Sophie's POV
Me and Kim have been together for a few weeks now. Tonight we're going on a date! I'm really nervous yet I've known Kim nearly all my life. We're quite good friends in Maths when we were at High School then it just developed really! I never really fancied her but she seemed nice to talk to, I admit she's pretty so I'm just going to see how it goes. I don't think it'll work out but it's worth a try I suppose.

Anyway I'm getting ready right now. Okay, short red dress or short black dress? Red! I changed into it then applied my make – up to match my outfit. 6:30pm. Okay, I'll get going. I was meeting Kim at the restaurant down the road, I decided to walk.

I was strolling down the road when my mobile phone went off, the usual ringtone of She's Like a Star by Taio Cruz. The name was Kim.
"Hey," I greeted her.
"Hiya. I was just wondering where you are, we were supposed to meet at 6:30 and it's now 6:40. Are you coming?" she said. I rolled my eyes, control freak much! Joke!
"Yeah, I'm nearly there. Sorry babe," I explained.
"Don't worry, I was though. I thought you'd been run over or something!" she laughed.
"Not quite. Bye," I hung up. I was only 10 minutes late. I checked my mobile again. She'd phoned me 16 times, I obviously didn't hear it! 16 times! 16 times! We'd only been dating for 2 weeks; someone's rushing a bit much! Deciding not to get her ringing me again for being another second over time, I sped walked a bit to the entrance.

Opening the double doors, I searched the room. No sign of Kim. Puzzled I walked into the toilets just to check if she was there. I searched round the restaurant with a confused look on my face. I passed the bar about 4 times and even checked outside.
"Looking for someone," a female voice asked me from behind. I turned to be met by a stunning barmaid.
"Err yeah. H –have you err seen a girl with err light brown hair, brown e – eyes and about err my height?" I asked, stuttering over my words at her beauty.
"As a matter of fact, I've seen many brunette girls, including you. But I did serve one about 5 minutes ago before you came. Exactly your description, wearing a rather short blue dress and looked a bit annoyed after ringing someone," the blonde barmaid explained.
"Do you know where she went?" I questioned. She pointed to the side. I followed her gaze and her finger. The door.
"She left about 2 minutes before you came in," the woman said. I sighed.
"Great!" I mumbled under my breath.

I ordered a glass of coke. The barmaid got it me.
"So, what's your name?" she asked leaning against the counter on her elbows. I couldn't help notice that she had a few top buttons undone on her shirt and I could see a little bit down her blouse. Not anything, well you know, but just her upper chest, if you get what I mean. She was really tanned.
"Sophie. Yours?" I replied, distracted myself for a moment there!
"Sian, I've just moved here. Do you work?" Sian, what an angelic name!
"Yeah. I work just in the Corner shop across the road so I suppose I'll be seeing you a lot more," I stated.
"Mmmm," she smiled.

"So you were stood up?" Sian asked, a grin sliding across her red, plump lips.
"Well I was late by 10 minutes so she rang me to ask where I was so I sped walked here and now she's gone," I explained.
"Her loss…my gain!" she smirked. Is she flirting with me? I smiled and as I did, her smile grew in size. "So was she your date?" I nodded slowly, unsure of what her reaction would be. "Right, let me get this. Only 10 minutes late and she leaves in a huff! Wow! I'm usually half an hour late, depending on if I fancy them or not!" Sian giggled.
"You'd go out with someone you don't fancy?" I asked slightly confused. You just wouldn't do that, would you?
"Well, you'd get a free drink and a night out. Then again I haven't had a date in months!" she said.
"I guess they clicked on that you just wanted a free drink, eh? Bad reputation!" I joked.
"Hey, it's worked on loads of people!" she sniggered, flashing her beautiful white teeth. I held my hands up in defeat.
"Okay I give up! I'll have another coke and whatever you're drinking! I guess it does work!" I offered. She laughed.
"Told you! I'm just irresistible!" Sian joked. No kidding. I rolled my eyes at her vainness but couldn't help smiling to myself. When she smiled, her entire face lit up – she really was beautiful.

