Dearest loyal and amazing readers,

This actually is rather sad for me to say, but due to some major changes in my life, I will no longer be a part of the Fanfiction community. The stories I've been writing will not be updated or finished and, by this time two weeks from now, I will sign off forever. I'm sorry about this sudden change of events, but at the same timeā€¦I'm not because it's what's best for me right now. There is so much going on in my life, I ask that you will remember me and, if you are the praying type, that you will pray for me.

If someone ever asks me, I will never deny that Fanfiction was a joy. I learned so much about myself as a writer and improved vastly. I met wonderful people and made great friends. And as an author, it is such a joy and exciting thing to hear from my readers and connect with you. Fanfiction has been a blessing for me.

I leave this last author's note and promise that I will reply to anyone who has questions or concerns, or goodbyes. Just know, that I will never stop writing. If you want to stay connected with me and my writing, you can find me on wordpress, tumblr, twitter, and facebook. See my profile for the links, or you can ask me for them.

I'm deeply thankful for everything Fanfiction and you, my readers, have done for me. I ask that God bless you in your lives.


Tukiko K