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Chapter 6;

Allen's POV;

I removed my wig and lenses in the car and changed my clothes to my everyday attire. I wasn't in the most easy position to do so but I can't really be picky now. Alma laughed at me when my foot got stuck in that little thing where the mirror is, just above the windscreen, you know what I mean. I kicked him with that same foot after I got it free and laughed at him as he pouted.

After our little kicking war, which wasn't really a war since Alma was still driving, Alma turned some corners and I could see the apartment complex I live in.

Lavi said he'd show me around town after he was done with school and since I didn't feel like going to school today Lavi and I decided to skip for the rest of the day. Somehow Lenalee found out and texted me yesterday evening and scolded me but she said that Komui was okay with it since I needed to know the layout of the town a bit better. So it's not really skipping since we have permission.

As soon as Alma parked the car I fled to the apartment to eat something and clean the make-up that's still on my face. I sent a glare Alma's way when he laughed at me when I tried to eat a sandwich while cleaning my face. "Wha'?" questioned around my sandwich.

"N-nothing really, it's just….." He tried to hold back giggles as I glared at him, telling him to go on. "Sorry! It's just, you look like one of those schoolgirls, making themselves ready for their first date with their prince charming." Luckily I still had that sandwich in my hand because if I hadn't it would've fallen on the ground when my mouth dropped open.

"W-what…?" When the words finally sunk in, a could feel my cheeks burn from embarrassment. "S-stop saying shit like that! That's not true and you know it!" I huffed and turned around to the mirror in the hallway to see what I was doing with the washcloth.

I could still hear some giggles escape my brother's lips as I was rubbing the washcloth against my cheek furiously, trying to wash the faint red color off, it wasn't working though. "Whatever you want little brother, that's just what it'd look like to a stranger. Besides, it's cute." He nonchalantly walked towards the kitchen and took a bottle if coke out of the fridge. "I'll be hanging around here for a while, don't worry, I won't be here when you comeback. Oh, and you better hurry up if you don't want to be late for your date~!" He added the last part in a sing-song tone, which made my blush deepen.

God, can you please answer me, why do I love my brother so much again? No answer? That's what I thought. But he was right about one thing though, I was late. I ran out of the door towards the elevator and I sped off towards the school as soon as the doors of the elevator opened again.

While I was running I wondered how Lavi was doing. Was he thinking about what I said to him as White Clown? Or did he ignore it? Maybe he had already figured out what he had to do. Lavi is a smart guy, I wouldn't be surprised if he had.

Damn it, why is the school this far away? I wish my car was here already, it would be much easier to go around town. But nooooo~! Those stupid asses behind their desks think it would be fun to torture their clients and do ages over just writing a name on a damn piece of paper to grand permission to ship my car here! Now I have to wait another two weeks until my car finally arrives! I hope Lavi planned to go by foot 'cause I don't think I'd be able to handle another ride in his car with him as driver.

Why am I not surprised? Lavi is surely planning to kill me. You know what God, can you just keep that room ready, just in case? I'm not so sure of my survival chances here.

Like I thought, Lavi wanted to go with his car since that was faster and it was getting colder and he's just a damn prick like that. I've known him for what, a week now? And I already feel like strangling him. But then again, when he's not trying to kill me in his car or with his hug-attacks, he is fun to hang out with. I mean, when he was at my place last weekend, when we were writing that song, I had more fun than I had in decades.

Okay, I'll forgive his attempts to murder me….. for now.

"So, where are we going?!" I scream over the music. I can't tell if it's a rock song or some dumb pop song, maybe it's a country song. Anyway, my point is, the radio is so loud I can't even hear what song is on! And I think my eardrums are bleeding. Okay, I'll be the first guy to admit that I turn my music too loud when I'm at home, but not this loud! You'd think I would be used to loudness with my career and all, but even when I'm on stage it's not this loud. God, I'm going deaf, please help me, someone!

"Hu?" Yes! Finally! Lavi turned the radio softer and I was actually able to hear which song was playing! Strangely enough the first thing I notice is that I'm not deaf, good, that would suck when I go on stage in the near future. "Did you say something?" He asked me while looking at me.

