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Chapter One

The Approaching Foretold Day


Kakure no Sato

Hayabusa Clan Compund


Joe Hayabusa was in the private Dojo in the Clan Compound, practicing the kata for the Clan's Style Ninjitsu. Just because his son was to become head of the Clan soon, doesn't mean he shouldn't keep in shape.

All the while, the ninja was thinking of another young man he saw as family. Naruto had come a long way the day he was found along with Sakura (the Ninja Gaiden one, not the banshee), badly injured after he defeated Izaya. At first, many in the village thought he was a spy, however after he told them all of his life's tale, with no sign of lying, any thoughts like that were dropped.

Joe smiled as he thought about how far the young blond has come in just a few years, the training Ryu put him through made him into a strong individual, both mentally and physically. His determination and iron will impressed Ryu, himself and others in the entire village.

He absorbed all information like a sponge. And thanks to that Shadow Clone Jutsu of his was able to learn, what would've taken decades, just a few months for him. All the while, Momiji taught the former Konoha-nin, Academics. He (Naruto) was at first shy around the protege of the Super ninja, because of her beauty and her caring nature, but he managed to overcome that.

Then, one night, when Naruto was nearing the end of his training, and weeks after the Black Spider Ninja attack, Joe was visited by the Dragon God in a dream.

The Dragon God explained that Naruto had Dragon Blood within his veins, which meant that he was a third generation descendent of the Dragon God, and a reason why he was able to wield the Dark Dragon Sword, with the help of his tenant of course. It was then that it clicked in Joe's head about how he read from a scroll about a Clan to the East that was blessed by a Dragon. That Clan's name, was Uzumaki.

The Dragon told Joe of a prophecy, of one who is blessed with Dragon blood, and has lived a hard life, would come from the East, and bring peace to the West. He even explained how Ryu and Kakure was part of the prophecy.

Asking the great being what he must do, the Dragon God advised him that Naruto must take the Dragon Ninja trials.

And he did so, and Naruto passed with flying colors. When he had completed the trials, Naruto explained everything that had happened, from his first trial, all the way to when he defeated the Yami Naruto and Tobi, as well as his reunion with his parents.

To say he astounded was an understatement, he was speechless.

Then, there was his one-year quest to find the Legendary Dragon Summoning Contract scroll, after following advice given to him by the mysterious Ronin Tendoka. Naruto told him how he felt that the name the mystery warrior gave, wasn't his real name, and the Hayabusa Clan head agreed with him completely.

And when he returned from his journey, he did so riding on the back of a colossal dragon, larger than any dragon Joe had ever seen in his life. The appearance of the Dragon nearly started a panic in the village, but by the time it landed, its rider was quickly confirmed as Naruto.

After being introduced to Draco by said blonde, the dragon went home to inform the other dragons of their new summoner. Since then he had been trained by the Dragon Clan in the arts of the Dragon Sage. Naruto commented that it was more brutal than the toads, but in the end, he managed to succeed.

Joe could say one thing about Naruto. Like Ryu, he made the impossible, possible.

The veteran ninja then heard a tapping noise and turned as he saw a messenger hawk by one of the windows of the dojo. He recognized it as the personal Hawk of a allied Warlord who was a friend in his younger days. Stopping his training, he walked up to the window and opened it for the hawk as it perched itself on his arm.

He opened the carrying case on it's back and took out a folded piece of paper. His eyes scanned the message and immediatley frowned. He turned to the shadows and called out.

"Mako! Saemon!"

At that, two ninja clad in the traditional shozoku uniform of Kakure appeared, only in different colors. One was dressed in a Ice white uniform, while the other was Earth brown. The white clad shinobi carried a Kusarigama at his side, while the brown clad one had a pair of Sai that were as long as a tanto blade.

"Hai, Joe-sama!" they said at the same time.

"Get me Naruto, Ryu, and Momiji, as soon as possible." He said to the two Ninja. "Tell them its urgent."

The two Ninja nodded, and as quickly as they appeared, they vanished.

Ten minutes later, the three mentioned ninja appeared before Joe, Naruto in his Shozoku and armor, Ryu in his Black Falcon suit, and Momiji in her signature outfit. All three of them geared up and ready.

