It was after the shooting. The Bolivians were gone. The mansion was in shambles. The pool was cold and filled with blood. Miami was silent.

Elvira Hancock was in her Rolls Royce, driving to Tony's mansion. She did miss him, and in a way, she would always love him. She just couldn't take the stress of being a drug lord's wife anymore, despite the luxuries. But still, she felt it was proper to say a real goodbye after the whole restaurant incident.

She pulled into the driveway and stepped out of the car. Things automatically seemed off to her as she walked to the familiar front door. There was no security around and everything was quiet. Elvira's mind started racing. Something must be wrong with Tony... He would never... Unless there was a... problem... She couldn't breathe and began to run. Then she stopped and lit a cigarette to calm herself. Calm down Elvira. If you know Tony, which you do, he can handle himself. He's just fine. Maybe he's trying to change to get you back.

"Yeah, that's it." She smiled to herself and continued the walk inside.

Once indoors, however, Elvira was in complete shock. The place was a wreck; dead Bolivians littered the floor like cocaine dust. She walked up the grand staircase to the office, figuring he'd be there. The door was missing and she didn't even have to go in. All that was inside was guns, piles of cocaine, and his sister's dead body. She shivered slightly and turned towards the landing between the stairs to look out. Her eyes focused in on the dead corpse of a man face down in the pool.

"No," she whispered shakily under her breath.

She ran down the stairs and fell to her knees by the edge of the pool and grabbed his wrist. She didn't need to see his face to know it was him.

"Tony?" Her voice was cracked and squeaking, but he gave no answer.

"Wake up Tony, please wake up," she shook his arm urgently. No words, just silence.

She began to weep-sob, actually- uncontrollably, but never letting go of his wrist.

"TONY! NO! NOT NOW! NOT LIKE THIS!" But there was nothing she could do now. Her head fell into her knees, the only sound being her choked sobs.

It was too late to say goodbye.