A Trip to Disney World

(With the oddest cast of characters)

I own nothing in this; they all belong to their original creators, except for Laura, Jordan and Sarah. They're real people. Any who... On with the story.

"We shouldn't leave each other alone for too long with nothing to do; we don't know who will go insane first."

-Laura Allen

Ever have one of those dreams? One of those where you forgot you've even gone to sleep and feels so...so... real, but one single movement and you just snap back to your hideous reality?

Well, that's exactly how I woke up on the particular day that this story takes place on. I was dreaming that I was in the Ultimate Spiderman show as a superhero that I'd made up. I was about to die in the dream when an all too familiar voice woke me up from upstairs. "SARAH! WAKE UP! WE'VE GOT TO PICK EVERYONE UP SOON!" yelled Johnny C. from the attic, jumping up and down to get my attention.

I sat up quickly as my dream ended, leaving my impending death in my mind for when I would next fall asleep. I wiped the cold sweat from my forehead as I stumbled out of my warm-maybe a little too warm for my taste- bed. "ARE YOU UP YET!" Johnny proceeded to yell.

I sighed, "YES, NNY. I'M AWAKE!" I screamed up at him. Yea, I know it's not very safe to be harboring a known serial killer in my attic, but, hey, I'm insane too. Any way, I went on to pack my stuffed bat, and retainer that I'd neglected to stow away for my need for them while I slept. I dressed myself and attempted to smooth my tangled rats' nest of brown that I call hair. I unlocked both my doors and knocked on the door to the attic, "I'm ready, Nny." I said loudly enough the maniac could hear me and quietly enough that I probably wouldn't disturb Bryan.

Nny opened the door and gazed down at me, "Need anything else?" He asked in his normal tone. Honestly, if he's not trying to murder you, Johnny's a pretty nice person. I shook my head and he started walking toward the stairs, "Get your stuff and let's go." He relied.

Johnny's POV

Ok, there are only a few reasons that I'm in charge of carting a bunch of children around theme parks they should have obviously outgrown five years ago.

1. Sarah has been letting me stay in her attic for practically free and she's close enough to my old house that I can still paint the wall and keep that monster contained.

2. She's kept the authorities off my back as well as her parents

3. This gets me away from Mr. Eff and D-Boy.

4. I only have to pay for food and gas. (Since I'm the only person going with a valid

Driver's license) the rest is being covered by Erik.

And that's the only reason I'd drive a bunch if teenagers and Squee to Disney World.

First stop, Squee's house.

When I drove up to the dismal house that served as Suqee's main stronghold (passing my own house) He was sitting on the front step, a suitcase beside him and Shmee clutched tightly in his small arms. Even from the distance provided from the car, I could see the obvious black stitches running up and down the stuffed toy's body from the times I'd taken a knife to Shmee for spouting his silly lies and Sarah's kindness in repairing the small toy.

Sarah sat up in the passenger seat next to me, getting out of the car and collecting Squee. I smiled to myself; it made me happy to see Squee that happy when he lives in a miserable home.

Sarah loaded Squee's small suitcase into the back with the child as he buckled up, "Thanks, Miss Sarah!" he said happily, "it was a little heavy for me."

"No problem." Sarah said, full of joy herself.

If D-boy was there currently, he would have been so sickened by how much sheer joy those two had combined. But, thankfully, he wasn't.

I drove a little ways further to Laura's house. It seemed as soon as I pulled up, Erik, Laura, and Roxas came out, all carrying suitcases. Sarah again got out of the car, high-fived both Laura and Erik, and gave Roxas a hug.

After that, she opened the trunk and they put their suitcases into the limited space.

After we'd picked up Jordan and Zuko, we were -finally- off. The drive was pretty boring, to say the least. Aside from bouts of silence ended by Jordan yelling from the back seat "SO THERE WAS THIS DUCK" occasionally, metal music blasting from Sarah or Jordan's Ipod, or Jordan and Zuko going off and saying the rest of what the kids called "The Duck Song" nothing happened until we reached Atlanta.

We'd stopped to get gas, go to the bathroom and throw away trash and had piled back into the car when Zuko just had to open his mouth. "Hey, Roxas," He started, just as I was getting us back on the road,

"Yea?" Roxas inquired

"If you can open up dark portals, how come Nny is driving?"

I slammed my foot on the brake as my fury boiled. Everyone in the car was jerked forward as their names were appearing faintly on my mental kill list, "WHAT?" I started in the threatening voice I usually use when I'm shaming a victim for their "crimes".

Everyone in the vehicle stayed quiet, deathly quiet. I'd been doing so much better until that single point, but everyone knew about my... issues. "ONE OF YOU CAN OPEN UP PORTALS AND I'M DRIVING YOU?"

Roxas gulped audibly, "Because I can't open up portals for more than five people... or at all anymore... I no longer belong to the darkness, so it doesn't work. I've tried, but I can't."

I calmed myself down; I couldn't believe I'd broken my streak... "Nny, I have a question."

Sarah started quietly before I started to drive again.

"What?" I asked.

"If you're going to be away for a long time, who's going to keep the wall monster in there?" She asked

There was uproar of drama from the backseat. "Look, it's going to be fine." I stared, "Jimmy's taking care of it. He wants to be so much like me; he can do my job for a week."

That seemed to calm everyone down...at least, for now.


Yea, I know. Anticlimactic, but I'll post some more of their adventures soon. The idea comes from a series of random drawings my friends and I do in our spare time. This one was inspired by a picture of all of us in the car that I drew. Please review if you can, I would love some constructive criticism. Thank you!