"First of, Look At The Road! Dumbass!" I yell the 'look at the road'-part, hey, I don't want to die yet! I may have asked God to keep a room ready but I'd like to not have to use that room for a while, thank you very much. When Lavi is finally looking at the road again I repeat my question. "Where are we going?" I listened to the song that was now playing and I'm happy to hear it's actually a good song, 'the pretenders' by 'Foo Fighters'.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you. Well, I don't think you want to know where every shop in the mall is so I'll just show you where it is and which shops are there. We'll go there some other day. I'll show you the music shops and all the other important places, after that we'll go to this amazing restaurant I just recently discovered. It's cheap but they have amazing food!" he rambles on, he lost me around the first time he mentioned 'mall' and he only regained my attention again when he mentioned food. Hey, sue me for loving food! It's the most important thing in this world, besides breathing and money.

"Food?" Yeah, I only heard the word 'food', leave me alone, will ya! Lavi laughed at me when he glanced at my face. I probably looked ridiculous, like a child going to the amusement park for the first time, but I don't really care.

"Yes, food, I wanted to offer paying for it too but I'm not too sure about that anymore." He laughed. I noticed he seemed more happy after my, er white clown's, talk with him. I just hope he didn't have a traumatic past, I don't feel like dealing with fucked up people, just myself is enough don't you think so? That's what I thought.

I pouted but he just continued laughing. I kept up the act of innocent kid who's sulking about having to pay for their food themselves, just to make him laugh a bit more. I like the sound of is deep, but not too deep, voice when he laughs.

In the end he still dragged me into the mall and we ended up playing at the arcade for over five hours and we couldn't go to that restaurant like he promised because I had to get back home or Tyki would kill me. And because we were late already Lavi ended up giving me a ride. I'm still recovering from that, but hey, I survived! Tyki will be happy to see I'm still alive, I mean, who would deny him his right to kill me first. If Lavi wants me dead he'll have to take a number, I think he's after that one dude from the bar and my dead rat…. Poor Dib, he was my bestes friends but I kinda forgot to give him water during summer…. Oops? Anyway, looks like I still won't need that room God.

"I thought you said you'd be gone when I came back." I am really irritated right now. My brother is still in my house and it even looked like he was having fun with Tyki. Did you notice the sarcasm in 'having fun'? Yes, good, because I won't believe anyone can have fun with that bastard.

"Oh! Allen!" He sounded surprised. "I thought your date would be a bit longer." I must look like the reincarnation of Satan for Alma to look that scared. Sighing I counted to ten before I dropped my tired teen-body on the sofa next to him.

"Whatever, I'm not in the mood for your stupid jokes right now. Just tell me what you're still doing here…" I mumbled through the pillow I was currently trying to suffocate myself with.

"Oh, yeah, I almost forgot! Neah wanted you to come over for diner sometime soon!" He said while poking my bud. I hit his hand away as I lazily sat upright.

"Damn, I was hoping that wouldn't be in at least another two weeks or so." I yawned. "Oh well, when did he say he wanted me to come over?" I scratched the top of my head while I waited for Alma to answer.

I turned to Tyki when, instead of Alma, he answered my question. "Tomorrow, after school we'll go to Neah's place." I nodded as I stood up to go to the kitchen to make some food. I hadn't eaten anything since this afternoon. As I mention before, we didn't have time to go eat at the mall.

"Great," I took some bread and cheese to make myself a sandwich. "It's just us then, right?" I hope Neah didn't want to be the peace-maker here and invite Mana. I was relieved when Alma nodded.

"Yeah, just you and Tyki, Neah and me…. And Kanda…" He trailed off as my eyes went wide.

"K-Kanda?!" I don't want that jerk to be there when I'm there I mean, it's bad enough I have to be in his presence when I'm at school and at band practice. "Why him? No offence Alma, but he doesn't like me very much." Alma dared to laugh.

"I know! But Kanda always comes over for dinner at Tuesday. You should be happy Mana isn't coming over. Neah wanted to invite him but I stopped him." My face darkened for a second when I heard that but relieve washed over me when Alma said he wasn't coming.

"Thank you Alma." After that I shove the now finished ham-cheese sandwich into my mouth. Alma laughed as I almost shocked. After I said goodbye to my dear brother I took a shower, said good night to Tyki and went to bed. I'm so tired! I almost failed to make it to my bed.

Lavi's POV;

I'm sooooo tired~! Yesterday was great! I mean, I had like one hour of classes before I literally ran into my hero. I talked to said hero, White Clown, until noon and I finally realized why I can't seem to write any good songs anymore and I now know what to do about that. Anyway, that was great and all, but what surprised me the most was that I enjoyed the afternoon with Allen more than meeting my idol, who I've been wanting to meet since I know of his existence. We had so much fun wandering around the mall and playing games at the arcade. I felt a little bit sorry for Allen since he looked dog tired and we didn't go for food. Blame me and my broken watch, I really need a new one.

