Title: Guardian Angel

Characters: Lily Evans and James Potter.

Notes: I really do love this idea, and I can definitely relate to Lily and her disorganised life-style. I hope you enjoy!

As long as Lily Evans could remember, she had had a guardian angel. Well, at least whilst she was at Hogwarts.

The first time was a day in October, and she had lost her Transfiguration essay. Lily had been hysterical, imagining Professor McGonagall's stern face and cutting words; she wasn't very good at Transfiguration anyway.

However, before lunch, just as she was getting a quill from her dorm and preparing to rewrite the entire essay, she found a sheet of paper on her bed.

It was her homework, complete with neat, Charmed corrections.

She had "cornered" a house elf later, but he only replied that Master had sent the essay. Lily got an O.

So, for as long as she could remember being at Hogwarts, Lily had had a guardian angel. Being rather disorganised, she lost things often, but they always returned somewhere with a house elf saying that Master had left it for Mistress. Nothing else.

Lily began to suspect a Ravenclaw she studied with, but when she finally asked in third year, he seemed apologetic but confused. Next was a Hufflepuff she talked to in Charms, but the boy knew nothing of anything apart from Divination and therefore would be much help with her missing OWL homework.

She even asked hated, bitter Severus Snape, so long after they had been friends, but he was honest with her, and said he knew nothing of Lily's angel.

Throughout her seven years, her lost and forgotten things appeared in the oddest places.

Her favourite quill appeared in her bag three days after she had left it in the DADA classroom. When she went out for a stroll, she found her hairband that flashed Gryffindor hanging from her favourite willow tree by the Black Lake after she dropped it in the Quidditch stands.

Even the Muggle picture of her, Petunia and her parents stuck itself to her ceiling after she had lost the jeans it was always carried around in.

Only when Lily moved in with her fiancé, James Potter, after seventh year and still found her missing Chudley Cannons coffee cup on her bed, did she realise that she had known who her guardian angel was all along.