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WARNING: This chapter is short – 2300ish words.


CHAPTER 14 – Always.

For only the second time in his life, Harry wasn't alone when he woke up. Harry could feel his head on Draco's chest, with his legs entwined with his. Harry could feel someone watching him, so he let his eyes flutter open.

Draco was already awake, and looking down at him.

"Morning," Harry greeted, and then added quickly, "How are the twins? Surely they didn't sleep through the night?"

"They're fine. I've been checking on them through the night. I wanted you to get a good night's sleep."

Harry ran his free hand through his hair, making his bed hair even worse, "thanks, but we should alternate nights. I'm not having you do all the work."

Draco laughed, "Of course Harry, you really thought I was going to do every night?" he said with an amused glint in his eyes.

"Nah, you're a Malfoy after all." Harry returned, equally amused.

"Best you remember that as well."


"Now, we should really get out of bed if we want to make it to breakfast." Draco said.

Harry sighed and lifted his head from Draco's chest and swung his legs round the bed and sat up.

"So, we're going to the Great Hall then?" Harry asked, curious.

"Well I thought we may as well get it over and done with; they've probably figured you've had the babies."

"They don't know that you're the father though. You're okay with them knowing?" Harry asked while standing up and finding his clothes.

Draco met him by the wardrobe which their clothing was in.

"Well, yes. There's no point in hiding. Besides, the twins do resemble me." Draco told him. Harry could tell he was nervous about what Harry would say to that by the way his eyes kept glancing away.

"That's great. I've had enough of hiding." Harry told him smiling.

Draco responded with a huge smile that Harry loved seeing and vowed that he would try to get Draco to smile like that as much as possible.

They both returned to getting dressed, and Harry could barely help his eyes from glancing at Draco shirtless form. He didn't think he'd ever be able to get used to Draco's perfection.

He didn't tell Draco that though, he didn't want to be inflating his ego even bigger than it was.

Draco was busy sorting his hair in the bathroom, and Harry had just finished getting ready when he heard his boys crying from the next room.

He walked quickly through the partition, and went straight to the large cot, and easily picked up his twins and held them close to his chest.

He moved back into his and Draco's bedroom and sat on the bed, so he could hold Scorpius and Phoenix more easily.

He bounced his legs softly and rubbed their backs. Their eyes were red and puffy and still leaking tears despite the fact that they had quietened down. He was about to call for Draco, when he walked through the door looking awake and freshly groomed.

"Hey, could you get the milk, I think they're hungry." Harry told him urgently.

Draco didn't say anything, and quickly turned around and went out of the room to summon dobby and request some milk. Harry could hear Dobby's high pitched voice from where he was.

It wasn't long before Draco returned with two bottles of warm milk. Draco bent down to pick up Scorpius, who was nearer and started to feed him. Harry quickly followed, and soon the twins had stopped crying

"Let's get them changed, and we can go down to breakfast."

Harry nodded, and they both went into the twin's room, and went through the clothes they had brought.

Draco easily changed their nappies with one wave of his wand, and then they both put the twins in the clothing they had selected, which was; matching blue one piece jumpsuits, with a pale green dragon on the front.

Harry thought they looked adorable.

"We should probably go now. I'm just so glad it's the weekend and we haven't got to go to school."

"As am I, Harry." Draco agreed.

With himself holding Phoenix close, and Draco holding Scorpius close, they walked out of the portrait hole.

"So do you think people will be surprised to see you're the mystery man?" Harry asked as they began the journey towards the Great Hall.

"Yes, they'll all wonder how the hell a lowly Gryffindor managed to get such a high class Slytherin like me." Draco told him matter of factly.

"Of course that's what they'll be thinking and not at all about the fact that we were school rivals for at least five years."

Draco just nodded in approval. Harry wasn't sure he was joking or not.

"Where do you think we should sit for breakfast?" Harry went on to ask.

Draco answered almost immediately, "Gryffindor."


Harry looked sideways to Draco and saw that he was looking away. Harry frowned and thought about how Draco rarely talked about Slytherin or any of his friends from his house. Harry decided he'd mention it.

"Hey, Draco?" He asked.

"Yeah?" Draco replied hesitantly.

"How come you never talk about Slytherin house, or any of your friends?"

Harry watched, as Draco glanced in his direction, looking startled; and slightly resigned.

"After the war, because I betrayed the dark side, they all just ignore me. I mean Blaise and I are still friends, but his mother didn't want him to go back this year and instead he's being home tutored. So it's just me. Luckily we all have private rooms." Draco told him quietly, the whole time, rubbing Scorpius's back lightly.

"Oh, I didn't know Draco." Harry replied softly; annoyed at himself for not realising Draco's situation earlier.

"Honestly, it's not as bad as you would think. They do just ignore me. Besides, I'm not alone; I have you, Scorpius and Phoenix now." Draco said, smiling happily despite the gloomy topic.

"You should have told me earlier Draco."

"It doesn't matter now. We'll be leaving soon, and none of that will even matter." Draco said, still remaining positive.

"If you're sure..." Harry saw Draco nod at that.

Luckily they didn't see anyone coming down because they living area was not near any of the other houses. When he saw that they were approaching the Great Halls doors, Harry turned to Draco.

"You ready then?"

"As ready as I'll ever be." Draco replied.

Harry nodded and he withdrew one arm, careful not to jostle Phoenix, he pushed open the big doors and he and Draco stepped through.

If he thought last time that he and Draco stepped through the Great Hall together had grabbed everyone's attention, it was nothing like the attention they grabbed this time around.

