Chapter 1

In a shady part of Nigeria…

A Chinese man walked into a bar, followed closely by three black men holding large guns. The man glanced around the bar, ignoring the mostly black patrons in favor of walking to the corner in the very back of the bar. There, a man was seated, crouched over a large tankard of beer.

When the group was a feet from him, he spoke without turning to face them, "Mr. Lee what can I do for you?"

One of the black men pulled a chair and the Asian man sat down, setting his hands primly on the table. It was only then that the other man looked up, revealing a V shaped face and hazel eyes. The baseball cap on his head raised a little, causing a few strands of reddish maroon hair to escape onto his face.

"Jack Evans?" the Asian man inquired dryly.

Jack nodded, his right eyebrow rising, "What can I do for you?"

The Asian man placed a folder on the table and slid it to Jack. For his part, Jack opened it and stared at the image on the white paper. It showed a woman walking out of an embassy Jack instantly recognized as Bolivian, a silver briefcase in her hand and a hand on a gun in her belt. Jack looked closer at the face. Though most of it was covered by her red hair, Jack could see enough to tell who it was.

He closed the folder and looked at the men seriously. He looked at him back, "She confiscated some valuable property of mine from the consulate. I would like it back."

"She is packing" Jack noted.

Mr. Lee nodded, "Indeed, she is an agent for the magical Interpol and has been tracking us for the past few months. I cannot have her release the files she has on the computer in the briefcase. It could mean the end of my boss's business."

Jack looked into the man's earnest face before asking, "The job?"

The man nodded to Jack as he pulled a fat, white envelope from his pocket. He slid it to Jack who proceeded to open it and mentally count the amount of American hundred dollar bills in the envelope.

"That's a hundred thousand up front. Another two hundred thousand after you finish the job."

"Which is?" Jack was not a patient man.

"I want her dead and the files in the computer erased."

Jack leaned forward to look at the Asian man in the eye and said one word, "NO."

Before the others could react, he stood, kicked the table over while pulling out his gun. And before the black men could point their guns at him, they each had a bullet in the forehead. He then walked to the Asian man who was grabbing a gun from one of the fallen men. But before he could train it on him, Jack had his gun at the back of his head.

"Remove your hands from the gun and step back" Jack ordered.

"Please… please don't hurt me. I…I am just following orders" the man stepped back but Jack could see him reaching for something in his pocket.

So he grabbed the hand and twisted it back, making him scream. Out of the corner of his eyes, he could see the patrons running out of the shop and sirens off in the distance. Deciding to speed it up, he twisted the man's arm further, "How many others have been sent to deal with her?"

"I…I don't know… I know it's a few though. He… he issued a standard hit to several mercenaries. Whoever delivers gets the money. Someone recommended you this morning… I swear that's all I know. Leave me alone… please!"

Jack looked at the man disgusted as he let go of the arm. The man fell to the ground, cradling his hand, tears coming out of his eyes. Jack spat in his face, "Sorry man but" and shot him right in the forehead. He then sheathed his gun and walked out. He nodded to the bartender crouching behind an upturned table and tossed some a few bills from the envelope onto the desk before walking out.

He could see a bunch of bystanders standing around the establishment, all of whom looked shocked and fearful as he walked out. Seeing some cops trying to get through the crowd in the side, Jack pulled on his cap to conceal more of his face as he ran through the crowd the other way. He couldn't apparate out of the middle of a bunch of muggles. That would set off a bunch of alerts and get him on the magical radar, something he worked hard to avoid.

Running into a small alley, he twisted, leaving with a small pop. He appeared in another small alley where he apparated again. After five more such jumps, he landed in a really small alley next to a huge market. Making sure his cap was pulled down, he joined the crowd. Navigating through it, he entered a complex of haphazardly stacked flats. He climbed a rickety stairwell and entered his temporary home.

