My name's Alice Stanley. Seeing Ghostwriter might be the scariest moment in your life, and it sure was mine. I'm in some of Lenni's classes, so we're pretty good friends. When I saw Ghostwriter, I was with Lenni and Tina during Lunch period. Suddenly the words in my book started moving, and Lenni whispered something to Tina, Tina just nodded. I sat there for a while, unable to move. Suddenly, it said in Technicolor, "Hi Alice!" I literally did a backflip over my bench seat. "Lenni, Tina, d-do you see those words j-just like… f-floating?" I asked them, pointing a shaky finger at the words. Lenni and Tina smiled, "That's Ghostwriter! You can see it too! Looks like we have a new member!" They hi-fived each other and I sat down on my chair again, feeling a little better, since they were happy about it. "Ghostwriter?" I asked them, "What in the world is that?" They smirked. Lenni replied, "We'll tell you ALL about it at the initiation." I nodded. "Okay. After school?" Tina smiled and told me. "Yeah, we have it at Jamal's house." I winced. "Um… I don't know Jamal that well." Lenni shooed it away. "We'll introduce you to the other members after lunch." Tina added, "But not Gaby or Hector, their in 5th grade." "I know Gaby, my sister is her friend!" I said happily. "So who are all the members?" I then asked. Lenni and Tina said in unison, "Lenni, Tina, Jamal, Gaby, Hector, and Alex!" My face turned pale. "Alex?" I said. "I think I'm out." Lenni and Tina stood up and asked sadly, "Why?" I picked at my food. "We're moral enemies; almost everyone in the school knows that!" Lenni smiled. "Well I guess you guys will have to be friends." They giggled and dragged me out of the lunch room.

We saw Jamal first, I waved meekly. Lenni introduced me. "Jamal, this is Alice." Jamal nodded. "Okay…" he said, not really getting why he had to know me. Tina added, "She can see Ghostwriter." Jamal then smiled. "Oh cool! Hey Alice, I'm Jamal, I can't wait to give you your initiation!" I nodded. "Cool." I said uncertainly.

Then we saw Alex approaching. Tina ran up to him, I raised my eyebrows a bit. Alex smiled at Tina then noticed me. "Alice." He said marching up to me, looking "fierce". "Alex" I said, smirking in satisfaction. He tried to make me flinch, but it didn't work out so well. Lenni said cautiously, "I guess you know Alice then, Alex." Then Lenni giggled. "What?" I asked calmly, though I was ready to snap at anyone. Lenni replied, still giggling, "Alex and Alice, it sounds the same. Like a cute couple name!" I was ready to punch her, but she was my friend so I managed to control my hands by my side, even though they were in fists. I saw Alex doing the same. I gave a fake smile, "Yeah Lenni, ha ha ha." I said, throwing daggers through my eyes. Alex just glared. Lenni continued, Tina looking a little sad for some reason. "Anyway, Alice can see Ghostwriter." Lenni and Tina stepped back a little and covered their ears, ready for Alex's reaction. And it came. "WHAT!" He screamed. "STOP BEING SO LOUD!" I yelled back. It surprised me for a moment, since he was standing nose to nose, by I maintained my posture. It's not my fault I can see Ghostwriter!" I said, walking away, Lenni and Tina followed, since we had our next class with each other.