Anyway, that was my Monday, a great start of the week, and now it's Tuesday and I hate Tuesday, though I guess I should be happy that I have most of my classes with Allen. If I remember correctly we have creative writing first, after that I got a free hour and Allen has additional violin. I never would've guess Allen played the violin but I saw a few hanging in his music room when I was at his home Friday and Saturday, aside from a lot of other instruments that is. He also has additional piano tomorrow but that's not today.

Anyway, after that free hour for me, which is actually two hours since it's until noon, we can eat lunch together with the rest and after that we have a sort of dance class with Lenalee and Alma, even Kanda sighed up for this class, I suspect Alma has something to do with this. Anyway, after dancing, which will take two hours, we're done and we can go home.

While I've been explaining all this to you I've arrived at school, and just in time I see. Not really because I'm late or anything, just because I see a little white blob enter the school gates. I quickly get out of my car and start running. "Aaaaaaalleeeeeeeen~!"

You know, I think I have to stop doing that. What you ask? Well, I tackle-hugged Allen again, like I normally do, and now we're on the ground…. Again. Yeah, I can imagine it hurts for Allen since he always lands on his ass, but it's not exactly comfy for me either you know.

"Lavi, you've got to stop doing that!" Aww, Allen is tired and he sound British, so cute. If Alma wouldn't kill me I would probably ask him out.

"Aww, you're so cute Allen!" I ruffled his hair, which is really soft, like softer than a baby's bud. It actually surprised me when I first touched it. Oh great, now I sound like a pervert.

"Shut up, Lavi…." Allen mumbled, still with that adorable accent. He swapped my hand away when I offered it to help him up, and got up himself and just started walking away, ignoring me entirely.

If there is one thing you don't do, it's ignoring Lavi Bookman. I hate being ignored. "Allen!" Again I hugged him, from behind this time, and I made sure we didn't fall. "You know we got almost every class today together, right?" I smirked when a look of pure horror crossed his face. I could also hear a faint whisper of 'oh no' coming from him. "Oh yes, Allen, we'll be together most of the day, we can talk about all kinds of stuff, like music and how's the song doing? And we can gossip about our teachers, I think miss Nine is doing Cross, don't tell anyone." Allen looked disgusted by that little fact.

Sighing he stopped walking and looked at me. I still had my arm around his shoulder so I dropped it so that he could turn properly. "The song is doing great Lavi, It's almost finished, I just have to change a few notes and chores here and there to make it perfect, and I have to talk to Alma for a few instruments which aren't used that often in this kind of music." He took a break so that he could yawn and at the same time he rubbed a fist in his eye, trying to rub the sleepiness away. I'm trying to resist the urge to hug him again.

I'm relieved Allen has almost finished the song, I mean, I'm glad he takes this as serious as I do. Most students here on school just think it's easy, like they don't have to do anything. They think of this school as fun to go to but not really as something they'll do in the future. I, for one, really want to do something with this education. So I'm really glad I have a band full of people who are sure of what they want and they want the same thing as me, not exactly the same, but close.

Oh no, I've been zoning out again. Allen had started walking towards the building while I was inside my mind again. "Allen wait up!" I shouted as I started running towards him. When I reached him he started talking again.

"You know Lavi, you should start living in the now and see reality instead of wandering off to wherever it is your mind brings you too. I mean, dreaming a little isn't bad, but too much isn't really good either." He stopped for a second, but not long enough for me to say something. "But whatever, who am I to lecture you. Something else now, I've heard White Clown came by yesterday…"

Oh yeah, I totally forgot to tell him that! White Clown said I couldn't talk to anyone about our talk but I can mention that he was here. ""Yeah! He was here! I was so excited, I mean, he was real, you know, like, I could almost touch him!..."

Allen's POV;

While Lavi was rambling on and on about his first impression after seeing White Clown for the first time, I couldn't help but smile. I mean, it's kind of funny if you think about it. He sound like a happy child while talking about him, not knowing he is talking to the actual person. I'm just smiling while we're walking towards the building.

Lavi may have thought I forgot we had almost the whole day together, but I haven't. I've actually been looking forwards to it. Like I said before, I don't know when, but I'm sure I did, I like hanging out with Lavi, he's fun.

While he was talking and I was only listening with a half ear, so to say, we finally reached the entrance of the school building, where Lenalee and Alma were waiting for us. I wanted to say good morning but before I could even fully open my mouth my face was full of Brown hair.