"What it is Tou-san?" Ryu asked of his and said Clan head handed the message to his son who began to read it, and his eyebrows raise a bit. Naruto was curious at his new surrogate brother's eye expression.

"What is it Ryu?" he asked

"This...this is a message from General Todoh," he said, suprising Momiji and making Naruto raise an eyebrow as Ryu explained.

"He's a former Warlord who's in charge of defending the only large Port city in the Western Lands, Kuni Shinai (trans: Republic City)," he said, and Naruto eyes widen in recognition.

"You mean the same Samurai General who has a seat on the City Council, and is also in charge of the Samurai Military Police?" he asked and Momiji nodded.

"That's right Naruto. He's also an important ally to Kakure since Ryu saved his daughter a while back," the Kunoichi Shrine maiden said, "He's a skilled swordsman, and also a tatical & strategic genius,"

"Yes," Joe said, "And he's requesting for our best shinobi to meet him at Kuni Shinai, and that he will explain why after you arrive. Tohdo is not a man who would request our best unless he believes he needs them, so I will be sending you three to see what he needs."

The three mentioned shinobi nodded in affirmative at that, and then left to prepare, leaving Joe alone in the Dojo. The Hayabusa sighed, he had a feeling that something will happen on the mission. And for some reason, it involved Naruto.


Meanwhile, somewhere in the Western Lands


A certain white haired pervert was busy nursing the wounds he recieved from a beat down from every woman in the Konoha Ninja Team sent to retrieve Naruto. Why did he recieve such a beating? Well, let's back up...

Flashback no Jutsu (A/N: Special thanks to VFSNAKE for this.)

"Soooo uh...we have to walk through this place here to get to Kuni Shinai?" asked Tenten with a bit of skepticism in her voice.

And rightfully so since the sign posted above was titled "Serpent's Path" while telling just about everyone that wanted to cross to just about abandon hope. It wasn't exactly the most encouraging things to have written in front of the means to get from one end to the next in order for their mission to be complete. The Leaf village needed Naruto back to stop Orochimaru, who had possessed Kabuto's body in the end, from launching an all out assault on Konoha, and get their allies back to combat this new threat.

"That's what the map says," answered Jiraiya while leaving out some key facts about the map he had with him.

Or rather did NOT have with him thanks to a gust of wind removing it from his hands when no one was looking.

"We have a mission to complete. I say go for it and your our Spring Time of Youth with this challenge!" exclaimed Lee with several or rather almost everyone in the group were groaning.

"Can't we just knock Lee out and throw him into the water? No one will know we killed him," whispered Shikamaru to Neji.

"One, Gai-sensei would never allow it. Two, Tsunade would never believe it. And reason number three...we actually tried that, but Gai-sensei arrived for our team meeting so he was saved at the last moment," Neji whispered back with Shikamaru sighing.

'Damn!' thought Shikamaru while the group made their way through Serpent's Pass.

As the group made their way through the narrow rocky path with water on both sides going far as the eye can see in what was possibly the biggest lake ever, many within the group were thinking about Naruto, and how things had gotten so far out of hand. They were all united in a common goal in defeating the Akatsuki and Tobi using the Edo Tensei with his army of White Zetsus from conquering the Elemental Countries. After that mess was officially over, the only thing remaining to do was bring Uchiha Sasuke back to Konoha, and Naruto did just that despite everything he had already gone through!

And how did they repay him? With neglect and hatred. Sakura had been the only one to really hurt him physically, but the fact she did it anyway no doubt had a psychological effect, and his mind was no doubt scarred from the first of many betrayals. No one had hit Naruto physically since then, but many in the group would be lying if they said the idea hadn't crossed their minds. Among them, the only ones that didn't think along those line were Hinata, Yugao, and Anko since they never once saw Naruto the same way the others did.

Yugao was like the older protective sister of Naruto, who helped him out when needed during her days as ANBU Captain, and watching over him to prevent the village from abusing their future savior. Anko knew what it was like to get screwed by the village for something that wasn't your fault and saw Naruto endure everything to prove Konoha wrong for their past abuse. She had done the same with her own past connection with Orochimaru being her teacher growing up, but sadly both could now claim neither one of them were able to convince the Leaf that they were not the monsters people said they were. As for Hinata, she knew all about Naruto's burden since they were children, and didn't care about the Kyuubi being sealed inside him. She saw Naruto putting up with the Leaf's abuse time and time again while never letting it get to him no matter what!

