Title: Afraid To Run Away

Characters: Luna Lovegood and Lily Evans Potter.

Notes: I really hope you like this; it started out as a freeverse, but I preferred Luna's ramblings in one-shot form. I thought it was an interesting look at a relationship that I've never really thought of before. It's not femmeslash, but a little girl looking up to a hero. I hope you enjoy!

"A hero is a man who is afraid to run away."
-English proverb.

Lily. They think I think of you because you're my friend's mother - (Can you believe it, Mrs Potter? I have a friend now. Is this what you thought of when you first met Severus? Though Harry's not like Professor Snape. Something about the glasses, I think.)

Thing is, I prefer to think of you as Lily Evans; the girl who believed.

Because you grew up with magic, didn't you, Mrs Potter? Not like me, or Ginny, or Ron, or Neville. But you grew up with playgrounds, and primary school, and maths equations and ice cream. You grew up with that special kind of magic; you can't learn that type of magic, either.

That's why it's special.

Did you ever tell her? Petunia? Because she had magic, too. The magic to do good.

The magic that spawns believers and dreamers and heroes.

We're all one-of-a-kind, Mrs Potter. I think Mrs Dursley would've liked to hear that.

Lily Evans; I think I would've liked to be her, Mrs Potter. I'm sure you miss her. She was a believer; even though people criticized her, cut her down, tried to use her thorns against her, and yet she still grew up a wildly eccentric rose. I was told that she had a special kind of imagination; they say that about me, too.

I've heard so many stories, Mrs Potter. About how you never touched hot chocolate and carried your wand behind your ear. I do that too, did you know?

Apparently you hated flying but fell in love with a Quidditch player, and were scared of heights, but still took Astronomy.

Because you always were a hero. Well; not quite a hero, in that sense of the word. Heroic, maybe. Brave. Afraid to run away.

You were a Gryffindor, and I think everyone knows that. I'm no Gryffindor, Mrs Potter, and everyone knows that too.

I think you're kind of like Ginny, but more original, and with more of a temper. I'm not sure whether that fierceness, though, comes from being a redhead, or having older siblings, or simply comes from being Lily Evans and Ginevra Weasley.

I think it's a bit of all three.

I think, Mrs Potter, that we're both living out our fairytales. I think you're Cinderella - that little cinder girl who didn't stop believing. Or maybe you're Belle, who changed her beast into that war hero, Mr James H. Potter.

Maybe you're Aurora, that Sleeping Beauty who just needed a kiss to wake up.

I've never been kissed, did you know? I think I'm Snow White, though my lips and hair are paler, my skin darker, and I've never much cared for snow because it melts too quickly in the sunlight, and I like the sunlight. I'm waiting for my kiss, Mrs Potter, like Lily Evans waited for hers.

Lily. You know, I wish I could've met her. Not just you Mrs Potter, the martyr, though I'd like to meet you too, but her, Lily, because I think we could've been friends.

I'm friends with a boy who has exactly your eyes...

You grew up with that special kind of magic, but you still had your own magic, that comes from storybooks and imagination and ice cream and being Lily Evans Potter.

You taught me we all have that special kind of magic, and we're all believers and dreamers and heroes.

I don't think I want to run any longer, Mrs Potter.