Authour's note, I guess? Uh, well sorry for late. I would have had this done a few months ago, but my old laptop broke and I lost all of the chapter. Then I sent YouTube friends messages saying "SIX HUNDRED AND SEXTY NINE IS AN AMAZING NUMBER KTNX," to let them know I had access to a laptop and to generally spam their inboxes. Then I had to work out the school I'm going to next year. BUUUUUT I hope this is still enjoyable. Also sorry for short.

A car pulled up at a run-down dungeon. Three young men walked out without saying a word. Len stared up at the sky, not seeing a single star. Just when he thought he could have a peaceful night...

"Hey, hey! You guys! Stop looking so serious!" Lily called through her car window. "Jeez, I'm coming out. Let me show you to your room..."

'Well,' Len thought. 'She completely shattered the mood.'

The blonde girl opened the dungeon's door. Inside, a young woman sat, red stains everywhere and her dark hair somewhat torn out. As she looked at Len, she hid her face in fear. In the next room, a small boy, no older than 7, looked at them. He ran up to the cell's rusty bars and stuck his hand out. Inside his hand rested a knife, which he tried to attack Lily with several times. This continued for miles and miles until...

"Damn, we already have 13942 people here...?" Lily mumbled under her breath. Then she began to speak up. "Well, uh, you guys are in room 13943! So much symbolism in that number, really..."

Len glared at her, trying to hint at...

"Oh, right, key! Master," she bowed, "come to us. The brat needs his key. You can let him keep it, just make sure he doesn't let the other two get to it."

Right before their eyes, a young teenage boy appear out of nowhere. He had dirty blonde hair that would easily make it past his shoulders, but it was loosely tied into a ponytail. His eyes, one aqua-blue, one red. His eyes had pupils that were that of a snake. He had no fingernails on his fingers, but long, blood covered ones forcefully lodged in his red eye and throat. His whole body was covered with scars and he had dry, red tears resting on his cheeks and in his hair.

Next to him, an older man appeared. He had short, badly cut, purple hair. His eyes were a deep green. His skull was completely crushed in. His right arm had been cut at the elbow, with blood dripping to the floor.

Next to the blonde boy, someone who looked a couple of years older appeared. He had short dark blue hair on one side of his head. On the other, there was nothing. The right side of his head had been cut off. He only had one eye, the same colour as his hair. The other eye socket was empty.

"Key," the blonde boy said bluntly. The blue-haired male reached his arm into his eye's socket and pulled it out.

"Thank you," the youngest said, and kissed him on the cheek. The key dropped, the three disappeared, and Len picked up the key.

"Who... who were they?!" he asked Lily. As Lily whispered into his ear, his face filled with disgust...