But Hinata knew that deep down, her being forbidden to be with Naruto on the orders of the Clan Head Hyuuga Hiashi, who was also her Father, had been a major blow to his heart, and to the Hyuuga Heiress herself. Hinata had long since hated her Father for his actions, but never stopped loving Naruto despite the policy in place to have her become the wife of some blueblood nobleman for political gain, and she would have been married off to one too if not for (ironically) the political backlash that followed when Naruto was banished. No half descent nobleman wanted to be married to a member of Konoha's so called "noble clans" due to that action, which would be considered by most as a means to committing political suicide, and would take years to gain even some form of influence.

The only way to reverse it would be to get Naruto back to Konoha and use him to help fight the village's current state of decline.

'But do I want him to return? Just so he can be used again for someone else's benefit and then be thrown out once his usefulness is over? No! I won't. Naruto would never let that happen to himself again after everything the village has put him through. If it comes to choosing between Konoha and Naruto...I choose Naruto! I don't care if I am executed for treason if it comes down to it. The village doesn't deserve my loyalty anymore then it does Naruto's,' thought Hinata while thinking about the blonde and wondered how much he has changed since they last saw each other.

(A/N: For those who are to curious to know what Hinata's attire looks like, she is wearing her 4th Shinobi War outfit, with a short-sleeved version of her jacket.)

As they walked, a tremor was felt by everyone, and instantly the group was on high alert with Byakugan Eyes from each Hyuuga being active with the others getting ready for a fight in their own way. What they saw was shocking, as a giant sea serpent shot out from the water's murky depths, and it looked VERY hungry. It was massive! As big as one of the late Snake Boss Manda's full grown offspring and looked just as mean looking too.

"Jiraiya-sama! Do something!" exclaimed Asuma while what little ground they stood on was breaking up from the roar the creature made.

"Just because I'm a Sannin with vast knowledge of things doesn't mean I know how to deal with this!" Jiraiya shot back with Kurenai grabbing him by his coat and giving him one of her death glares that usually made Asuma cave into doing whatever she wanted with a "Yes dear!" coming out of his mouth in a squeaky voice.

"Do something or so help me I'll turn you into a woman with a rusty kunai!" exclaimed Kurenai with Jiraiya laughing nervously before he looked up at the hungry looking serpent towering over the group.

"Well when you put it like that uh...I know!" answered Jiraiya before picking up Anko and lifting her up over his head.

"Hey! Put me down you dumb pervert!" exclaimed Anko with Jiraiya ignoring her.

"Oh mighty sea serpent of the lake, I humbly offer you this virgin sacrifice in my hands, as well as any other you may desire here in exchange for letting the rest of our group pass by alive, and mercifully unharmed," said Jiraiya while everyone looked at him in shock.

Well...most of them were shocked while Anko looked pissed off!

"Oh you are so DEAD!" called out Anko before she got out of Jiraiya's grip and began to beat him up and the Sannin crying out for mercy while everyone else in the group was now trying to remind the Special Jounin that there was a hungry sea serpent behind her.

"Now is not the time for this Anko!" Kurenai called out before the sea serpent let out a mighty roar and did not look one bit amused by what it was seeing.

It didn't want to see one of them beat up another. It wanted to eat all of the up!

"Your ass is mine if we make it out of this alive!" Anko called out to Jiraiya currently running ahead of the group despite his injuries she landed on him while the rest of the group was running and screaming for their lives.

So for the next two hours they ran, screamed, fought, struggled to survive, and nearly died escaping the sea serpent trying to devour them whole. When they finally made it to the other side, the group was soaking wet, clothes were torn, muscles ached, and every single woman in the group was giving Jiraiya an angry look.

Oh yeah. He was getting beaten up no matter what.

"Care to explain your actions Jiraiya-sama?" asked Yugao, as she saw Jiraiya back up, and put his hands up while laughing nervously.

"Come on! You know I would never do that to you ladies. It was just to put the serpent under a false sense of security before I used by abilities that make me a Sannin and defeat it with ease," boasted Jiraiya in his usual tone he normally used to make the ladies swoon.

Though if Jiraiya remembered anything from his times doing such boasting...he would recall the ladies were paid to swoon.