The little flat was basically devoid of furniture except for essentials. There was a moldy fridge next to a rusty sink. A clothes line hung at the little window next to the sink and one shirt and a set of jeans hung from it. On the other side, there were two blankets folded in a corner, two pillows set on top of them. There was a tray table on the floor next to the space in the floor Jack evidently slept on, a laptop and a few guns on it.

Jack put the envelope of cash on the little table before heading to the little corner that served as the kitchen. He opened the little cabinet under the sink and felt around above. Ignoring the pipes from the sink, he found a taped envelope in the bottom of the sink. Tugging it out, he walked to the tray table. Spreading a blanket on the floor, he sat on it before dumping the contents of the envelope on the blanket.

Ignoring the various passports, IDs and documents he had, he grabbed the small photo sleeve. Opening it, he sighed deeply as he looked at the picture on the right. It showcased a younger version of himself and the woman that a hit had just been ordered on. Looking at it, anyone could instantly see the similarities between the two, after all they were twins.

Jack sighed deeply again before looking at the other side. This one was a family picture, the last one they had ever taken together before their parents died. It showcased their father standing next to a chair in which their mother was seated. Standing on either side of their mother were Jack and Juliet. Their elder brother Steve was standing behind Juliet and next to their dad. Jack and Juliet were only fifteen then and Steve was seventeen.

Gritting his teeth, Jack glanced at the picture of himself and Jack again before stuffing it back in the envelope. He looked at the different passports and pulled out one that said he was James Parker. If he was going to get back to the States to save his sister, he was going to need to go my muggle means.

And so, nearly twenty hours later, Jack pulled his baseball cap down as he exited the plane. All he had was the pack on his back and the jeans and white shirt made sure he blended in to the crowd. He bypassed the baggage claim quickly and got into a cab.

"Take me to Spring Valley."

The cab driver looked at him oddly as he took off, "You don't look like you are from Spring Valley, if you don't mind me saying sir."

Jack rolled his eyes. Spring Valley was the wealthiest neighborhood in DC, "It's a family estate. Can you hurry up?"

The driver nodded and sped up. Soon enough, they were pulling up in front of a large mansion. Jack quickly got out of the cab and dropped a few hundred dollar bills, "Keep the change" he told the driver as he ran up to the door.

He rang the doorbell, there was no answer. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see a few neighbors walking by and hurried to the fence. Jumping over it, he headed to the backyard of their home. Walking around the large pool, he felt around under a bush, nodding to himself when he found the key. Quickly he opened the glass doors that led into the kitchen and entered the house he had left more than eight years ago.

Jack hesitated a little as he stepped in but he took a deep breath before walking further in. He was running a hand on the granite counters of the kitchen when an elderly voice called out, "Steve, is that you?"

Jack took a deep breath again as he walked into the living room. There, seated in the living room in front of the television was his grandmother, Anna Wilson, his mother's mother.

"Hi grandma."

Ninety years old and the woman was just as sharp as she was when she was twenty. She turned around instantly and stood, "Jack! Is that you?"

Jack nodded, his eyes prickling a little, "Yes. How are you?"

She hurried over to him, hugging her pink robe close to her body. She smiled widely at him before stretching her hands, "Come here, boy. Give me a hug!"

Jack looked taken aback for a second before he dropped his pack on the ground and hugged the woman.

"Jack, you are too thin! Havent you been taking care of yourself? Come on."

Jack looked bemused as the elderly woman dragged him back to the kitchen and forced him to sit at the counter, "Now did you eat?"

Jack knew he didn't but said, "Grandma, I don't have the time. Where is Juliet?"

"Juliet? She is in Britain, Jackie. Let me put a pot of tea on."

Jack sighed as he saw her put a pot on. She came back and sat across from him, "Where have you been Jack? I haven't seen you in so long! You didn't even come for your grandfather's funeral."

Jack winced, "Grandma… the cops here think I killed mum and dad. I am not allowed to be here."

"Then why are you here?" she asked shrewdly.

Jack sighed, "Because Juliet is in danger. There are people trying to kill her grandma. Where is she in Britain and why is she there?"

"Slow down there, tiger. Here have some tea." She poured some in two cups and sat down again.

