A little poem I wrote on Misaki's thoughts and feelings about his love with Usami. Enjoy,

Touched by an angel,
he tries to resist,
but he remains entangled,
as his lover does persist.

Emotions running wild,
pride still stands tall.
He runs and he hides,
but there's nothing he can do.

His heart screams yes,
but his mind screams no.
The mind always overrules,
that pride never seems to fall.

He yells out stop,
but inside he begs for more.

Succumbing to the pleasure,
it reaches deep inside his core

Feeling all his touching,
he listens to that husky tone.
Whispering sweet nothings,
now all he can do is moan.

A passionate embrace
with lust filled eyes,
staring at each other's face
their muffled silent cries

He deeply loves this man,
his rabbit Usagi-san,
with that last gentle caress,
he does finally confess.

Those silent words,
I love you too.
You never heard,
but always knew.

Let me know if it was any good and do tell me what you think!