As it stood with the women in front of him, they looked at the Sannin, then each other, and a silent conversation was being spoken among them. They turned to look at Jiraiya again, back themselves, the Sannin one more time, and then finally themselves before giving the man a cold hard look.

"GET HIM!" yelled Anko angrily before the women were on him and beating the life out of the man currently screaming like a little girl seeing a spider for the first time.

"I'll say it before and I'll say it again. Women are troublesome when angry," whispered Shikamaru while the sounds of Jiraiya being beaten mercilessly by the kunoichi of their group could be heard and winced when he saw a kick (one of many) aim somewhere no man wanted to be hit.

"You don't have to say it. I'm watching it," Choji whispered back while Ino landed a solid right hook to Jiraiya's face.

"I feel so much better," said Anko calmly, as she felt better after beating up the Sannin for his stupid action that nearly got her eaten, and risked the mission in being one step closer to failure.

"What I want to know is why its so difficult to get around to the other side using that one thin line of ground to cross? That sea serpent makes traveling difficult to the West so how is it that trade isn't hampered when heading in this general direction?" asked Yugao, as they saw some travelers coming along a road nearby looking all happy, and joyful with a spring in their step.

"Let's ask them," offered Asuma before waving the group over.

"Hello. Can we help you?" said a woman, who looked like she just gave birth to a healthy baby boy about a week ago, and loving every second of having the child in her arms.

"Yes. We just traveled through Serpent's Pass. Can you tell us about the roads here?" asked Asuma with Jiraiya twitching nervously while sitting on a rock and hearing the conversation.

"Serpent's Pass? Why in Kami's name did you do that? That path has been closed for ages! In fact, it was so dangerous, it was decided by the warlord of this region who ruled here ages ago that a road be made that takes you around the lake, and basically leads you directly here without being harmed by the creature," said a man, who was the husband of the woman, and he scratched his head at the strange group.

"Are you serious? Why didn't you pick that up on the map?" asked Kurenai to Jiraiya, who laughed nervously again, and saw the angry look everyone around him were now giving him.

"Uh...this might be a bad time to tell you I kind of...lost the map a few days before we got to Serpent's Pass and I didn't exactly look over that area. Sorry!" answered Jiraiya with a nervous laugh before he shivered at the killer intent being thrown at him by the entire group.

"You should probably leave. It wouldn't be good for you or the baby to witness the death of our group member for his stupidity," replied Anko in a sweet voice with the woman just nodding along with her husband before they left in a hurry.

"Wait! Wait! Its not my fault! The wind took the map from me!" exclaimed Jiraiya while he tried to back away from the group now surrounding him.

"That's actually kind of funny in an ironic kind of way since the wind will take your ashes after we have beaten you to death and then burn your remains until there is nothing left," replied Anko in a sickly insane voice that told Jiraiya she was REALLY going to hurt and he was REALLY going to enjoy it.

"Wait! Wait! Mercy! Mercy!" cried Jiraiya, as he was surrounded on all sides from the group, and none of them looked like they were in a mercy giving mood.

"I'm sorry Jiraiya-sama, but it seems we're all OUT of mercy. Fortunately, we are well stocked in terms of knuckle sandwiches, and ass kickings ready to be dished out for you to of charge!" exclaimed Ino before the group wailed on Jiraiya again and the Sannin screamed like a little girl in the process.


(End Flashback)

'I've just taken two horrible beatings in a span of less then five minutes from each other. That's got to be some kind of record,' thought Jiraiya while limping after the rest of the group to their destination.

Hinata, meanwhile, was still thinking of any way she could possibly help Naruto, and stay with him wherever he might be. Though deeo down, she was afraid. She was afraid that Naruto might hate her as much as he may hate the rest of Konoha, and worse, he may have moved onto someone else.

Just the thought of that made Hinata worry, as she stroked one of her fingerless gloves on her hands, which hid the storage seal on her palm.

Just four months ago, a mysterious old man came to her one day, while she was on patrol duty, alone. Even though he looked harmless, the former Hyuuga Heiress could just tell he was anything, but helpless.

The old man's name was Muramasa, he claimed that he owned stores across the world, and he was attempting to set up a few stores in the elemental nations. However when Konoha lost favor with most of the Elemental Nations, he moves on, but not before making personal visits to each of the few induviduals in Konoha who still cared about Naruto, and gave them all swords.