Jack sipped the tea as he looked at her seriously. She smiled at him before saying, "You look so much like your father, Jack."

Jack smiled at her, "Grandma, why is Juliet in Britain?"

She sighed and shook her head, "She and Steve both got reassigned. She says they are helping the Order of the Phoenix."

Jack frowned, that was going to be a problem. He stood abruptly, "Sorry grandma but I have to go. Juliet is in danger."

"Running off again, boy?" She shook her head as she stood, but she didn't sound angry. That was one thing Jack loved about his grandmother – nothing could make her angry, ever.

Jack glanced at her before saying, "I am just going to hit the head before I leave again."

She called out after him, "Come back here before you leave Jack! I want a proper goodbye this time."

Jack shook his head as he walked away. He didn't hit the head like he told her and instead went into his father, William's , he didn't touch anything but one book in the large bookshelf. The shelf instantly slid open revealing a secret chamber in the back. Ignoring the large computers set up in the room, Jack headed to a set of drawers. Opening one of them, he grabbed a few semiautomatics and holstered them on his person. He also grabbed one of the extra wands he remembered his father as keeping in a different drawer. He had been forced to leave his weapons back in Nigeria so as to not get caught in airport security.

Sighing, he walked to one of the computers and began a search, looking for the nearest small air service. Finding a Fly-and-GO service which apparently brought goods from the Middle East to the US, Jack let a small smile grace his face as he exited. He was grabbing his pack from the living room when he heard, "Jack come here!"

Jack rolled his eyes slightly before walking into the kitchen. He stopped in shock when he saw a few packages on the ktchen table.


She smiled at him as she levitated another box onto the counter, "These are for Steve and Juliet and my great grandchildren William and Kelly."

Jack blinked but didn't get a chance to reply as she continued, "And this is for you, Jack. I remember how you liked my pie."

Jack smiled at her and walked close to her, kissing her in the cheek, "If I see them, I will definitely give them the gifts."

The elder woman nodded and ran a hand along Jack's face, "Oh Jack I do wish you would settle down, have a family."

Jack sighed as he stepped away. He waved his wand, shrinking the packages before speaking, "I find that hard to do, grandma."

"Promise me you will try. William and Mary wouldn't have wanted their death to do this to you" She looked like she was going to cry. Jack gave her another hug but didn't say anything. He put the shrunken packages in his pack before heading to the back door again. There was an apparation barrier in the house.

"Bye grandma."

Anna waved at him and Jack smiled at her before apparating from right next to the pool. He landed in a small alley near the private airport. He pulled his baseball cap down and kept his head down as he walked through the busy area to the Fly-and-GO. He entered to find the place relatively empty except for a rather plump man who was sitting in a char, sipping coffee and reading the newspaper.

Seeing him, he shouted, "Wrong place, kid. Scat!"

Jack rolled his eyes and grabbed his gun from his belt. Attaching a silencer quickly, he shot once. The man instantly jumped, standing up. He pointed a shaky finger at him as he reached for his phone with the other.

"You! Stop, I am going to call the cops!"

Jack rolled his eyes and pressed the tip of the silencer to the man's forehead, "The phone?"

The man shakily placed the phone on Jack's hand. Jack waved his hand and the phone burst into flames. He then said, "You are now going to fly me to Britain. What plane is ready to do that?"

The man didn't respond and Jack pressed the gun further into his forehead, "Now!"

The man nodded and rushed over, "There is one – it is supposed to carry some cargo to Iraq but it could just as easily go to Britain."

The man trembled as he took a pilot seat, "please… I have kids, a wife…"

Jack got in the other pilot seat, "Just leave. I will let you go once we are in Britain."

The man nodded and turned on the engine.

Seven hours later…

"where's your parachute?" Jack asked, munching on a sandwich.

"Its… its next to the door… you aren't going to throw me out are you?"

Jack snorted as he unbuckled himself, "Relax, you are going back to your family. As soon as we are at the coordinates I told you, I am jumping."

