Five more minutes. Should I continue...?

The ticking of the wall clock makes my head twirl with anxiety and uncertainty. As the time draws nearer, my heart beat goes faster and cold beads of sweat ran down my face. I peered over the bright monitor once again, gulping down my nervousness. It's just a rumour, isn't it...? But what if it's real? Can I really do it? I wouldn't be able to go to heaven... And condemning someone is wrong... Would that make me a murderer?

Four minutes. No, of course it wouldn't. I just wished for him to die, that's all. Hell girl... she's the one that's going to kill that bastard. I'm going to do this for me and my mother. He was the one who tainted her pure image, he deserved to go to hell. I don't care what's right or wrong, it was all his fault anyway.

Besides, this is the only thing I could do for mother.

Three minutes. There's still time to back away. This is just a rumour, but what if it's just a sick prank? After all, there are loads of stuff like these in the Internet. So what if it's a fake...? What am I going to do next? If it is fake, my plan will be an absolute failure. I can't let my mother down... And what if someone came in and discovered my plot? I can't even think up of a proper excuse...

Two minutes. All this what ifs are just messing my mind, I have to calm down. I am certainly going to do this. This is just once in a lifetime, I won't let it go to waste nor am I going to do these kind of things once again.

Breathe in, breathe out...

If he hadn't raped my beloved mother, then none of this would've happened. It's his fault that my mother was forced to marry that creep, though it was illegal and she already had a life and a family of her own. It's his fault that we got separated and my real father, whom she loved dearly, committed suicide. It's his fault that my mother had gone insane from all this craziness caused by that drunkard. All he did was drink, beat her and sleep. He never helped her. He ruined her life. And I only knew it after I moved in their shabby house. I could even remember what happened that day-rain beating down the roof, its sound synchronizing with the blows he landed on her fragile body as I stood in the hallway, cowering in fear. I couldn't do anything, I told my grandparents about the incidents but they never listened. All I could do was watch... until today.

One minute. Just one more minute, and I can avenge my parents. I don't care what's going to happen- I'm going to do this. I am doing this for the sake of my parents. Somebody's got to do it- I'll willingly sacrifice my soul for them. As I palpitated and my heart beat went wild, blood rushed through my head and veins. I, Fujioka Minami, will really do this today. Three more seconds.

I don't care what's right or wrong.


I don't care if I went to hell.


I don't care anymore.



'Fu-ji-oka To-ko-mi' Enter.

"You called me?"