When he visited Hinata, he told her that she had pure heart, and that she should keep her chin up, saying that one day will come where she will be reunited with the one she loved.

Those words from the old man had kept her hopes up ever since.

'Naruto-kun, I know your dream of becoming Hokage is nothing but a pipe dream because of the village's betrayal,' she thought, 'But, I hope you will still love me, as I still love you,'


Kuni Shinai


The city of Kuni Shinai was a marvel of achievement in the Western Lands, built 70 years ago by a Daimyo and a Warlord who used their resources to build a place of peace for many who want to escape the constant warfare. Despite the many conflicts between Warlords and other ninja clans, the city was mostly avoided, mostly due to the defenses that protect the city, and the Samurai Military Police that also act as the Army and Navy, due to trade with other nations across the seas.

After checking in at the main gate of the city, Ryu, Naruto, and Momiji are now walking through one of the streets to the Council Building where they will meet with General Todoh. Naruto whistled as he looked at the sckyscrapers.

"Man, I can't believe a city this big, let alone a Port City be still standing with the constant fighting going about," the Uzumaki said. Momiji smiled as they continued walking.

"It's been like this for 7 decades, Naruto-kun," she said, "Of course there have been attacks in the past, but they were thwarted at the walls that protected the city, as well as the Samurai who protect it,"

Ryu nodded his head "That's right," he said, "You must give them Credit, the Samurai know how to make things last."

The two nodded and the two shinobi and one Dragon Shrine Maiden proceed onward. It took them an hour to find the Council building, and after informing the Samurai guards of the message Todoh sent them, they were instructed to wait in the lobby as a messenger is sent to inform the General. While waiting, Naruto got a good look at the Military Police for himself. Their black with silver trim armor reminded him of the same type used by the Samurai of Tetsu no Kuni, only it was slightly different.

(Note: Just imagine a mix between traditional Samurai Armor, and the armor of the Kerebros Panzer Cops)

The weapons they possesed were the typical daisho two sword set, a Naginata polearm, or a Yari Spear, and modern Yumi bows with a quiver of arrows on their backs. He could also see a tanto knife in their boots.

"Well armed for a police force, even a military police, don't you think?," Naruto whispered to Ryu who nodded.

"Even though Kuni Shinai is a neutral zone, the Council is not taking any chances if they are attacked by any of the other factions," the super ninja said, "As the saying goes, 'We will not join one faction, but we will not let another faction attack us,' simple as that,"

It was then the doors to the lobby opened, and a Samurai wearing custom green and red trimmed armor stepped in, turning to the shinobi "The General may see you now." He said, "Please follow me."

Nodding, the three followed the Samurai out of the lobby, as they headed to where the General resided.

The group of three, along with their Samurai guide, arrived at the door to the General's office and the Samurai turned to them.

"He's waiting inside," he said, and then opened the door "Go on in,"

Nodding, the three headed towards the door, opening it, and stepped inside.

The General's office was rather large, but not to large. It was filled with different ancient japanese artifacts, all in different colors from gold, bronze, and jade.

Sitting at the end of the room, behind the desk, was a man who looked to be in his late 30's with short, military crew cut brown hair with a graying brown beard. He was wearing an Brown and OD trimmed Samurai Military Police Armor without a helmet. They could also see strapped to his side was a guardless katana sword, with a rusty brown hand grip, and a dark OD Scabbard. The man currently had his eyes closed.

"It's good to see you again, Ryu," the man said, "I haven't seen you since you were 13 years old," the man's eyes then opened, showing they were grey.

Ryu immediatley bowed in greeting, with Naruto and Momiji following suit.

"Sensei, it's good to see you again," the ninja said, and the man, Kyoshiro Tohdoh, gave a barely noticeable smile.

"And you as well Ryu," he said, "Please, take a seat we have much to talk,"

Ryu nodded and he mentioned for the others to take a seat in front of the desk. Tohdoh looked at Momiji and Naruto saw signs of recognition in the man's face.

"Hello there Momiji," he said, "I see you've grown up into a beautiful woman,"

Momiji blushed a bit at that, "Ano, thank you Tohdoh-sama. I'm suprised you remember me since I was just a little girl at the time,"

"True, but you, as well your sister, both resemble your mother," he said, and Momiji nodded in agreement.