The man looked relieved at the news and nodded, "We are there, sir… we are there."

Jack nodded and came back to the pilot's cabin. He pointed a gun at the man's head and said, "Now, you will go to Iraq like normal and deliver your supplies. You will not mention who I am or anything about me to anyone, understand?"

The man nodded vigorously, sweat forming on his brow. Jack sneered at him before he opened the exit door and jumped. It was around seven in the morning and Jack could see the castle unfolding below. But he steered his parachute towards the large forest next to the castle.

It took almost half an hour for the parachute to land and when he did, it was because his parachute got caught on the canopy of a tree and forced him to fall to the ground. Dusting himself off, he looked around, realizing he had no idea where he was.

He knelt on the ground and opened his pack. Pulling out his red baseball cap, he put it on his head, making sure to stuff all his hair in it. He then pulled out a set of goggles his dad had given him when he was seven. They were special in that they had several modes of vision. Putting it in thermal vision mode, he looked around.

He could see several small animals nearby and a herd of centaurs close by. Putting his pack on, he headed towards the castle, scanning occasionally through the binoculars. A few shots and a few animals dead later, Jack found himself at the edge of the Forbidden forest.

Peeping through the woods, he cursed when he saw the large amount of armed personnel everywhere along the grounds. Apparently Juliet was rather safe here. Having second thoughts about showing up and knowing that any one of those people would love nothing more than to arrest him, he retreated behind a tree to make a plan.

Ten minutes of surveillance later, he had a route mapped out. Casting an invisibility charm on himself, he watched as the guards closest to him huddled to change shifts. Also casting a silencing charm on himself, he took the opportunity to run across the grounds. Ignoring the heavily armed front gates, he headed to the Quidditch pitch side of the castle. With less guards there, Jack was able to knockout two guards from the back relatively easily. Shaking his head at the poor security and reaffirming his need to be there, he found a cracked window one floor up. Still silent and invisible, he scaled the wall quickly and entered the castle.

Finding himself in a hallway, he looked around with his binoculars to find that the thermal activity in the castle was too spread out to pinpoint anyone in particular. Hearing voices coming towards him, he quickly put the binoculars away and undid his invisibility and silencing charms.

Seeing a few students walking by, he asked, "Hey, any of you know where Juliet is?"

The boy who Jack recognized as his cousin looked at him suspiciously, "Professor Turner is in the headmaster's office."

Jack nodded to the boy and kept walking, not inviting any questions. Around a corner, he pulled out a map of Hogwarts from his pocket and quickly located the headmaster's office. He arrived at the gargoyle just as another person was and managed to slip in after them.

The other man seemed to be in a ridiculous hurry as he ran up the spiral staircase and didn't notice him but Jack didn't really care as he rode the escalator out. Five minutes later, he entered the open room.

Instantly everyone turned to look at him and several people pointed their wands at him. Jack groaned to himself. It was this kind of situation that he was supposed to avoid. Luckily, he was saved by the voice of his sister, "Jack?"

And before he could blink, she threw herself at him making him stumble slightly back, his hat falling off. He could see some familiar faces around the room. His father's sister Lily was there with James Potter and his elder brother Steven was walking towards him, his arms crossed in the front.

Then suddenly Juliet let go and slapped him right across the face. Jack rolled his jaw and sent her a small smile, "I guess I deserved that."

Steven hit him in the back of the head, "Yah, you did. Nine years, no calls, no texts, no emails, nothing. Only think I knew was you occasionally being chased around the world by cops and gangs."

Jack opened his mouth to reply but it was cut short by Dumbledore speaking, "Mr. Evans, Mrs. Turner, who is our guest?"

Juliet tugged Jack over to a chair and pushed him into it. They were all seated in a circular arrangement and mentally Jack counted atleast thirty people in the room. Dumbledore was seated next to his desk and seemed to be the leader.

He was cut off before he could introduce himself though by Steve, "This is Jack, my younger brother and Juliet's twin."