I was staring at her. I admit; I just couldn't help it. Sian's eyes were a perfect shade of deep blue with a shimmering tinge of Caribbean green – I swear I could just spend the rest of my life gazing into them; they were like a slight glimpse of the most angelic waters of Heaven. Seriously! It was like peering into a wonderful Barbados Ocean and I genuinely didn't care if I got lost at sea, I already was. Lost in Sian's eyes.

Sian's skin was perfectly tanned and looked so soft, smooth and beautiful. It was a perfect golden colour, like the sand of Selinunte in Sicily. I leant over the bar, as I did I caught a glimpse of her legs! I bet your thinking 'what a pervert!' Honestly I didn't mean to, I don't actually know why I leant over but…anyway. They were the exact shade of gold as the rest of her visible skin, and my word, they were toned! Not skinny, skinny but absolutely perfect. Her arms looked strong; clear muscle pulsating through her flawless skin and, no surprise here, they were the same golden colour. Sian's face was gold too (not literally!), clear of any spots or blackheads etc. she only had one cute, what I guessed, chicken – pock scar on the top right of her forehead. It would be my right facing her.

Don't even get me started on her lips! Perfectly plump, red and she had a killer pout! Sian's teeth were completely align and pearly white, no exaggeration. And like I said when she smiles, her face lights up, lighting up the entire room like the beautiful sun in Australia. Okay, I've just realised I'm comparing the gorgeous barmaid to a choice of 3 holidays, except she's all 3 in 1! We could go to Barbados first on a weekend away with our mates; Selinunte in Sicily for our engagement then Australia for our Honey Moon, imagine that!

So back to the staring, yeah I was gawking at her. Serious gawking! And guess what? She noticed!
"Sophie!" she clicked her fingers in front of my face, "Sophie, what are you staring at?"
"Huh. Err nowt," I lied. She looked at me with her eyebrows raised like 'yeah, whatever!'
"Okay then, what were you thinking about?"
"Yeah you were."
"No I wasn't!" we playfully argued for about 3 minutes until she flashed me her awe striking smile and batted her eyelids 4 times (yes I counted!) so I rolled my eyes at her arrogance.

Once again I lied to her "fine I was thinking about Kim."
"Who?" Sian asked as her eyebrows furrowed together ever so cutely. Did I mention her eyebrows were amazingly shaped, just saying!
"Kim's the girl who stood me up, sort of," I explained as she nodded.
Sian, again, furrowed her brows in confusion "why are you thinking about her?" she sounded hurt, in a way. I shrugged. "Do you fancy her?" I considered the question inside my head.
"Dunno," I replied.
"And you call me for going out with people I don't fancy," Sian countered grinning.
"I don't mean I don't fancy her," Sian furrowed her eyebrows again, it was still adorable! "I just…err, I don't really know," I spluttered.
"Someone else you fancy whose gotcha confused?" she questioned, winking at me. I think she's onto me!
I blushed then shrugged. "Maybe!" Sian started laughing. That laugh. So hypnotising. Smiling, it was because of her laugh, I was hooked.
"So you're a lesbian?" whispered Sian, making sure no one could hear. Suddenly I blushed again, I am but I just prefer not telling anyone, because, well…it's no one else's business. However deep down, I felt like I could trust her. Unsurely, I nodded slowly. "Haaa! I knew it!" she squealed excitedly. Still adorable! I can't believe I just told a beautiful stranger behind the bar one of my biggest secrets.

"Keep your voice down," I begged, nearly hissing at her.
Sian's smile almost doubled in size. "Alright."
"Thank you," my voice came out close to a whisper.
"Soooo, who is it you fancy?" I tapped the side of my nose and grinned. "Let me guess!" I nodded, allowing her to continue her challenge. "It's not Kim. What about Tina, Katy, Eva…ooh, the new girl here, what's her name err Lauren I think?" Guessed Sian as I shook my head at each name she rhymed off. "Aha! There was this girl, about 20 I think, walked in Yesterday – dark brunette, greyish eyes, nice smile and she actually looked a bit like you. That's it – Rosie, that's her name! I think she said Website, Webber maybe?" Rosie Webster.
I pretended to gag then coughed. My throat went funny. So I was there having a coughing fit, Sian basically thrust some coke down my neck that nearly made me worse but it was better. Ohmigosh, Sian had her hand under my chin and the fingers on her other hand, holding the coke glass were so close to my lips.

