Mako, Korra, and Bolin were on the island, just hanging out. At some point Mako had said something to aggravate Korra so now they were fighting, throwing fire at each other every so often. Bolin just watched as he normally did because he learned the hard way that it was not a good idea to get in the middle of these two when they fought.

For the past ten minutes they've been going back and forth shouting at each other and throwing insults. For some reason Korra called Mako "whiskers" in one of her insults which made them all pause.

"…You did not just call me that," Mako said, starting up the argument again.

"Oh yes I did, sifu hotman," she said.

"STOP CALLING ME THAT," Mako snapped.

"No! It makes you mad, which helps me win fights," Korra stated.

He growled and opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted.

Basically, one second Mako was in front of Korra, then the next…he was a cat.

It took a few seconds for them to register what happened before Mako just collapsed onto his back.

"Uh…what just…happened," Bolin asked.

"…GOD FUCKING DAMMIT," Mako groaned. "These Spirits are KILLING ME."

"Oh joy, he can talk," Korra said.

"Why didn't they turn YOU into a cat," he sighed, annoyed.

"…I'm very confused right now," Bolin said, walking over. "I really want to know how the Spirits do this kind of stuff."

Mako sat up and said, "I just want to know why it happens to us."

Korra snorted and stifled a laugh and he shot a narrow-eyed glare at the girl. "Don't. Even. Start. Woman."

She stopped laughing, but it was replaced by a huge grin a split second later which annoyed him just as much.

"I will scratch you!" he said with a hiss.

"Hey, I wouldn't be so loud. Naga might hear you," Korra told him. She actually sounded serious about that.

"Where is Naga anyway?" Bolin asked, looking around. "Pabu's with her."

Korra shrugged and walked over to Mako. She crouched down in front of him, tapping her chin. Mako just watched her with narrowed eyes. Then Bolin piped up.

"Hey…Naga's coming."

Both Korra and Mako looked to where the earthbender was pointing, and sure enough, there was Naga with Pabu.

"Oh…crap. Mako, you might want to hide," Korra told him as she stood.

"What? Hide where?" he asked, jumping up.

"…Might be a little too late for that," Bolin said. Naga had paused and sniffed a few times. "I think she can smell a cat."

"Excuse you," Mako huffed indignantly.

Korra sighed and picked him up.

"'Ey! Put me down!" he ordered, squirming.

"Do you want Naga to eat you?" Korra said, brow raised.

Bolin snickered at the defeated look on Mako's face as Naga walked closer, her eyes now locked on to him.

"Aren't you going to stop her or something?" Bolin asked Korra. "Or tell her to go somewhere else?"

"I kind of want to see what she'll do," the Avatar told him.

Mako put on a shocked and disbelieving face when she said that. Korra laughed and said, "I'm kidding. Bo, do me a favor. Keep Naga distracted for a couple minutes?"

Bolin saluted and said, "Right-oh!" and went over to the polar bear-dog and Pabu. "Thanks," Korra said as she walked away.

"Okay…so where are you taking me?" Mako asked, stretching his neck to look behind her arm. Bolin had started to scratch Naga's ear.

"I'm just going to hide you for a few minutes until I can take care of Naga," Korra told him. That's not really the answer he wanted. Sighing, he just waited for her to stop walking. When she stopped, he looked down in front of her and saw a large, empty pot.

"Oh great," he huffed.

"Hush. Just stay put and I'll be right back," she told him, dropping him in. He heard her hurried footsteps as she left and he grumbled.

He was maybe seven minutes until he heard footsteps. A hand reached in and grabbed his scruff and the light nearly blinded him as his head emerged. He blinked a few times until his eyes adjusted, then he just watched Korra, his brows knit together. Bolin appeared next to her a second later with Pabu.

"Okay, so what are we going to do with him?" the earthbender asked. Korra turned to Bolin, allowing Mako to rest in her arms.

"It would probably be best to go inside-"

"NO," Mako interrupted.


"I'd rather not be seen by EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE."

Korra rolled her eyes and looked at Bolin, who shrugged. "I don't want to explain where we got a cat," he said. "Right…" Korra sighed.

They moved over to the shade to sit and think. Mako was released from Korra's hold and he jumped off her lap to sit in the grass.

"Okay…so what are we going to do?" Bolin asked after a short silence.

Korra huffed and leaned back against a tree. "…I dunno. I guess we could leave him out here until everyone is asleep," she said.

"Oh, joy," Mako grumbled. Why me…

Author's note: This was a request. It amuses me how much people like my randomness. XD