Eight- Epilogue


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[Fly on the wall Pov]

Katniss and Peeta have had their differences throughout their life, but they concurred them together.

Peeta still had hijacking moments that would affect his life, but he was able to control it. Whether it was just making a mantra to remember exactly who he was, or Katniss having to play a game called 'Real or not Real' with him as well as singing to soothe him, they never let the torture control them.

Katniss still had her nightmares, but it was never as often as it was before she met Peeta. Sometimes she would have a nightmare about losing Peeta, or her life back when she was younger and her relatives were forced to be harmful towards. Even still, Peeta would help her get through them, and sometimes all she needed was for Peeta to hold her to him and to whisper sweet nothings in her ear that would make her laugh.

Ever since their wedding toasting she had gotten in touch with her new family which consisted of her parents, Peeta's relatives, Prim's adoptive family, their friends, and her own relatives.

She had forgiven Delly the next day after the wedding for forcing herself on Peeta and for lying after Delly had apologized. Katniss no longer despises her family for all that they've done, including Gale, because without them, she would have never been with Peeta in the end.

Peeta still struggles sometimes with his prosthetic leg, but he doesn't let that bother him. He actually finds that he rarely remembers that it's there, and he never doubts that Katniss never thinks of him less than a man for it.

Panem had turned out to be a nicer country than when President Snow ruled. No one was poor, there was enough food to feed everyone, and there were a lot more opportunities for everyone. The new president ended up being Plutarch Heavensbee since he was familiar with all of Panem's affairs.

In district twelve where Katniss and Peeta have settled down, Peeta had opened up a small little district bakery with Katniss helping out alongside him.

When Katniss wasn't helping out at the bakery, she was in the woods. After their honeymoon, Katniss had spent some time in the woods, and discovered that she had a fancy for landscaping and gardening. So she would tending to the district's woods and gardens.

In district twelve, everything was getting back to normal, as well as Katniss and Peeta's life together. So well in fact, that they decided that after five years of healing from the war, they would start a family.

Shortly after their decision, Daisy Mellark was born in the warm summer month of July. She had Katniss' flowing dark chocolate locks, as well as Peeta's deep blue ocean-like eyes.

Not two years later, the second Mellark baby was born; Rye Mellark. He was pretty much the spitting image of his father. He had golden hair, yet silvery-grey orbs from his mother.

When their children came into their lives, Katniss realized that there can be good in horrible lives and that everything can start anew.

Their kids were actually the best thing that happened to them because it helped them move on from the terrifying memories of the past.

Even through all the struggles to get to where they are now, they remembered one thing:

As long as they have each other, it will all work out, Always.


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