"Abby, get your lazy ass off that chair and get to work!"

Abigail Watson sighed. Her boss, Jake, was a hard-ass pervert. She stood, running her hand through her short, red hair. Abby had striking blue eyes, dark red hair cut close to her head, and a slim build. She grabbed her notebook and walked around the counter into the diner where she worked, unhappily.

"What can I get you?" She asked an older scruffy man.

"A piece of you, honey."

"I'm gay."

"You young people."

She took his order, and went back to the counter. "You really queer?" Jake asked. "Can I watch?"

"No. And no. Take a hike." Her cell phone rang.


"Abby, it's the bestest cousin in the world!"



Abby smiled. Her cousin and best friend, Mary Jane Watson, called her often - especially when she got bored.

"Watcha up too?" Abby asked, serving Logan, a frequent there, and some other people at the counter.

"Nothing much. Pete went out with some friends, leaving me by my lonesome."

"Men are jerks."

"Tell me about it."

Logan snorted.

"Hey, I'll call you back later, on break. Love ya." She hung up, and leaned across from Logan. "How's it goin?"

"It's going," he grunted. "How ya doing, Abby?"

"You know. Same old." About a year ago, Logan and Abby had hooked up for a night. After they got over the embarrassment the next morning, they became good friends. Logan was handsome in that gruff sort of way, though he was a little short and he had some intense sideburns – but he just wasn't Abby Watson Boyfriend material.

"How are things going between you and your lady friend . . .?" Abby started.

One thing Logan liked to talk about was a girl he knew – one of the only things personal things he would talk about. Abby knew a handful of things about him – he was a mutant, though she didn't know what he could do; he was in love with a girl who was married to Logans frennime, a guy named Summers; and that Logan had a no-bull attitude.

"The same old. I reckon it's been a bit better."

"You know, you've been coming in here for over a year," Abby said. "When are you going to bring her here?"

"I dunno. Maybe one day."

"I might not like her."


"She can get her own man-wolf friend!"

Logan laughed. "Boy do you know how to cheer a guy up when he's down, Abby."

"Hey," she grinned, patting his hand. "What are friends for?"

Logan cell rang, and he answered. "What? Yeah. Around here?" He looked out the window, his eyes landing on a business man sitting on a bench, reading a paper. "Yeah, I can see him. Want me to . . . talk to him?" He said, his eyes darting to Abby. "Fine. Wait, what? Wade? You're sending in freaking WADE? What the hell is wrong with you?"

Abby looked away from Logan as the bell above the door rang. He was tall, probably 6'2, and his whole body was covered in a red-and-black spandex suit, completed with a mask. He had guns holstered at his side, and two swords on his back.

Logan hung up as the strange man sat down at the counter, examining the menu.

"Um - can I get you something?" Abby asked.

He looked up at Abby, sizing her up. "Do you serve chimichangas?"

"Uh, no."

"Damn it all! I want a burrito, then."

Abby wrote that down. "Drink?"

"Do you have Yoo-Hoos?"


"Score! I'll take four."

Logan glared at the man in spandex, then looked back at Abby. "I'll see you around." He looked at the guy, the back at Abby again. "And let me know if you have any trouble."

"Thanks, I will," said the Spandex-Guy without looking up.

"I was talking to her," Logan growled, before turning and leaving.

Abby served the strange man his yoo-hoos, and examined him. "The spandex is kinda outdated, dotcha think?" She asked, leaning against the counter.

He slammed down an empty yoo-hoo bottle. "Yeah, but it gets the job done. Hey, you know Abby Watson?"

"You're lookin' at her, buster."

"Yeah?" He looked her up and down. "You know you have a crazed killer after you?"

"Coming from the guy in spandex and swords? Yeah, of course."

"Seriously. I was hired to protect you."

"That's sweet of you."

"I'm a sweet guy."

The bell rang on the door, and the business man Logan had seen entered. He had a serious expression, and he looked around, coming to the counter. He looked at the man in spandex, then looked at Abby.

"Are you by chance Abigail Watson?"

"Who wants to know?"

Spandex-Guy snorted, and the serious guy frowned.


"Good for you."

"Hey, Norman," Spandex-Guy said. "Back off, man. I got here first."

"You know, Deadpool, I would really like to stab you right now."

"Take it outside, boys," Abby said, wiping the counter.

Deadpool gazed at her. "You're so uncaring and mean. Will you marry me?"

"You know I'll be back," Said Norman.

Deadpool toasted him a Yoo-hoo. "I'll be waiting, Green-Boy."