Chapter 1: Introduction

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Full Summary: It's been another year after the DigiDestined had beaten the undead MaloMyotismon. They are now celebrating 1 Year Free of Evil anniversary. TK's talking about his fellow DigiDestined. TK's not going to the Digital World with the others. Kari decided to stay with TK. Kari asked something to TK.

Warning: There might be some pairings that you don't like. So just ignore that and read.

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Hey. It's me TK.

It's been another year since the last time we've defeated MaloMyotismon. Geez! That vampire never dies, really. We were now celebrating 1 Year Free of Evil anniversary.

But before I start talking about everything. Let me recall the original DigiDestined. First up, the leader, Tai. He's still playing soccer. His teams won a lot of games already. He's been dreaming of becoming #1 Soccer Player in Japan. He's dating Sora. They decided to date, again. They decided to start it all over. They were now much closer than before.

Next, Sora. She's active in sports too, especially tennis. Besides tennis, she loves helping her mother at the flower shop too.

My brother, Matt. Well, he's kinda break down a little bit when he heard the news about Tai and Sora. But I told him to move on. He moves on pretty fast. He asked Mimi out. Mimi accepted it. Matt is still busy with his music career. He keeps hanging out with his band.

Mimi. She still lives in America. But she travels a lot. She's now active in modeling career. She loves shopping.

Izzy is still a computer whiz. He's now the Chairman of the Computer Club. With that brain of his, he managed to pursue his studies even further. But he said he still wants to be in Japan.

Joe? Still studying to be a doctor. That must be hard, but he won't give up on that. He's kinda busy with his examinations. We're having a hard time seeing him.

Ken decided to move to our school. He's keeping low in his studies. He didn't like the idea of media interviewing him all the time. And oh, he's dating Yolei.

Yolei now the Head Girl in our school. She's stricter than last year's Head Girl. Students can't even stare at her when she's around. But, she still the happy-go-lucky girl we've known.

Cody still practicing Kendo with his grandfather. He's good with Kendo already. He's competing for Kendo Championship next month. I know he will win.

Davis. Err- he's still my rival, though. He still called me TJ, TA, TO, TB, TP and many more. He's one of the players on Tai's soccer team. Apart from Tai, he's the next one who got to score many goals. But the most funny thing about him is that he can't stop crushing on Kari even though we're dating already.

Yes, Kari and I had been dating for like a month. I decided to break the friend zone and admitted to her that I like her. It's kinda awkward really cause we're best friend since the first time we've met. But I do like her. I like how her eyes twinkle every time I look at it. I also like how her nose twitching all the time when she's embarrassed. I like it when she blushed a lot every time she sees me.

I missed Patamon and the others. We can only see them in the Digital World. So, like twice a month we go there and bring a lot of foods for them. They enjoyed it so much. We even go there and have some picnic or have a camp out. I miss how Patamon sleeps with me in my room. I miss it when he snores. I also miss him playing with my face.

So, after last night party, Tai and the others decided to go to the Digital World the next day. I felt so tired. I told them I'm not going with them, even though I miss Patamon so much. But seriously though, I am really tired. Matt made me clean his room, cause I lost in arm wrestling with him.

I was about to go to sleep until my phone rang.

"Um- TK? Are you still awake?"

It's Kari. I wonder what she wants.

"Yes. Why?"

"My brother told me that you're not going tomorrow."

"Yep. I'm not going. I felt so tired. I think my back hurts. Matt made me clean his room."

"Silly. So, if you're not going. I won't either."

"What? No, you should go with them. You must be dying to see Gatomon."

"It's okay. I can still go there anytime I want. Besides, you must be lonely staying at home by yourself. "

"Oh- okay then. Are you sure you won't regret this?"

"Um- I can go there next time. Besides, I already packed Gatomon some foods. She won't be missing me when she sees those foods."

We both laughed.

"So, where will they open the Digi Port tomorrow?"

"At Izzy's."

"Souka. How about your lover boy, Davis? Isn't he mad that you're not coming and staying here with me instead?"

"Baka. Well, he did go mad. But, after a lot of persuasion, he gave up. Can I go to your house tomorrow morning?"

"Sure. Why?"

"I just want to ask your mother something."

"Oh- and what is that you want to ask?."

"I want to ask her if I can sleep there."

Sleep? Here?

"Hello sleepyhead. Are you still there?" Kari woke me up from my thoughts.

"Well- uh- why is that?"

"Nothing. Just that I'll be lonely here. Tai and the others will be going to the Digital World for days. Besides, I don't go with them cause I want to accompany you."

"Oh souka. So, what do you propose we do?" I asked her.

"Dunno. Anything- you- want." I gulped.

Anything I want? What did she mean?

Kari giggled from the phone. "Oh baka. I'm just joking. Well, I'll help you with your homeworks for this summer holidays."

"Great. I really need your help. I don't know how to-"

"You can ask me everything later. I have to go. It's late. I have to sleep now or I'll never get a chance to meet your mother tomorrow."

"K. Good night smelly."

"I'm not. You're the one who is smelly, smelly. Good night. Love you."

"Love you too. Bye."

She hanged up. I returned to my bed. I closed my eyes, but the thought of Kari keeps coming to my mind.

Kari wants to sleep here? In my house? With me?

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