Korra and Mako were woken up a few hours later by Bolin. He had come in and opened the curtains enough so that the sunlight flooded in and over their faces. Mako covered his eyes and Korra groaned.

"Come on, wake up guys," Bolin said. "Don't make me get Naga."

At that, Mako shot up. "You wouldn't dare."

The earthbender just grinned in response. Korra grumbled and sat up, brushing her messy hair away from her face. "What time is it?" she asked.

"Almost eleven, I believe," Bolin told her. "Oh, by the way…I might have told Asami about Mako…" he added a moment later, scratching the back of his head.

"Bolin! You weren't supposed to tell anyone," Korra said.

"I know, I'm sorry," he said, holding his hands up in front of him. "But she can be very intimidating when she wants to be."

Sighing, Korra got up and grabbed Mako, who yelped. "Take Mako outside. I'll meet you after I've changed," she said, handing the cat to Bolin. "Okay. You're not mad at me, are you?"

"It's fine. Just, go," Korra told him, pointing to the door. The earthbender nodded and went out, closing the door as he left.

When Korra went outside she was met with an amusing surprise.

Asami had joined Bolin. The girl was sitting on the ground, dragging the tip of a stick back and forth along the stone. Whenever it passed Mako's paws he'd try to grab it, but Asami would always pull it away before he touched it. The Sato got him to jump a few times and he fell on his back once, causing her and Bolin to laugh.

Korra laughed and walked over. "Having fun?"

Mako, who was too busy trying to catch the stick, hadn't noticed Korra until she spoke. He jumped out of surprise and spun to face her, his tail puffing up.

"Hey Korra," Bolin greeted with a small wave.

"Korra, question. Why is Mako a cat?" Asami asked, tossing the stick.

"I don't know. You might find this hard to believe, but this has actually happened twice before," Korra said with a shrug. She sat down, followed by Bolin, and picked up the stick Asami had thrown.

"Really? I do find that hard to believe," Asami said.

"Well it's true," Bolin said. "Last time, all three of us got turned into cats. The first time it was just Korra."

Korra nodded and started to tap the ground in front of Mako with the stick. He gave a huff and turned away. Disappointed, Korra turned back to Asami.

"So, Asami, how did you get Bolin to tell you about Mako?"

"That's a secret," she said with a wink.

Korra looked at Bolin, who shook his head. "She made me promise not to tell you."

"Ugh, fine," she said, turning back to Asami. "Anyway, you don't seem too weirded out about this, or is it just me?"

"Well, at first I was, but now…not really. Probably because he's just really cute."

"I am NOT cute," Mako cut in, ears back.

Asami blinked and stared at him for a few seconds then said, "He can talk?"

"I was disappointed too," Korra said. Mako narrowed his eyes and jabbed her arm with a claw. "Ouch! Don't do that," she said, smacking his head. Asami and Bolin laughed and Mako trotted away with a snort.

He stopped short when he heard a bark.

"Oh no…" Korra breathed.

"What?" Asami asked, confused.


Mako turned tail and sprinted through the group in a panic.

"Okay, who let Naga out?" Korra groaned, getting up. "Bo, Asami, do me a favor and get Mako before he runs up a tree again. I'll get Naga."

Asami and Bolin nodded and went after Mako, just as Naga appeared.

Korra took a stance, blocking Naga's path. "Naga, sit!"

The sharp command brought Naga to a skidding halt, stopping only an inch from Korra's form. The dog sat heavily, head down to avoid her master's scowl.

"Naga, do not chase the cat."

Naga's head lifted at the sound of "cat" and she went to stand up, but Korra flicked her nose and she sat with a whine. "Bad dog, Naga. What did I just tell you?"

The polar bear-dog whined again and laid down with a sigh.


Korra turned and went to find Bolin and Asami, pausing to tell Naga to go inside. The dog let out a low grumbling sound and walked away.

