When Korra woke up that morning, she knew there would be some straightening out to do, especially with Mako.

He obviously heard her stir, and he woke up from his little nap he was taking. She knew that it was his turn to watch over her in her bed, just to make sure she was ok.

"Hey Mako," Korra said sleepily to the firebender.

"Korra, I know that you are still recovering, but we kinda need to talk," said Mako, sadness in his eyes.

"Yeah, sure," she said. Her breath was almost gone. Her blood pressure elevated, and she knew that he was about to tell her bad news. Her temperature was rising, and she was just waiting to hear what he had to say.

"Korra, look. I know you like me, and I like you. But… I can't do this to you or Asami anymore. I talked to her while you were asleep, and I told her everything I was feeling. I decided that… for me to be with you would just not work. I love Asami, just like I always have. I want us to be best friends until the end of the earth because I truly care about you Korra, but I…" Mako paused, for what seemed like forever. "I can't do this to anyone anymore. I'm sorry"

Korra's heart stopped. She couldn't believe her ears. "Just… go," she said to the firebender, trying to keep her composure.

He left, and then the tears started coming. She tried, oh how she tried, but they just kept coming.

She couldn't take it anymore, so she ran outside to the cliff where she usually sits to think.

When she got there, the tears really began to fall hard. She couldn't think anymore.

I really thought… I really thought he loved me, like I loved him. She just couldn't put anything into comprehensible sentences in her head.

What now? she thought to herself. Her feelings were a hurricane of awfulness, and it felt like her heart was being pulled out. She wanted to skin herself alive. The pain she was feeling just couldn't be put into words.

She reached into her pocket to look for the parting gift her parents gave her before she left for Republic City. She took it out and slowly took the cap off the dagger she held so dear in case she needed to use it for self-defense. She stared at the blade for a minute, then stared at the open skin on her left wrist.

Maybe… she thought, contemplating what she should do. What she had to do. She felt herself almost automatically placing the cold blade against the creases of her wrists.

No. It can't… she thought. Or she hoped. Then she felt the blade cut right into the skin and a little trickle of blood came out. She quickly pulled the blade from her wrist and peered. She gasped at the thought of what just happened.

But there was no stopping her now.