Chapter 3

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For the first time in a long time, I slept in my own bed. Even though it had only been a day since I had last been snuggled in my purple and blue floral duvet in human time, it had felt like 2 weeks in Ingo time. Despite all that though, I could hardly sleep at all and whenever I did I always woke up with nightmares of not finding Rainbow and Patrick in time.

In one dream they where on the edge of a cliff. Con and I started to run up to them, but as soon as we did, the cliff crumbled like a warm brownie beneath their feet and they plunged into the frigided waters below. Another time they were standing on the beach in front of their house when a huge tidal wave came up and swept them off to the vast blue waters. Each time we were always too late.

After we had found out they were missing, we had tried to gather as much information from the police as we could. The only thing we did figure out was that the police weren't mush help and we were going to have to find them ourselves.

I heard a creckkkkkkkkk as Conner tiptoed down the loft ladder. I was surprised to see that he had put on a blue sweater over his Pj's and was wearing his runners. In his left hand he griped a flash light.

"Conner? Where are you going?" I whispered even though I knew he was going out to find Rainbow and Patrick. Startled, He froze then looked over at me slowly.

"Why are up? You should be asleep" he replied.

"I could say the same thing about you" I joked. He gave me a quick smile as I started to get out of bed and rummaged through my closet.

"Saph, what are you doing?"

"Going with you, that's what" He sighed, but didn't argue, and silently we made our way outside.

We soon ended up in front of Rainbow's house. We had gotten there fairly quickly since we had taken our bikes. Conner stood staring at the strong, oak front door.

"Are you going to go in or what?" I asked him as I slipped the spare key out from underneath the mat. After the second time Rainbow had hung out with me, see had told me about it saying "you're always welcome here, Sapphire" Her complete trust in me had shocked me. Thinking about it made me miss her more. She was always so confident that all the people in the world were good.

"Conner, do you think someone" I struggled to say the last part. "Kidnapped her?" Conner paled for a second, and then confidently shook his head.

"Patrick wouldn't let that happen to her" he said simply as he slipped the key into the look. It swung open easily in a welcoming gesture. I walked into the hall and looked back at Conner as he stood outside the door, his eyes wide and glancing around like he was breaking into someone's house. Wait. That was what we were doing, but for a good reason.

"This feels so wrong" Conner whisper, always being the good guy.

"Con, we there only hope." As so as I said that, any look of fear washed off Conner face and was replace with a determined expression as he stepped inside.

We searched for what felt like forever. Frustrated I sat down at the kitchen table, pushing a stack of dishes out of my way. I froze. Why would they leave dishes on the table? As I looked around the small yellow room I noticed other things I hadn't seen before. A jug of milk on the counter. An open bag of bread. A multi colored sweater(most likely Rainbows) draped carelessly over the back of the chair.

It reminded me of what our house had look like after Con and I had gotten back from Ingo after the crossing. It was like they had dropped everything and had left. It was a warm evening, but I still shivered. They had not left by their own free will, something, or someone had to of forced them.

Conner came down the stairs after a bit looking just as disturbed as I was.

"It's like this house was completely…abandon" he stated "but what weirder than that is that there's absolutely nothing that says anyone but Rainbow and Patrick live here." I looked at him confused and waited for him to go on.

"All the pictures have just Patrick and Rainbow in them; the closets are full of clothes that kids would wear. Saph, there's no evidence that their parents have ever lived here!"

"That's impossible Conner, everyone has parents. Ever one has to some from somewhere…" I stopped mid sentence. "Maybe there NOT from here!" I whispered. To my surprise Conner started laughing. It echoed around the forgotten house nosily.

"Now who's being the crazy one" he chuckled.

"You never know…" I muttered under my breath. Conner face grew serious again.

"Seriously, Saph. Have you ever noticed that they never talk about their parents? Whenever we ask they say there "away". Maybe there dead, who knows. But one thing's for sure. Rainbow and Patrick's parents have never been in this house… ever."

It was really quite when Conner stopped speaking. Outside I could hear the crickets and the constant drone of ocean waves. It was like they were trying to say something…. "sphaw, sphaw, sphaw…" I was taken from my thoughts as I heard a loud pounding on the door. Whatever the ocean had tried to say was lost, and it sounded like regular waves now.

"What do we do?" I cried. What if it was the police? They'd call our mom and we get in so much trouble… I hardly noticed when Conner put his hand on the door knob calmly and started to twist it.

"It's Granny Crane" he said like it was the most obvious thing in the world "I can almost….Feel her." He blushed. It made sense though. When I was in Ingo, I could "feel" Faro to. I watched Conner open the door as I tried to calm my pounding heart. Ba boom ba boom ba boom.

I wanted to ask how Granny Crane knew we would be here but something about her timeless face stooped me. It was drawn and grave.

"They are missing" she started in a gravelly voice" but the police can't find them where they are at. I don't feel them here, on earth."

"Are they in Ingo?" I wonder out loud. Granny Crane looked me over with her cat like eyes.

"I've always felt too much earth in them" she sighed. "But right now, anything is possible." She sighed again, and looked up. I felt more afraid then I had ever been before. I have never once doubted that Granny Crane couldn't solve a problem. She had fixed Sadie for me, and had told us about dad. So the fact that she had no clue where they were at terrified me.

"What do we need to do?" asked Conner. We never heard her answer because she had gone. The solid oak door still was locked. I shivered. No, if this ageless women could disappear right out of my sight and she was having a hard time figuring out where Rainbow and Patrick were, then how the heck were Con and I suppose to find them. Wordless we walked home.

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