The Samurai turned toward Naruto, who took his cowl and mask off and blinked.

"Minato?" The samurai asked, surprised. The three were surprised when the Samurai General suddenly stated the name of Naruto's Father, none more surprised than Naruto himself.

"E-excuse me?" Naruto asked, a bit shocked that he would think him to be his father.

"Ah, my apologies." Tohdo said, "You...reminded me of an old friend of mine from many years ago."

Naruto leaned forward a bit "You wouldn't happen to mean Minato Namikaze, would you?" He asked, and the Samurai's eyes widened a bit.

"You know him?" He asked, and Naruto nodded, though somewhat sadly "Yes...he was my Father." He said, and the Samurai General was shocked at that, but then chuckled.

"So the dense idiot finally married that red-head from the Uzumaki Clan," he said. Ryu suprised by this asked.

"Sensei, how do you know Naruto's parents?" he said.

"I met them when I was still a young Ronin, trying to find his place in the world," he said and then looked at Naruto.

"Did he make Hokage, yet?" he asked and Naruto nodded, but Tohdoh caught the look of sadness on his face.

"Yeah...he did. But it was only for a year," he said, "He died the night I was born, along with my mother,"

Tohdoh's eyes widen at that, but then a somber look crossed his features, "Oh, I'm sorry to hear about that," he said and Naruto shook his head saying it was alright.

"You are your father's son. He was my friend. I'm yours," he said and Naruto nodded. Tohdoh then sighed. He will mourn Minato later, right now he had a mission.

"Now, let's discuss the mission," he said, and pulled a folder out and handed it to the three ninja. In it was a picture of a bald man with terrible burn scars on the right side of his face, with one of his eyes a lightish grey due to blindness, while his other eye was brown.

"Kazundo Gouda?" Naruto said while looking at the picture and couldn't help but be reminded of Danzo. Kyoshiro nodded in the affirmative.

"Yes, he's a member on the council, and is a starched militarist," the Samurai General said with a growl.

Ryu looked at his old teacher, and felt sympathy for him. He knew how the former Warlord hated this man's guts to no end. Naruto was curious and decided to ask.

"So what did this guy do that's got you on edge?" he asked and the General looked at the Blonde.

"Ever heard of a man named Gato?" he asked and Naruto's eyes widen in alarm, as memories of the arrogant midget shipping tycoon/crime lord came back to him and he frowned in clear disgust.

"Yeah, I knew him. I was there when Zabuza Momochi sliced his head off in Nami when I was still a Genin of Konoha," he said, "What's Gouda got to do with him?"

"After Gato's demise," The General explained "Gouda bought his shipping business. When he took control though, he removed Drug Dealings and Slave Trade from the picture. However he still does Black Market Weapons Dealing and smuggling with several criminal organizations."

The General then stood up, and turned around as he looked out the window of his office, overlooking the city below "Just recently," he continued "I've discovered he has also founded an Underworld Gladiator Fighting Ring, where some of the worst fighters compete against one another. Murderers, Traitors, the list goes on to who participates in these games."

He then went into detail of the games and the reactions of the three Kakure-nin varied.

Momiji was horrified, Naruto was gritting his teeth, and though Ryu's expression didn't show anything, his fists clenched.

"And you haven't done anything as of yet, why?" Naruto said, and Tohdoh sighed.

"I need hardcore evidence. And every undercover officer I've sent in has either disappeared, or has been found dead in a gutter. I only managed to find out about the Gladiator Games, until the officer who reported it ended up dead in his apartment," he then turned to them, Ryu more specifically, "That's why I sent the message to your father, asking for help. I need you three to help me find enough evidence to bust Gouda,"

Ryu looked at the file again for a few minutes, and then looked at his old sensei.

"Sensei, on behalf of myself, the Hayabusa Clan, and of Kakure, that I will do what I can to help," the super ninja said with Naruto and Momiji nodding in agreement. And the Samurai General turned around and bowed in gratitude.

"Thank you, all of you,"

With that the meeting was over and Tohdoh asked one of his Samurai to show them the hotel where they will staying for the duration of their mission. He then sat back down on his desk and looked at the file on his desk and glared at Gouda's picture.