After a few minutes, Korra found Bolin and Asami near the training area. "Uh…where's Mako?" she asked, walking up to her two friends. "I think he's hiding under the shed where the training equipment is," Bolin told her.

Rolling her eyes, Korra walked over to the shed and crouched down. "Have you tried getting him out?" she asked, looking up at the two. "We tried, but he refused to come out until we were sure Naga was taken care of," Asami answered. Korra muttered something. "Well, I took care of her. So, Mako, you can come out now."

After a moment, two paws appeared from under the shed. "Are you sure she's gone?" he asked. "Oh for the love of…" Korra shifted to her hands and knees and reached under the shed to grab Mako. Pulling him out, she stood up and patted the dust off his fur.

"Jeez, Mako, calm down. Your heart is racing a mile a minute," she said, going back to Asami and Bolin. "Ugh, great, now you're covered in dirt…Can't have that, Pema will get upset."

"If I understand correctly, you're saying he needs a bath," Asami guessed, a smirk on her face.

"Basically," Korra said.

"Oh, no, I am not letting you give me a bath. I refuse to let you," Mako said, trying to squirm out of Korra's grasp.

"Stop that. And I don't care~" Korra sang. "You two can help," she added to Asami and Bolin.

"This should be fun," Asami said as Bolin snorted, holding back a laugh. They followed as Korra walked off, keeping a good hold on the struggling Mako.

"Dammit Mako, hold still!" Korra said, annoyed, soapy water swirling around her hands. Mako kept running and jumping and ducking, dodging the water with ease.

Korra was too busy trying to hit Mako to notice she was getting Asami and Bolin wet until they called her name. That moment of distraction was enough for Mako surprise her. He jumped up onto her back, quick to push off again when she flinched. The water she was bending above her head crashed down on her and she gasped.

Bolin and Asami started to laugh as Korra shook her head, water spraying everywhere. She turned to Mako, glaring. He was too busy laughing to notice her come over, bending the soapy water off the ground and her clothes, until it was too late. She swung her arm down and the water crashed into him.

It was Korra's turn to laugh as Mako let out a surprised yowl. He sputtered and stood up, glaring at the girl with narrowed eyes. Shaking out his dripping fur, he said, "Okay! I deserved that. But, don't do it again."

"Or what?" Korra asked, stifling her laughter.

"I'll claw you. These things are sharp," he said, holding up a paw, his long claws out.

Korra was about to say something when a voice sounded.

"Korra! What in the world are you doing that could cause you to make so much noise?"

"Tenzin!" Bolin exclaimed.

"Shit. Everyone, run!" Korra said, grabbing Mako. "We can't have him see Mako. I am NOT explaining it."

"I can run by myself," Mako hissed.

"Shut up."

Bolin and Asami ran after Korra as she sprinted into the trees. They hid just in time because a few seconds later Tenzin appeared.

"Okay, we should be safe now," Korra said, back against a tree. She put Mako down and slid to the ground, panting. Asami and Bolin also sat to catch their breath.

"Okay, so how long are we going to stay in the trees?" Asami asked, once her breathing returned to normal. Korra shrugged and said, "We probably don't have to be here for too long. Besides, there's a council meeting later today that he has to go to. Pema and the kids are going along too, because she wanted to take Rohan to the park."

"Can we go inside when they leave then?" Bolin asked. Asami nodded and leaned back on her hands. Mako just grunted and sharpened his claws on a tree trunk.

Korra watched him for a moment, the sighed. "Yeah, sure. I'm tired, anyway. I want a nap."

Once they heard Oogi take off the four got up and went inside. Korra went straight to her room, grabbing Mako as she went. Asami and Bolin chuckled when he let out a yelp.

Korra closed the door to her room, dropped Mako on the floor, and collapsed on her bed. Mako snorted and jumped up, taking his place beside her.

Within a few minutes both were asleep.

Author's note: hey look what updated XD sorry this took so long. Hopefully I'll have beach day updated soon