The Shopping Trip

"I'm going shopping," Luka announced. "Anyone want anything?"

"We need more bananas!" Len called.

"It's on the list."

"Can we get dried bananas, too?"

"And dried oranges!" Rin chipped in.

"Okay, I'll get dried fruit with the regular fruit," Luka decided. "Anything else?"

"See if you can get a cookbook for recipes with negi," Miku added.

Luka put her hand behind her head sheepishly. "If there is one, I'm sure you would have written it, but I'll keep an eye out."

"There's a new kind of ice cream," Kaito said, walking in the room. "It's…um…'super-spectacular-strawberry-supernova.'"

"Long name," Luka commented, jotting it down. "Gakupo? You want anything?"

Gakupo got up from the armchair where he had been examining something. "I have a list of my own," he said. "I'd like to come with you."

Luka blushed. "Okay. Last call for shopping list! Going once, going twice, goodbye!"

Luka and Gakupo went outside. Luka opened her car door, but Gakupo went to his own car.

"My list is undoubtedly as long as yours," he pointed out. "My minivan can hold it all."

Luka shrugged and opened the passenger door on the minivan. She sat in silence as Gakupo revved the engine and backed out of the driveway. She only spoke once during the road trip: "We're going to ShopRite."

They entered the store. Luka fetched a shopping cart and acted as if Gakupo wasn't there to see her burning red face. The samurai had an air about him that made her feel giddy and inferior.

"I'm going this way," Luka announced, jerking her head toward the seafood section. "You can go wherever."

Gakupo was already gone.

Luka took her time selecting the fish and shellfish she wanted, critiquing the tuna and criticizing the calamari. She went to the fruit and vegetable section next, meeting up with Gakupo.

"Eggplant, of course," the samurai was saying. "Lots, for now and later. Negi, too, for good measure. I'd better get the favorites, or they'll get upset. Oh, melons, and then something with a pit, so it's harder to slice. Watermelon, but not yet."


Gakupo must have been surprised, but only he would know. He turned around and nodded at Luka. "I assume you've gotten what you need from there?"


"Very good. What have you on your list?"

Luka adverted her gaze to look at the piece of paper in her hand. "I've got my usual selection of seafood taken care of. I just need Kaito's ice cream, Len's bananas, Rin's oranges, dried fruit, and a negi cookbook. Oh, and don't forget, Gumi's coming over this weekend to visit from her college. We should get carrots."

"Already taken care of," Gakupo replied, gesturing at his shopping cart. Luka widened her eyes; it was filled to the brim with different types of fruits and vegetables. Several bags of carrots rested atop two cantaloupes.

"Okay, then," Luka answered, trying to act as if buying virtually the store's whole supply of fruits and vegetables was perfectly normal. "What do you have left?"

Gakupo checked his list. "Stain remover."

Luka blinked, confused. "Okay."

They picked up the rest of the items in good time, aside from a negi cookbook, and paid. Gakupo insisted on paying for his own items despite the whopping charge that made Luka flinch.

"You make a good couple," Haku noted, eyes twinkling, as she counted out the bills Luka handed her. Luka reddened, and beneath his robe Gakupo's hand tightened on the hilt of his sword.

"Have a nice day," she called cheerfully as the thoroughly embarrassed Vocaloids wheeled their carts out of the store.


"They're home!" Miku hollered from the front room.

Len rushed in from the kitchen. "Good, I'm out of bananas!"

"I want to try dried oranges!" Rin said as she ran in.

"Where's my ice cream?" Kaito demanded.

Gakupo set bags down in the doorway and left for more. The twins enthusiastically dug through the contents.

"Here's your ice cream," Rin called, tossing a container over her shoulder. Kaito took a dive and caught it before it hit the ground. As the Kagamines continued to root through the bags, he caressed the container gently and departed, cradling it in his arms.

"Gakupo," Luka called out the door, "you're carrying a lot of bags. Do you want me to help?"

"Your hands are full," he grunted. "I'm at the door anyways."

"What is it with men and carrying all the bags in one trip?" Luka sighed, putting down her two bags and taking two more from Gakupo. He had two over each forearm in addition to two in his hands, not counting the two Luka had taken.

"That's a lot of stuff," Miku noticed, switching off her iPod. "What were you guys doing?"

"Going shopping…," Gakupo answered.

"That was a historical question," Miku retorted.

"It'll go down in history," Len hooted.

"Shut up," Rin hissed.

"A rhetorical question, Miku-domo," Gakupo said.

"Don't call me that!" Miku protested.

"He is at least twice your age," Rin couldn't help pointing out.

Len elbowed his sister fiercely. She wailed. "Len hurt me!" she cried, punching her brother. He grunted and shoved her back.

"Stop! Stop it right now!" Luka commanded.

"He started it!" Rin argued.

"Did not!" Len objected.

"Stop it, both of you." Kaito had heard the ruckus and entered the room.

"Yes, Kaito." The twins looked subdued before the blue-haired man.

"You're ruining the experience," he continued, licking the ice cream cone in his hand. The Kagamines looked at each other in confusion but seemed to be at peace with each other. Kaito left the room.

"That's all of it," Gakupo announced, depositing three more bags by the front door. "I'm going to find what is mine, then I will be in my room. Leave me in peace, please."

Not the most eventful chapter I've written, but definitely longer than the last chapter. I put "Miku-domo" because I don't know many Japanese honorific suffixes. I saw that one applied to Len after he said something dumb in "It's Gackpo's Birthday" (YouTube). It's probably the wrong suffix. I wanted the suffix for a girl of lower status than the speaker.

Question: Does the cover art (that little picture next to the story summary) look like a purple watermelon and a samurai sword? That's what it's supposed to be (logo of Fruit Ninja is a sliced watermelon and I made it purple for Gakupo). My friend said it should have been an eggplant. What do you think?

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