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Korra opened her eyes and looked up at Bolin.

"Shall we go then?" she asked lightly as she bounced to her feet.

Bolin chuckled, then rose as well. "Of course, m'lady," he said as he bowed to her. He then grabbed her hand and they walked along, fingers intertwined. Korra looked at Bolin and gave him the warmest smile he had ever seen, and he just couldn't resist giving her a kiss on the forehead. Her sea blue eyes were just begging for it.

As they strolled along, they came across many couples enjoying the beautiful spring afternoon just as they had been. But they weren't expecting one specific person to be there.

Mako. With Asami.

Out of the corner of her eye, Korra could have sworn she saw Mako standing by the lamp post that marked the northeastern corner of the park. Impossible, she thought, her head racing. I'm just imagining it. In the end, she couldn't help taking another peek in that direction, just to check. After further inspection, it was unmistakable that the man leaning on the post was, in fact, Mako. With Asami, nonetheless.

Bolin took a look over at Korra, hoping to see the warmth in her face that he had just witnessed. Instead, he came across a look of utter despair. After glimpsing in the same direction as she, he began to understand.

"Ah, I see," he said as she whipped her head around, realizing she was caught. "You still love him, don't you?"

Korra sighed. It was so obvious to her that Bolin still didn't get it. "It's not that," she said with confidence, to make sure he understood. "It's just… every time I see them, I'm reminded of that time. That wretched, awful time in my life where…" Korra couldn't even finish her sentence before she became all choked up.

Bolin was quick to grab her and swiftly remove her from Mako and Asami's line of sight. They still hadn't spotted them, and Bolin hoped desperately it would stay that way. He took a long breath and looked deep into Korra's eyes.

"Korra, I know that it's really hard for you right now. The transition for you is shaky and you don't even know if you're really happy. But I need you to look at me right now and realize this. You ARE truly happy. You know it, and I know it. You have beaten it. It's over. And I know how impossible it can be to accept sometimes, but you just have to believe me. You. Are. Perfect. And you know it now, too. There is nothing for you to fight with yourself over. It's done."

Korra looked away, but Bolin grabbed her face gently and directed it straight towards his. She peered at him and smiled.

"Thank you."

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