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Never Let You Go

Chapter 1 - Introduction


*A month later after me, Kari and the other DigiDestined celebrating our 100 days victory after we've beat that undead vampire and save the world from evil forces now and never. At the park near our apartment. I decide to meet up Kari there and talk about something important. About our relationship.. It turns out to be getting even worse since I'm dating here. The weather out here is as cold as the feelings between me and Kari.

"Kari, I'm sorry but I have to let you go."

"What? Have to let me go? TK, why? I thought you love me? What happened to my old TK?"

"Well, I'm.. I'm sorry Kari. I think we two can just be-"

"Friends? You said we can only be friends? It's better to be nothing than to be friends. You know I love you, do you?"

"I do and I love you too. But I really feel that I can't keep this relationship anymore. I feel guilty to treat you like this. You once my best friends. It seems wrong to me."

"Why it seems wrong to you? We've been dated for four months and what is wrong with me? Am I making you bored? TK, I hate to break up with you and I still can't forget what we've been through together. After all we've been trough at the Digital World and you just want to end up like this? Please TK, I always love you. And I want to be with you for-"

"Kari, stop! I know that too. But we are just best friends. And I feel bad when we become more than a friends. I just want to be you best best friends who's going to help you when you need me, who's going to play with you when you bored, who's going to talk to you when you hurted, who's going to be with you all the time you want me to but I can't be the one who's going to love you forever. You know, sometimes I really can't let you go too and I get hurted when I see you with Davis but sometimes I feel that I can't be with you."

"No! I won't let you go. Without the hope, light will never brighten."

"I know that but your hope is still there when you need me. I hope you understand it Kari. I have to let you go now. So, last goodbye kiss?"

Kari come closer to me and kiss me at the lips. Her lips feel colder than before. It's look like she can't let me go yet. Kari pulled out the kiss and start heading to her home.

"Let me send you to your home. It's cold out here."

"No thanks. I can walk myself there."

"But, I'm afraid something will happen to you."

"TK. See you tomorrow." said Kari smiling to me.

And there she goes. Walking dissapointedly to her home leaving me alone at the park. It goes the same to me. I walk up back to my home and I still can't get out Kari's image at my mind. Am I doing the right decision?"

*moving back a month before I decide to break up with Kari. Well, we are celebrating the 100 days victory and I and Kari are still happy couples. Ken decides to date with Yolei. After the confession she made to Ken, Ken decide to be her boyfriend. Well, sorry for the girls out there that have crush on Ken Ichijouji. Yolei got it first. Yolei is still working on her store helping her family. Sora is helping her mother in her florist. Even tough she hate flower, she don't want to make her mother sad. Tai is becoming popular than expected because of his football's pro. His team always winning. Tai and Sora surprisingly became a couple. My brother Matt is still on his band. The fans is still hunting Matt. Until he decides to take Mimi on a date. Talking about Mimi. She has transferred to Japan leaving her parents at America because of the fight she has been through together with the other DigiDestined. She always spying on everyone of us. If you want some hot news, call her. Many girls have a crush on Izzy and we told him to get one. He's still a computer whiz though. While Joe, he's studying so hard that we can't see him more often. Besides studying, he's also dating up someone at his high school and they both are intelligent. No wonder. While Cody is still practicing his Kendo with his grandfather. We thought that he don't have sweethearts. But Mimi is a gossip spy right? His girlfriend is around his age. Shorter than his. And is cute. Everyone is happy only one guy over here. Davis! He's still playing football and still obsesses with Kari. Since I dated Kari, he always try to avoid me. One day, I always remember that day when I and Kari going to the cafeteria holding hands together and unexpectedly walked pass Davis. He's really mad he smash his table. The cafeteria went silent. About Kari.. Um.. She's fine. She's still brought that camera I gave her everyday. She photograph me every time we go somewhere. She's still the old Kari that I loved until now.

Let's go back to the anniversary. Well, it went good. We ate some cakes, drank some sodas and playing games together. I'll never forget those memories unless I lost my memories. And yeah. I miss Patamon and the others Digimon. We can only met in the Digital World but I really miss Patamon sleeping right on top of me. Sitting right top on my head. Eating anything he found in the fridge. I also miss him helping me. Helping me to ask Kari for a date...

After last night party, I'm feeling so tired and Tai and the others want to go for a visit to the Digital World. I decided to go next time even tough I missed Patamon. It's really tiring. When Tai received the news, Kari called me and she say she wanted to stay with me. She said she want to go with me together next time. I'm feel so terrible. Kari too.. must've been missing Gatomon. I asked her if she want to go to the Digital World.

I asked her, "Kari, don't you missed Gatomon? You should go with them."

She then refuse "TK, the Digi Port is open 24 hours. And I can go there anytime I want. Besides, you're really tired aren't you. I can't leave you alone."

"I think we should go with them. It's-"

"No we shouldn't. You're tired. I'm ok with this."

"Don't think about me. Gatomon is really important to you. Let's-"
"Seriously, I SAID I DON'T WANT TOO!"

"So, if you really don't want too. It's ok. I just hope that you're not sad going to visit Gatomon. Did they all ready for the trip?"

"Not yet. My brother is still packing up some food. The others did the same too. They're going to Izzy's house t open the Digi Port there."

"I see. How about Davis? Doesn't he mad, because you don't come along."

"TK. He's my friend. And you're his friend too. I know that he'll understand. Anywhere, can I come to your home? Since you're tired."

"Oh sure!"

"Is your mom there?"

"Yeah! But she's leaving in a few minutes. Another work."
"Oh! I should be going now. I need to see your mom. I want to ask her if she let me sleep at your home."

"Sleep? Here? Um.. Why?"

"Why do you ask? Can't I sleep there? Besides, Tai and the others are going for days at the Digital World."

"Oh! I don't know about that.. Of course you can sleep here."

"Well, I should get going now. I'm afraid your mom is leaving. Goodbye TK."


*She's sleeping here? I've never thought that she will sleep here. With me. Alone?*

To be continued..

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