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I logged in the clearing where the tiger boss was. Huh, I figured the system would have cleaned it up by now.
Either they were lazy, or they were keeping the realism…
I hoped for the latter.
Gritting my teeth, I decided to PM Sam about the tiger egg he stole from me.
Don't steal my loot from me. I PMed since I saw he was online.
Well, you already have a pet! Besides, we're a team! I could practically see a cocky grin. I ignored him and decided to go hunt mobs. I've realized that Second Life gives me an opportunity to do what I can't do in real life. For example, I can't stare people down. I can't tell people off so easily. And most of all, I can't shoot their skin full of arrows.
Which sometimes I really wish I could do, especially to a certain irritating thieving elf.
I was definitely going to send him to a rebirth point today.
Suddenly, I remembered Catianna. I figured I wasn't a very high level, so I would need a GM's help from now on when it came to the game. I looked for her, and she was online. Lucky!
Hey, remember me? It's Sara. The half-demon half-holywoman! I PMed. She instantly replied.
Hi Sara! I smiled. I didn't know if I was allowed to classify her as a friend or not, but I just went with the former.
I'm level eighteen and searching for an amazing fire mage to team up with!
I'm level nineteen and searching for an amazing half-angel to fly around and find this mob that ran away from me. I giggled.
Where are you? I'll come help you! I offered.
At the Ice Forest. Mobs are weak against fire here, and they drop really good loot. They also have amazing experience. I unfurled my wings and flew.
Yes, it was my first time flying.
Yes, I was scared to death.
Yes, I laughed hysterically as I flew to the Ice Forest. Oh, I knew the way because I deciphered the map.
It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.
Imagine having two more limbs.
Right, that's a hard one.
Imagine flapping your arms could make you fly. That is exactly how I flew. I flapped my arms- I mean wings- and steadied myself to glide. Repeated flapping not only raises you up into the air too far, it's a waste of precious energy.
Anyway, I landed in the Ice Forest. I found human tracks where I landed that lead to somewhere.
As I followed the tracks (Kynsia was in my inventory – don't ask me how that works because I myself do not know) I noted the scenery. The trees themselves were sculpted of ice. Icicles hung from the ice trees; everything was translucent except for the mobs that were here and the ground. The snow that stuck to the ground sparkled and crunched whenever you stepped on it.
Notification: Sara has earned ability "Tracking." Tracking: Ability level one. Follow any track to its owner. As you level up, Tracking becomes easier.
That was a useful ability. I spotted the familiar woman in the chair, and grinned as I saw her throwing firebombs at a huge ice yeti.
Notification: Catianna has defeated level 20 ice yeti. Catianna has reached level 20.
I decided to let Kynsia loose. The cute little pup has grown to the size of a regular wolf that has just reached maturity. I smugly whispered to Kynsia my plan, and she ran over to glomp Catianna.
Notification: Kynsia has learned "Glomp." Glomp: Usable on friendly and enemy targets. Kynsia rushes at full speed to pounce and knock over the target.
I couldn't help but laugh as the beautiful human mage was toppled over by a playful wolf. She growled and pushed Kynsia off. I walked over to them and held out a hand to the wonderful and friendly GM. She took my hand grumbling about rabies; I quickly pulled her up.
Since I got close, I could see her features more clearly. She had pale skin with brown eyes. Her dark eyebrows were knit together in frustration, and her reddish-purple hair was tied back in a high ponytail.
"How do you do, Miss Mage?" I joked.
"Absolutely wonderful! Until this lovely wolf knocked me over into this cold snow!" She scowled.
"Oh, my little Kynsia did such a thing?"
"Alright, alright, that's enough. I can't wait 'til your 'little' Kynsia reaches level forty. You'll either die of shock or run around in excitement."
"Why? What'll happen?" I asked.
"It wouldn't be fun if I just told you!" She giggled.
Well, skipping all the dialogue (we talked about wolves, their fur, how cute Kynsia was when she was a cub, and et cetera.), we formed a party.
"Oh yeah, I met an annoying elf thief the other day." I quickly relayed my story about Sam (and about the run-in at the bakery). While Catianna listened, she only laughed.
"I have a feeling there's more to that thief than meets the eye! Ah, if only he didn't steal that tiger egg!" She sobbed.