"Alma! Calm down! It's not like you haven't seen me in years!" Come on, he's seen me yesterday evening! He's hugging me like I just survived a deadly fire.

"I'm sorry Ally.." He pouted as he let me go, I just sighed at the hated nickname. "I'm just happy you're coming over for dinner tonight." Aaaand he smiles… I swear he can change his moods like a woman, maybe that's why he's gay. Though, I'm gay too, but I don't change moods like that, at least I don't think so…

"Yeah, whatever, I'm just hoping Kanda is sick…" I mumbled the last part but he heard anyway. Lavi felt ignored, oh, that reminds me, where's Lenalee? I didn't realize I said the last thing out loud.

"Lenalee went to ask one of her teachers something. But what did you just say? You're going to have dinner at Alma's? Can I come too? Please~!" Lavi went from 'normal', as normal as he can get, to curious and exited to a puppy, complete with sad, teary eyes and pouty lips.

Sighing I hit his head. "Shut up, ask Alma…" I'm still too tired to speak full sentences.

As soon as Lavi turned to Alma, Alma had this blank expression on his face, like he wanted to say 'don't fuck with me', and I wouldn't if I was Lavi. "No…" And he turned away and walked into the school building, leaving me alone with a pouting Lavi once more.

Again I sighed. "Come on, we'll be late if we don't hurry." I took his sleeve and dragged him towards the building where numerous students were staring at us since we kind of do track a lot of attention. Yes, I've noticed that since I'm here, a lot of students are staring at me, like they're studying me. It's kind of like they want to brainwash me and make me tell all of my secrets, it's creepy to say the least.

I know they're just curious, I saw a few girls gathering courage to go talk to me, probably hit on me too, too bad I don't swing that way. Anyway, no one has dared to talk to me as of yet, maybe today, or at least this week, I mean I've been here for a week now? I think it's been a week, my memory isn't that great.

Don't get me wrong, I love my brother and I like hanging out with Lavi and Lenalee, even Kanda is okay to have in your presents when you have someone who can stop him from strangling you, but I'd like to have a brake once in a while... It doesn't matter how much I love my brother, I can't keep depending on him, besides, Lavi, Lenalee and Kanda are originally friends of my brother and it kind of feels like I don't have the ability to make friends on my own. I feel self-conscious already with my white hair and scare and I'm kind of small too. Yes, I admit it, I'm not really that tall, problem? But it kind of feels like other people don't like me enough to come up to me and talk, besides the friends of my brother, and it also feels like Lavi and Lenalee just hang out with me because I'm Alma's little brother and because I just so happened to me a good musician.

This trail of thoughts isn't really good for my ego... I should think about happy stuff, like puppies running on rainbows! Oh God, how gay can you get...

"Uhm, Allen?"

"Hu?" Darn, I forgot about Lavi and school! I really shouldn't zone out like that.

"You were kind of lost there." Lavi poked my head, right on the star above my eye. I swat his hand away and tried to look irritated, I don't think it worked though, Lavi just smiled and took my hand so he could drag me inside the classroom.

Everyone was already there and there were only two places left in front of the classroom. Great, now the teacher's gonna think I'm one of those students who like to pay attention. Normally I just doodle something during creative writing, or I write a bit on my songs if I have inspiration (which I always get in trouble for, but I always thought that was the point in this class, being creative with writing...), sitting in front of the room kind of makes that impossible. Thanks Lavi, for making me late... Or is it my own fault for zoning out? Whatever, I don't like being at fault so we just say it was Lavi, yes? Yes, that's what I thought.

We sat through Creative Writing, we were ordered to write a poem about 'love'(Original right...?) I wish I knew how 'love' felt, so I just wrote a poem about brotherly love and because I had some time to spare I wrote something about how my love life sucks because I have no time, why I've got no time, no one needs to know just yet...

Apparently Lenalee was in our class. I wouldn't have noticed if she hadn't kept throwing paper balls at my head. She's so sweet isn't she? She also kept glaring at me because I ignored her in hopes I wouldn't get detention or something, the teacher looked like he would kill one of us just for the hell of it. I don't remember his name, it's not really important anyway.

Lavi also kept whispering, I had an upcoming headache and I really wanted to choke him with one of Lenalee's paper balls. Why does he insist on talking to me during class? It was the same during history of music, which I've now dubbed as 'The hours of hell with Tyki Mikk'. Original, no? Oh well, it doesn't matter, really.