When I recovered I laughed. "Rosie Webster…" I started before being interrupted by a loud, high – pitched squeal.
"That's it! Is it her you fancy?"
"No!" I nearly screeched with disgust and I pulled a horrified face. That caused Sian to nearly wee herself laughing.
"Come on though, she's pretty hot!" Sian insisted. Again I nearly choked on her words that just left her perfectly formed lips.
"She's my sister!" I blurted.
"Never, no way, seriously? No," she basically heaved. You could just see the utter shock on her face, like a picture! I nodded.
"Yep, unfortunately Rosie Webster is my sister! Nah, she's a cool sister really, well sometimes anyway," I explained, shock still all over her face.
"So you're Sophie Webster?"
"In the flesh!"

I'd never seen anyone with such a disbelieved look on their face. Sian was silent for a few minutes, her mouth bobbing like a fish but no words seemed to come out. Rosie Webster being my sister was more of a shock to her than me being a lesbian!

Once Sian had asked me questions about how she couldn't believe my sister was Rosie, we actually had a decent conversation, this time not about who fancies who. It was nice. We were chatting about the new films; which ones we wanted to watch, then music; our favourite artists and bands; we also chatted about work and finally we spoke about Weatherfield (where I live and where Sian wants to live). Eventually we switched numbers and at that point, I was so ecstatic that I was nearly bouncing off the walls! We weren't going out or whatever, but I have Sian's number!

While I was in the restaurant, a few locals came in and ordered drinks, Sian seemed to be on top of everything and I was quite impressed. The night was going smoothly until it turned 11:00pm and Sian's manager, Nick, told Sian that she could leave because her shift was over. I was pretty stumped then but she offered to walk me home! I thought that was slightly…strange and much unexpected. However I didn't say no, who would turn down the blonde beauty to walk you home?

Sian held the door open for me as we left the restaurant which I thought was really sweet and I completely swooned over her! As we stepped outside, we were greeted by a 'lovely' blast of freezing cold wind and a half – blizzard of rain! Sian wrapped her arms round herself, I really felt for her because she was only wearing a short sleeved blouse and short skirt.

Deciding to be the nice girl I kind of was, I removed my cardie and wrapped it round her shoulders. Smiling, she thanked me then I walked up behind her, rubbing my hands on her cardie – clad shoulders to warm her up a bit. Then she fell backwards into me. She'd slipped on a cobble in her heels then fell back. I caught her by the waist. Because she fell suddenly, her black blouse had risen up slightly and my hands ACCIDENTALLY slid up her blouse and onto her perfectly flat, toned and bare stomach! Sian was so cold. I gripped her bare waist before she fell anymore and I pushed her up a little so she could regain her balance.

Genuinely I can't describe to you how amazing it felt when I was holding Sian. It was like the World had just slipped away and there were only us two left. It was electric and it felt right. I had been out with girls before, kissed them sometimes but nothing compared to what I felt with Sian. It was only brief contact but it seemed to last forever. I wish it did last forever. Like I said, I could stare into her pretty eyes forever. She was stunning, absolutely stunning.

Anyway Sian spun round to face me and we were literally centimetres apart, my hands still holding her bare waist. She shuffled uncomfortably and I realised that she felt awkward with my hands on her. I whipped them back to my sides and apologised immediately. She smiled then bit her bottom lip. Whoa. I think my heart just leapt out of my mouth. Sian looked so hot when she did that. She turned back round then we walked to my house in silence. It wasn't awkward, but comforting. I'll admit it, I kind of fancy Sian. A lot…