'You've managed to slip through my fingers many times Gouda,' he growled mentally, 'But this time. I will bust you. That's a promise!'


Meanwhile in a Hotel Room


Naruto looked around at the room that would be his home for now. The Hotel Room has one large bed, with a nightstand with a lamp and a clock on it. There was also a small bathroom, a kitchen, and a closet. Oddly enough, the room reminded Naruto of his old apartment back from Konoha, only a LOT more cleaner, and well kept.

Shaking his head to forget about his former home, he didn't realize someone sneaking up behind him, until a pair of warm arms wrapped around him from behind in a hug "Something on your mind, Naru-Kun?"

Naruto smiled as he recognized the voice, and turned his head to see Momiji behind him "Ah, its nothing." He said turning around, seeing that Momiji's hair was out of it's usual pony-tail. Then, he embraced the Dragon Shrine Maiden and then proceeded to kiss her. After a few minutes the two seperated for air.

"Did I ever told you how beautiful and cute you look?" he asked and Momiji giggled as she traced a finger on Naruto's chest.

"Many times," she said huskily, and Naruto then kissed her passionately again while picking her up bridal-style and carrying over her to the bed. He laid her down gently and then the two began to make love to one another.

*^^* Timeskip 20 minutes later *^^*

(A/N: I'm afraid I can't make a lemon for you guys, due to some circumstances on FF, I would only write the aftermath. But, if any of you are lemon writers, and like to make the scene, please let me know first. Now back to the story.)

Momiji, gave a loud moan as she and Naruto reached their respective climax. Their naked bodies covered in sweat, as the young woman collapsed on her lover's chest, while Naruto held her close.

"Ayane's gonna freak when she realizes we did this without her," Naruto said, as Momiji rose up to look at the blonde's blue eyes.

"True," she said with a husky smile, "But just being the two of us makes it better," she and the two kissed softly. Naruto then gave a smirk, and then rolled the two of them over causing Momiji to squeak in suprise as she found herself on the bottom.

"Ready for Round Two?" he asked seductively, and the two continued with their lovemaking for 2 more hours.


With the Retrival Team


Jiraiya was leading the team again as he was healed enough, with Anko, and every female warning him that if he did anything funny like he did at Serpent's Pass, they cut his genitals off. They stopped at a town, and got a new map of the Western Lands, and so as to make sure 'they' did not lose it again, the map was given to Yuugao.

As they were on the road. The so-called Super Pervert felt his "Pervy Senses" go wild, as a big perverted grin formed on his face.

'Someone I know just scored himself a hot babe...and is playing the mating dance!' was the Sannin's thoughts.

Anko saw the grin and was about to beat him up when a purple blur went passed at a super fast speed, catching the Konoha Ninja off-guard.

"Whoa!" Shouted Kiba shouted, "What the hell was that?"

Before anyone could answer, there was a distant shout of a female saying "THOSE BAKA'S FORGOT ABOUT ME!" Coming from the direction the blur went through.

"What the hell?" Yuugao said as she, and the other just blinked in surprise and confusion.

"Hey!" shouted a male voice from behind them, and they turned around and saw two people, a man, who stood at a height of 5'11, ginger hair, and brown eyes, who was wearing a red shinobi shozoku uniform with brown samurai shoulder armor pieces, and also shin and forearm armor adn black Tabi boots. He was wearing a black ninja mask and a black head band.

The group could make out two katana on his back, one strapped horizontally, and the other was strapped with the handle peaking over his right shoulder.

The second person was what caught the eye of every male in the retrieval team. It was a girl with ginger red colored hair in a high pony-tail as the man, and was 5'2'. It was what She was wearing a blue kunoichi dress with a white sash with white stockings that went to her mid thighs and kunoichi sandals with blue shin armor.

She also had a Wakizashi that was strapped to her back.

Jiraiyah was immediatley thinking of adding this girl to this series, but couldn't do anything with the women near.

"You wouldn't happen to see a purple blur come by here?" the man asked.

Kurenai was the first to answer, "Uh, yes," she said and then pointed in the direction the blur went, "it went that way,"

The man nodded in thanks, but then his eyes squinted when he saw the group's head bands.

"You're all Konoha shinobi," he said, and the group was suprised when the two became tense. Jiraiya had one thought to all this.

'Why do I feel like we're about to get our collected asses kicked?,'


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