Anyway, creative writing was over now and I have an headache bigger then China and Lavi is still talking and Lenalee is actually going into a discussion with him, while still glaring at me. Will she ever forgive me for ignoring her while the teacher was sending silent dead treats to me with only his eyes, telling me to say one word which would automatically end up with me dead or in a lot of pain? No? Yeah, probably not, I thought so too. She looks so sweet when you first meet her, but now I think she's some kind of undercover alien out to destroy the human race. No, I don't actually think that, I'm not stupid, she just acts differently because now she knows I'm Alma's brother...

Which reminds me. They know we have different last names, which means we have different fathers. Why haven't they asked about that yet? Normally that would be the first thing people ask. Well, this group isn't exactly normal. First there's Kanda, who wants to kill everyone but has a relationship with my brother who is a weakling in the eyes of everyone. Alma is actually quite strong but he's so innocent and naïve, he surprizes even me sometimes, and he's meant to be the older brother! Anyway, there's Lenalee, who I suspect of being bipolar with how quickly she changes moods, and last but not least there is Lavi, who acts all happy-go-lucky but is actually a very smart person who takes things, which are important to him, seriously. And I guess I'm not really normal either. I mean, I'm the most popular rock star on the planet at this moment and 'undercover' in a normal music school. (Yes, I know people say I'm a pop star, not a rock star, I don't get that, because my music is mostly rock related... Humans are just stupid that way I guess...)

Anyway, my point is that this group is as not normal as can be, which is fine by me since I seem to fit in like this perfectly and they don't ask questions. And I think I'm rambling now, aren't I?

We separated for our next class, I went to violin practice with Alma and Lavi went to wherever, he had a free hour next. I have no idea what Lenalee had next. We gathered together again at lunch with the whole group, went to dance practice together, even Kanda joined us this time and then school was finally over. That was one of the longest days ever!

People seemed to finally have the courage to come up to me and ask who I am and why I hang out with, apparently, the most popular group of the school. I considered lying and telling them I just happened to be dragged into it because Lavi thought I was awesome or something, but I figured telling the truth would be best. There were also some girls who wanted to go out with me because they think I'm 'cute', god I hate that word, at least when it's associated with me. Even Alma and Lavi said it! Why did you make me look like this God? I really want an answer.

... no answer? Darn you. Oh well, I'm gay anyway so it doesn't matter.

I did have fun the last hour. Lavi was constantly moving around and dancing like his life depended on it. Once he wanted to imitate a ballerina and jumped with his arms waving around in the air and then he hit a wall. I almost pissed myself with laughter, Alma wasn't doing much better. So dance turned out to be a joke, I don't even know why we need that course, I never dance while performing.

But now I'm free! I can feel all the energy I thought I lost while surviving this school day returning. And then Alma had to go and ruin it.

"Are you coming with my right now, or do you wanna go home and change first?" He asked. I sighed. I could feel Lavi's amused gaze on the back of my head.

"Do I really have to go?" I pouted. Kanda brushed past me to give Alma a kiss before he went to his motor to go home and probably change.

"Che, suck it up." Yeah, of course, he couldn't leave before insulting me at least once now could he?

"I really wanna come too!" Lavi's whiny voice interrupted my mental raging. Sighing I turned to Alma. It wasn't Alma who made the decision though.

"Just let him come. Just because he let your rabbit escape a year ago doesn't mean he'll do it again. Besides, he did find the rabbit again, didn't he?" Lenalee had this look on her face that said 'disagree with me and you're dead'. Who would argue with her? I'm not afraid or anything, I just agree with her, that's all. I'm not backing away from her because of fear, nope, not at all.

"Fine, you can come..." Alma wasn't happy with this. I couldn't help but smile, my brother is so easily talked into something.

Damn, I wasn't paying attention to Lavi for what, one second? And he jumps me. "Yay, I'm going to have dinner with my new buddy~!" My ass hurts, Alma is glaring at Lavi and Lenalee is smiling like a proud mother. But who could stay angry at Lavi? Seriously, he's so much like a child some times.

I patted his head as he hugged me on the ground with that big goofy, happy smile on his face. "Yeah, yeah, you can come too. Are you happy now? Because I'd really like to get up." I smiled sweetly at him. Seriously, if he doesn't get up now I'll need to get Tyki here. Oh have I mentioned that Tyki is also kind of my bodyguard? No? Oh well, now you know.

Anyway, I'm kind of glad Lavi is coming over too. Kanda will be there too later on and I'll need someone to survive the craziness that is Neah, Alma will keep me save from Kanda so I have no worries there, and if he doesn't I have Lavi to distract him, Kanda seems to hate him more than me so far.

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