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[Katniss POV]

Well I don't believe it. Peeta's with Annie now? How dare he! And he says he doesn't want to break any of his promises! So cheating on me doesn't count? Did I upset him that much when I told him that I was going to the Capitol when he told me not to? And what about Finnick? Does he know what Annie and Peeta are doing? I doubt it if he was kissing Annie goodbye. I can't tell him. It would kill him if he found out right now.

I pull from my monologue and go to suit up in my Mockingjay uniform since we are about to land very shortly and set up out attack on Capitol grounds.

As I walk out of the change room and head over to my squad, I see Finnick looking down at a picture of Annie. Looking at him, watching his eyes fill with tears with love, my heart can't help but start having a stabbing pain. Why did Peeta have to turn out like that? Was it because of the stupid hijacking? If it was, I am so glad that I am going to the Capitol to kill President Snow. Even if Peeta and I aren't in love anymore and we aren't speaking, I am going to make Snow pay for all the pain he's caused Peeta. If it's the last thing I ever do.

Boggs calls us all over to prepare for our drop landing which we will then go and head to out squad positions until three days later when we attack. We wait three days because we are tricking the capitol into thinking that we are coming next week, and it's an unsuspected day to attack. If we attack too close to when the Capitol thinks we're going to attack or if we attack to close to our arrival day, then it won't be that good of a mission.

I hear a sudden beeping throughout the hovercraft alerting us of our arrival and my squad and I leave through some bulletproof doors and onto the battlefield. One last thought before I enter an unknown future is if this is what makes Peeta and I happy.

[Peeta POV]

As soon as the hovercraft ascends my heartstrings tug, reminding me, Why didn't I say goodbye?

I turn to Annie who is beside herself with her loss of Finnick for the time being and I place my hand on her back, leading her out of the hovercraft shelter.

"Come on, Annie, it'll be okay. Why don't we go out to the jeweler's in the District square and go and pick out a ring. It'll help you move on from Finnick for now, okay?" I say, looking her in the eye by tilting her chin up.

Annie sighs and then her gloomy mood disappears. "Ring shopping? Let's go Peeta! I'm excited to see the ring! I hope it'll match the wedding dress," Annie says cheerfully.

We enter the ring shop and instantly I receive some dirty looks for being here. I have to remind myself why they would be giving me dirty looks when I remember that they all still think I'm married to Katniss. My heartstrings tug a little more. I sigh.

"How may I help you Madame and sir?" the jeweler addresses us.

"We're looking for a wedding ring. Something meaningful, yet simple and nothing sparkly or that any other girl would want," Annie says excitedly.

"Right this way. Our simpler jewelry has mostly a pearl as the stone. Will that be satisfying for you?" the jeweler asks Annie.

Annie looks at me for approval and I observe the pearl ring that Annie is pointing to.

"It's-it's perfect. Majestic," I marvel, now getting another idea to add to the ring.

"We'll take it!" Annie says.

"Well let's do a sizing, Madame, does this fit perfectly?" the jeweler asks.

"Yes! It's perfect! Thank you for your assistance. Peeta will be paying, right?" Annie says, removing the ring, moving so I can go hand the money to the jeweler

"Yes, thanks for your help sir," I say.

"No problem. The ring by the way will be ready to be picked up by the end of the week. Will you be purchasing a ring for yourself sir?"

"Okay. No. I'm fine. Annie, you go ahead, I'll be there in one second, I just have to take a quick peek at a watch that I saw," I say.

Annie nods and leaves the store.

I turn to the jeweler. "For the ring size, can you just shrink it about half a size? And could you also engrave this into the inside of the ring?" I hand him a scrap piece of paper.

"Yes, but the Madame says it's perfect," the jeweler hesitates.

"Yes, I know, but I don't care, just please shrink the ring. That's all," I reply back.

"Alright sir. I'll send a message down for you both when the ring is ready. Good day sir," the jeweler finally says.

I nod and then leave the store.

"All good?" Annie asks me, coming to give me a hug.

"All good. Thank you so much. You don't know how important this is to me," I say to her, hugging her back.

She nods, and we head down to the cafeteria, just in time for lunch.

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