draco looked eager at the thought.

"Tomorrow is Sunday, so if we try to go over the things we learned about our animals when they joined with us tonight, and also try to remember exactly what they looked like, we should be able to spend an hour on it when our parents are at the staff meeting." The lone female of the group reasoned out. "Hopefully it should be easier for us since we have the Marauders notes. I like the one that says to remember what your animal actually seemed like, any unusual quirks that stood out in your trance."

"You mean like mine seemed to have a haughty, I'm better than you attitude?" Draco asked only to be stunned by the uproar of laughter.

"Well that does sound like your perfect animal." Harry was holding his stomach as he laughed.

"You guys are gits." Draco exclaimed with that same haughty attitude, but the others noticed he was trying to keep his lips from smiling.

"What about names for our forms?" Neville finally said when his laughter died down.

"Well we can all think of different names for each other, but I think we should actually wait until we achieve our form before we decide on one. The perfect name may be more obvious when we see the form for ourselves." Harry tried to explain what he meant.

"That sounds good to me." Draco agreed while the other two were nodding.

The Halloween feast was over and Harry and his Dad were in their quarters for the night. Harry hadn't asked about skipping it, because he had avoided his Dad earlier. The feelings of guilt he was experiencing making him not wanting to ask for a favor, though he did wonder if his attitude had actually also come from the fact of what day it was.

Sirius was working in his study when he heard a knock on the door.

"Come in Pup."

"Hey Dad," Harry stood fidgeting in front of the man's desk.

"What's the matter Kiddo? Are you still mad at me?" Sirius asked gently.

"No Dad as a matter of fact that is why I'm here. I wanted to apologize for my attitude today." Sincere grey eyes met the matching pair of eyes. "I'm sorry I was being such a git. I was just a little disappointed, but I shouldn't have taken it out on you."

Sirius stood up and walked around his desk to pull his child into a hug. "Don't worry about it Pup. I do understand, and I know it can't be easy on you going from pretty much doing what you want to having me all of a sudden in your life and curtailing some of your activities. But I think you know I only do it because I love you. I do realize though that sometimes it may take a little while for you to remember that. We're good Pup. I just ask that you try to be as respectful as you can at these times."

"I'll try and remember Dad, and thanks for being so understanding." Harry hugged him hard.

"Anything for you Kiddo," He kissed his son's forehead and just held him in his arms for a couple of minutes. A smile adorned his face as he relished in his child's love.

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