WOW: Soap. A tired and achey Dean's having a bath. That's all.

What ... were you expecting a plot or something?

Disclaimer: I don't own him, but then no-one ever said life was fair.


He eases himself into the steaming bathtub with a blissful sigh.

Guided by weary hands, the soap traces a slippery path over his arms and chest, a token effort at cleaning up before he allows his head to drop softly onto the bath's edge, the water's soothing heat closing across his tense shoulders.

Perspiration beads over his flushed cheeks as he slowly relaxes, worming down into the comforting warmth, and inhaling deeply of the pine-scented steam that engulfs him.

Eyes droop as the hot water works its healing magic on his aching back like skilful fingers.

It's barely tepid when he wakes.



a/n I just hope poor Sammy had no cause to use the bathroom while Dean was luxuriating in his rare treat ...