"Yeah… I was going to give it to you as a present for your hard work…" I sighed.
Did you use that tiger egg yet? I PMed him. As much as I didn't want to talk to him, I had to know. After all, a tiger egg would be very fitting for Catianna. She's quite the cat person.
Nope! Why? You want it back? I heard another cocky grin. Irritation.
Yes, I want it back! I snapped.
Come to Light City! I'll give it to you there. His voice had no playful tone in it (for once, thank goodness).
Coming... I sighed.
"Cati, you want a tiger egg? I know where to find one." I told her.
"I'm a GM; I know all of the places to find eggs. But they're really rare… For you to get two eggs in a day is ridiculous enough already. You must have insanely high luck." She said with a hint of envy.
"I found a certain elf thief who's…. willing… to hand over the egg." I smiled maliciously.
Sometimes I just find myself thinking of extortion… I mean what?
Cati grinned.
"He better be willing. Or he's going to find some smoke…" Looks like I'm not the only one thinking like a thug! Cati and I high-fived and headed southwest, to Light City.

As soon as we walked into Light City, Cati immediately veered off into the tavern. Confused, I followed her. Not only was Sam there, but Cati sat down and ordered quite a few meads.
"Uh, you drinking all that?" I asked as I sat in front of her.
"Hell yeah. I prefer beer over mead though. I don't know of any beer places here, so mead is good enough. Vodka would be even better!" So I know a GM who is an alcoholic. I stared at her as she gulped down ten bottles.
"So the one you were talking about is the one who's staring at us like we're insane?" She asked.
She wasn't even tipsy! She must be a hardcore alcoholic!
I stared at her dumbstruck, and I nodded. She looked over at Sam and PMed him to come over here.
He looked quite nervous coming over, but he sat down between Cati and me. A normal person would see that he's equal distances away from the both of us, but on closer inspection, he's a few centimeters closer to me.
Looks like I wasn't the only one scared of Cati's iron stomach.
"So, I heard you stole Sara's tiger egg. Give. It. To. Me. She was going to give it to me as a present anyway." She spoke in a calm voice, but after talking to Cati for a bit, I could see amusement flickering in her eyes. Oh, I also thought it was fun to see Sam fidget under her gaze. He pulled out the egg and placed it on the table. Cati grinned wickedly and pocketed it. I shrugged.
He looked over at me and I gave him an extremely sadistic smile.
No one steals from me and goes unpunished.
Of course, anyone in their right mind would do what he did:
Unfortunately for him, moving targets are so much more amusing to hit.
"Warped Arrow." I whispered. The space bent and ripped. The tear in the seams of the material world traveled to Sam and pretty much left a hole where he was standing.
Lucky that thieves have amazing agility, eh?
However, Cati was not as… lenient… as I was. She cackled maniacally as she lit everything on fire. So he was trapped in a fire cage. I saw the words form on his lips: I'm so dead.
Cati sauntered over there with a smug grin on her face.
"Oh look what the cat dragged in!" She laughed and made the fire cage smaller. He winced and coughed at the smoke.
Sure, I wanted to kill him, but torturing him was overdoing it.
"Exploding Shot." I whispered. I didn't know if it was ability I had, nonetheless use, but I let an arrow fly into his heart. He exploded into white light and flew off to the nearest rebirth point.
I felt extremely guilty.
Notification: Player Sara has learned "Exploding Shot." Requires a fire mage or exploding powder nearby, and 50 mana. If fire mage is nearby, costs no mana. Fires an arrow that explodes on contact. 100-200 fire damage plus 200 physical damage plus 30 mental damage.
Mental damage? That's new. Well, anyone would be mentally scarred if an arrow blew up in their face…
"Huh. I was about to ask you to kill him because torture isn't my thing, but looks like you read my mind! Or maybe we're just alike in the fact we agree torture isn't for people who don't have the stomach for it." She smiled at me.
Notification: Catianna has lost 1000 reputation.
"Figures. You did just burn a lot of things down…" I laughed as Cati was surrounded by people screaming for her to pay for the damages – about five thousand crystal coins.
That's a lot of money.
I dispelled Hidden Identity, swooped in, and flew us out of there.

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