I started on my walk, it was a long one and the pavement was hard beneath my bare feet. Being used to the soft feel of loose dirt beneath them it was especially painful that evening. As i walked out of the comfort of my neighborhood my pace increased. Music blarig in my ears through my yellow and purple ear-buds as i walked. A few cars passed but none took notice of me. Walking through a long alley I passed a few people. The continuous 'slap...slsp..slap..' of my feet on the blacktop soon lulled my brain into numbness and i spotted the glimmer of broken glassahead through the setting sun. Focusing on it i did not notice the boy on the bicycle speeding toward me. The collision between u was head on. I landed on my rump and he on his back. The bike lay a few feet away. "Ouch! Damn it!" i grumbled as i landed. He winced and shut his eyes tight. His wavy dark hair falling in his eyes he lookd up at me. " Hey! Watch where you're walking!" He growled. Rubbing his head he opened his eyes to reveal bug dark eyes beneath a sheath of thick, long lashes. His eyes went wide in shock as he took me in. Now i never thought myself to be pretty, and still don't. My short dark brown hair fell just below my ears. It often dangled into my eyes, which were my only good feature. The exact deep melty brown of milk chocolate. My yellow tank top fell over my white shorts, which were now blackened with asphalt. Oh, one more thing. My name is Catherine. Catherine Vantas.

He looked me right in the eye with that piercing gaze of his and it cut through to my soul. Now being from Tennessee i had a heavy southern drawl and it came out real bad when i got pissed off. " Listen. It was you who hit me so get your rump off the pavement and get a movin'!" I growled. Wincing at my accent, it was thick as molasses in the summer and then i heard his voice. Deep and mellow, a hint of a Cuban accent in there somewhere. " Yeah well whatever. Can i help you up or what?" He asked, standing up and offering me a hand. I took it half-heartedly and almost screamed when he yanked me up with the force of a Ford, i crashed into his chest and closed my eyes against the impact. He was hard as granite and yet, warmer than the sun. "Hey, let me go." I said, trying to yank free from his grip. " Nope. I'm taking you home." He indeed, bent to pick up my MP3 player, and ear-buds and handed them to me. I took them and tucked them into my pocket. He took my hand in his and walked me the exact way i came. " Do you even know where I live?" There was no way he could, we only just moved here from Tennessee, now York wasn't a bad city, it just had a lot of bad people. And Pennsylvania was a long way from home. Seeing as today was only my third day here there was no way he could know. It was summer so i didn't go to school neither. Yet, somehow this strange boy managed to walk me all the way back to the hill where i lived.