Everyone, and he meant everyone, was starring at them, Including the teachers and Slytherin's, who tendered to be unbothered by such things.

Harry saw that some people were glancing between the twins and Draco, clearly figuring out that Draco was the other father. While others were simply starring, as if they couldn't quite understand what they were seeing or what was going on.

Harry sympathised with them. If someone told him a year ago that he would be dating Draco Malfoy, have twin boys, and going to stay at Malfoy Manor, he would have laughed in their face, called them a mental patient and have them sent them with a one way ticket to St Mungo's.

He just hoped they got over the shock quickly, or they really would become a bother.

Draco leaned in closer to him, and said "Come on Harry, that Irish friends of yours is waving at us so hard I'm sure he going to fall off his seat."

Harry looked over to the Gryffindor table, and saw that Seamus, was indeed about to fall off his chair.

"Best we go over then huh?" Harry said.

Together they walked over to the Gryffindor table and to where Seamus was sitting; who finally calmed down when he saw that they were approaching.

All the while, Harry was aware of everyone who was watching them. He rubbed his sons back comfortingly, not sure how Phoenix and Scorpius were feeling about all the attention. Looking down at his face, Harry was happy to see that Phoenix seemed blissfully unaware, and was simply sucking his thumb contently. Glancing over to Scorpius in Draco's arms he saw that he was doing the same.

Finally reaching the Gryffindor table, Seamus jumped up onto his feet and stuck his hand out for Draco to shake.

"Hi Draco, I'm Seamus; harry's fashion adviser." He told him, glancing cheekily in Harry direction.

Draco appeared startled at first, but quickly recovered and reached out to return the handshake.

"Nice to meet you, Seamus."

"Great now sit down boys, and introduce us to your adorable babies." He said eagerly, gesturing to the empty seats between himself and Neville.

"Thanks Seamus." Harry told him gratefully as they both settled themselves down with their boys in their laps.

Harry heard as people finally stopped starring and started talking loudly about himself, Draco and the twins. Harry just ignored it all and focused on breakfast, his twins, and of course; Draco.

"So Harry, what did you name your two adorable twins?" Seamus asked happily, as his dug in to his sausages.

"Oh erm, I'm holding Phoenix James, and Draco has Scorpius Lucius." Harry said smiling.

"Wow, they are certainly mouthfuls. But I love them. They are so cute! Don't you think Neville?"

Harry saw Neville smiled shyly at them, "Yeah, they really are. Congratulation, both of you." He told them.

"Thanks." Both he and Draco said at the same time.

"They look like both of you, which is awesome. But looks like they couldn't escape the Potter hair huh?" Seamus said.

Harry heard Draco chuckle lightly and say, "Nope. Well, at least Phoenix hasn't escaped it, Scorpius's hair can lie down flat if we brush it."

Displaying that strange sixth sense that they knew they were being talked about, both of the twins lifted their head and gazed around with wide eyes, not really understanding what they were seeing. They were near enough to each other, so when they're gazes met they giggled and waved their fists trying to get to each other.

He and Draco shuffled even closer to each other so that their sides were touching completely, and the twins could reach each other.

He and Draco looked, when they heard unison of wistful sighs around them.

Shuffling uncomfortably Harry turned to Seamus again, who was watching them closely with soft eyes.

"So Seamus, has there been anything in The Prophet about us?" Harry asked nervously.

"Yes actually, but not about you and Draco. It was more about your relationship with Hermione and Ron and how they'd been treating you."

Harry was gobsmacked, "Really? How did Skeeter find out about that?"

Seamus looked slightly guilty. Harry gave him a pointed look.

"Let's just say, that Skeeter heard some rumours and decided to contact me, Neville and Dean, and we just gave a few truthful comments about what was happening. Didn't want her making things up you see." Seamus told him.

Harry sighed, but couldn't bring himself to be angry. Ron and Hermione deserved it.

He was chocked when he heard Draco out right laugh, "Very good Seamus. They got what they deserved I'm sure."

Seamus beamed at Draco's approval.

"Anything else in there?" Harry asked as he put some bacon and sausages onto his plate to eat.

"Just some more speculation about who the father is. She obviously hadn't caught wind that Draco here is the other father. Hence why everyone was, and still is, so shocked when you two came through the doors this morning with you sons in tow. I'm sure they'll be an article on you two tomorrow though." Seamus told them.

"Wow, that's all much better than I expected."

"Yeah." Draco agreed from besides him.

"So where are Ron and Hermione right now?" Harry asked.

"Oh, they left as soon as they read the morning paper." Seamus told them laughing.

Harry chuckled lightly as well and turned to his full plate and began eating.

Every now and then he would share a happy look with Draco and glance down and stare tenderly at his two beautiful boys who were waving their hands about and gripping tightly onto each other; as if not wanting to be separated from each other as well as not wanting himself or Draco to be parted.

Harry didn't think their silent request to stay together would be all that hard to grant.

He turned to Draco again who was already looking at him.

"I can't wait to begin our lives now. Everything will be perfect, I just know it." Draco told him quietly leaning forwards slightly.

"Me too." Harry responded softly and lent forwards to close the small gap between their lips for a brief but more than satisfying kiss.

Both he and Draco ignored the schools startled reaction as the kiss ended, and peacefully went about finishing their breakfast as the girls and Seamus cooed around them.

Although, his life had been a struggle sometimes; now, he couldn't be any happier.

Good luck had its storms, after all.


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