There were some looks around the room and someone asked gently, "Jack Evans? As in the wanted Jack Evans?"

Jack rolled his eyes, "That's me. Look Juliet, I came here because someone has put a target on your head. Whatever files you got from the Bolivian embassy is causing Mark Corporations a great deal of grief. They are hiring to get rid of you."

"What?" Several voices called out, the most vocal being Juliet and a man with blond hair sitting next to her.

Jack looked at the man curiously and Juliet said dryly, "Jack, meet my husband Michael. Mike, this is Jack, my wayward brother."

Jack shook the man's hand, "Good to meet you."

"Same. Juliet, I am going to make a few calls if you are actually in trouble."

She nodded to him and he walked out of the room. Jack raised an eyebrow at her, "Look at you Jules! Interpol agent marrying a CIA suit!"

Juliet rolled her eyes and turned to look at Steve. Jack turned to look at Steve incredulously, "Don't tell me. You are a company man too?"

Steve sent him a look, "Major General of the United States Marines."

Jack looked impressed, "Dad would be proud."

Steve shrugged and there was a moment of silence before Dumbledore cleared his throat, "Mr. Evans, what do you do for a living?"

Jack frowned at the question and everyone in the room looked at Jack curiously. Juliet asked, "Stealing, plundering, killing and assassinating. Did I miss anything?"

Jack sighed, "Jules, after what happened there weren't a whole lot of using my skills legitimately."

She nodded to him, her eyes promising a later talk. Dumbledore looked at Jack as if scanning him before asking, "How would you like to join the Order of the Phoenix, Mr. Evans?"

Jack frowned, "Look here, I am only here to warn Juliet about the hits on her. Oh by the way, grandma has packages for all of you, Jules."

Juliet nodded to him and he continued, "Mr. Dumbledore, it would me a major conflict of interest for me to stay here. You see, every single person you have outside wants to arrest me and from the looks I have been getting, so do a bunch of people in here."

Sure enough, there were some people eyeing him distrustfully.

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled as he spoke up, "No Mr. Evans, no one will arrest you here. I will give you a guarantee if you would lend us your assistance."

Jack raised an eyebrow as though he didn't believe him, "With all due respect Mr. Dumbledore, there is no way you can guarantee that. Plus, I rather enjoy being able to do what I please when I want to. That clearly isn't going to happen here."

Dumbledore leaned forward, "Mr. Evans, if I am right, you got through into the most secure establishment here, bypassing the Forbidden forest, the aurors and armed personnel and into my office without tripping a single alarm. We could really use your expertise."

"Why?" Jack deadpanned.

Dumbledore sighed, "Because Voldemort is getting rather powerful. We could use your help."

Jack looked undecided but was stopped from refusing by Steve pulling him on his feet. Before he could make a move, his arms were twisted behind him and handcuffed together, "That's it, I am tired of this. Jack Evans, you are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to consult an attorney"

"God damn it Steve! Do you know what you are doing?" Jack was furious. The others in the room were on their feet and shouts were heard as Steve continued, "and to have an attorney present during questioning. If you cannot pay for an attorney, one will be provided to you at no cost by the court."

Steve pushed him out the office and down the stairs. In the brief moment that they were out of the office and people weren't following them, Steve whispered, "Bro, I know you are tired of running. Don't try to escape. I promise I will cut you a deal that will let you keep your freedom."

Jack looked at Steve in the eye and noticing the sincerity nodded, "You better. Ross wants nothing better than to use me as a lab rat."

Steve grinned before returning his face to its normal state as they exited. The Order members were following them talking rapidly. Dumbledore stepped up, "Steven, think about what you are doing. This isn't necessary."

Steve looked at Dumbledore seriously, "It is Albus, it definitely is."

In the entrance hall, the same kids from earlier, including Daniel Potter watched in shock as Steve handed Jack over to a few armed guards, "Put him in the holding cells and contact General Ross. Tell them Jack Evans has been captured."

"Yes sir" they saluted before grabbing Jack and leading him into one of the fortified tents.