Hey! This is my first Ingo fan fiction. I've written a lot of others series (i.e. Outsiders, twilight, mortal instruments etc.) I have just finished reading the whole series and fell in love. This fan fiction is like the "fifth book" after the crossing of Ingo. If you find the first chapter kind of sad, (or short) don't worry, there will be happiness and action soon. In this Sapphire is 14 and Connors 16. It happens right where the Crossing of Ingo leaves off.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything except for what I own

I swam under water till I could go no longer. My stomach touches the pearly white sand and stirs up little clouds. Connor is already on the beach, staring out at the sea, probably trying to sort out his thoughts. Alot had happen during the crossing. In a way it almost was bad. Faro is losing his sister and we have already lost our dad. No! I can't think that. This was for the better. I am both mer and human now, I can think about my human life when I'm in Ingo without drowning, and hopeful, when I'm on land I could focus instead of constantly feeling like I being pulled in with the tides.

I am as ready as I'll ever be now to leave Ingo for today. I lift my head up slowly. It feels as heavy as it was when I was in the deep. Ingo knows what in my heart; it knows that I really don't want to leave. Far off I hear barking. Sadie! That thought is enough for me to shed off Ingo and come to land.

I weekly stand up only to fall back into the water again. My legs feel numb, like jello. In fact, I can hardly feel them at all. I hear Conner chuckled.

"I fell too Saph, my legs aren't used to land yet." I nod and drag myself up to where Connor is on the beach, still not trusting my legs. We lay there for a long time, our thoughts drifting all over the place.

"Saph, I feel like we should have a funeral for dad." Conner says not looking at me. I can tell he really doesn't want to talk about it and neither do I, but we can't keep going on and denying it.

"but we had one in Ingo" I say while looking at a hermit crab hurry along the sand.

" ya, but that was in Ingo," he say and I can hear the bitterness in his voice." he lived on earth longer than in the sea." when Conner speaks, I hear nothing but determination. I remember once when Jack and Conner had a really big fight. They didn't talk to each for weeks. It was then Conner started playing guitar. Being young I asked dad why, because shouldn't you be sad when you lose a friend? Dad answered back that everything one had their own ways of copping, and dealing with the rough patches in their life.

This funeral would be Connors way. And who knows? Maybe it could help me too.

The sun was just lowering beneath the cliffs when we finally climb out of the cove. It had been tough because our legs kept giving out at random times. We were lucky to only have a few scrapes from landing against the rocks instead of broken bones. How could we explain that to mum!

We walked up the gravel road to our cottage. Suddenly, I couldn't wait the 2 minute walk. I needed to be there now. I wanted to hear the familiar crunch of the pathway when you walked up it. See the Rowan tree standing tall and protectedly. Connor seems to feel the same as we both broke into a jog. Conner was ahead when he suddenly stop.

"Con, what is it?" I asked confused. I moved around him and looked at what he was looking at. There, outside our cottage was a police car with the whole town of Serena scatter around. That's exactly what it had looked like when dad went missing.

"Saph... I think we have been gone longer than I thought"

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