Aomine didn't remember much other than the night being cold, snowing even, and he was with Kuroko. They were holding hands, Kuroko's shoulder bumping his right arm when the smaller male sneezed for the sixth time in the night, and Aomine thought that Kuroko was really adorable right there and then.

So they kissed, Aomine cradling Kuroko's head and Kuroko tiptoeing when Aomine's back made a small clacking noise of protest. The kiss was quick to end – too quick for Aomine, as Kuroko turned to the right, hand moving up to wipe his mouth at the sides. Kuroko said something then, voice too soft to be heard, but Aomine didn't ask.

Teikou's night was beautiful, especially when there were just the two of them, far lights shimmering as occasional cars passed by. Aomine tightened his hold for a little, no reason there; Kuroko returned the gesture just a second late, then Aomine said, "Let's go home."

He remembered Kuroko nodding in that docile way, smiling a little when Aomine threw his arm around the narrower shoulder. They walked down the staircase, not bothering to hide their footsteps, then they were laughing about something which Aomine couldn't exactly recall, probably something like "how are you going to take your porn stash with you"… or close to that line.

In the end, they were practically sprinting out of Teikou with the school guard yelling at them for trespassing. They held hands, ran, and laughed like never before. That was when Aomine thought that going back to Teikou in the middle of the night turned out to be a real good idea - Kuroko liked it.

They went home after, Aomine pushing his bike while Kuroko walked by his side. None of them talked, or someone did but Aomine forgot, and Kuroko's pace was slower than it was before. Aomine didn't complain, he complied, taking Kuroko's left hand in his and realized that it was freezing cold.

He thought it might be better if he drove earlier, but walking like this wasn't half bad at all. Squeezing Kuroko's palm with all the strength he could muster, Aomine frowned as the pain which followed soon after Kuroko returned the favor registered. Feisty, Aomine thought, but he liked it. Kuroko's palm warmed up just a tad bit after all the quiet chaos.

Aomine was pretty sure that he must've left out some bits and pieces as he tried to remember. He knew there was another quick kiss before they parted ways at the junction, with Kuroko being the initiator and he was bending in such a difficult position because of their height difference; and he knew someone saw, since there was this soft gasp which definitely wasn't Kuroko's at all.

"All the best to you, Aomine-kun."

Aomine had been hearing this line quite a lot these days, but hearing it from Kuroko was plain different. He remembered blushing, not really obvious since it was dark and he was dark, still the heat on his ears and cheeks was undeniable. He was happy, too happy in fact, as his reply of a single "thank you" took him more than five good seconds to say.

Kuroko handed him something then, pushing the tiny object into his palm before walking away, not another word shared. The ride from junction to home had never been so dreadfully long.