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Shifu: Ali, do you have any idea when they could attack?

Ali: They already have started! They'll only get stronger! The bandits that came were the lower class! Trust me, I know! They will get stronger and stronger while we just get weaker and weaker!

Talking about living at the castle made her a bit temperamental. Her voice rose towards the end of her sentence. But Shifu kept his composure and turned to his students.

Shifu: Expect extra training now. We have to be prepared for what's coming.

Ali: Wait! Don't you get it? That's not enough!

Shifu: Ali, my students have to keep up on their practice to fight.

Ali: What, so tiring them out before the attack is going to help? I have seen what they do! I have only practiced HALF of it! I agree that practice is important and yes, I will teach them some of their moves but that is not ENOUGH!

Shifu: Please don't raise your voice at me Ali.

The way he can keep so calm and how he didn't seem to care made her even angrier.


The room fell silent. Ali breathed out sharply though gritted teeth. She put her face into her paws then ran out of the room.

Po: Ali! Wait!

Po glared at Shifu and then ran after her.

Monkey: That went... well.

Viper: Not exactly the word I was thinking of.

Tigress: What should we do, Master?

Shifu: We will skip training this afternoon. I'm going to meditate.

Shifu left, slamming the door behind him, making Tigress flinch. She quietly slipped into her room. She heard Po and Ali talking in the room next to hers. She guessed that was Ali's new room.

Ali: I just... overreacted. Seriously, I'm fine, Po.

Po: Hmmm, if you're sure.

Ali: I am. Don't worry. I hope he doesn't hate me now.

Po: He'll be fine after chanting inner peace a few times!

Ali: Haha, good!

Po: I better go start dinner. See you!

Ali: Ok.

Not knowing what to do with herself now. Tigress sat on her bed. After shifting a couple of times uncomfortably, she threw herself backwards into a laying position. She gently closed her eyes and gave a frustrated sigh.

Tigress's eyes fluttered open only to see that everything around her was dark. She stood and walked into the hall. Everyone was sleeping!

Tigress: Did I fall asleep? What time is it?

She saw on the clock that it was 1 o'clock. She felt completely awake now. No point in going back to sleep. She walked into the kitchen and saw a plate made for her from dinner. There was a note on it. It said: Dear Tigress, Po and I made dinner but then I saw you were sleeping so I told them not to wake you. Here is your plate. From, Ali.

She ate her dinner and then went to go outside. She walked out and meditated. Tigress meditated for about 5 min and then decided to go inside. While she was standing up she felt the air go cold and a shiver went up her spine. She spun around to see a lion standing with a smirk on his face.

Scar: Don't you know not to be alone in a dangerous time like this? Oh, I thought you were smarter than that.

Tigress growled loudly and got into her kung fu stance, guarding the door.

Scar: Well, are you not happy to see us?

Tigress: Us?

Scar: Oh! She speaks! Boys!

Suddenly, 5 other people came from the shadows behind him.

Tigress: So, you're too scared to fight me by yourself? Coward!

Scar: Darn, looks like we are starting off on the wrong foot, Princess.

Tigress: Don't call me that!

Scar just smiles charmingly. Then his smile faded.

Scar: I have a feeling you're going to be one of the biggest threats. But, you can stand back and not get hurt if you just let us pass to get Ali.

He toke a step in the direction of the palace and Tigress lunged. He blocked her first attack but then she hit him the next time, stunning him. Then she spun around and knocked out 2 of the others. Scar grabbed Tigress around the waist, pulling her back. She wrenched herself from his arms. She continued to fight them and it became difficult. When you would injure one, they would recover quickly while you fought the others! What was REALLY frustrating was that it was dark so she couldn't see them most of the time, especially the black tigers! She could tell they had this planned out!

She took out most of them for the time being. Then Tigress turned to Scar and fought him. He was actually pretty strong. His face didn't change the entire time they were fighting. Completely emotionless.

He kicked her backward and she flipped onto her feet. They growled at each other.

Scar: Give it up. You're little friends aren't even here to help you!

Tigress: What do you mean?

Scar: Seems that you're just full of questions and insults! Have you ever tried- I don't know- saying hi?

Tigress: I can tell you're not exactly the expert on being kind! Now answer my question!

He frowned.

Scar: Don't be so worried, Princess! They are just down in town defeating some bandits we sent down there. It looks like they didn't have time to wake you from your catnap. BUT, Ali is still in there! You're the little dilemma though...

Tigress gritted her teeth at the new nickname. It was like he was talking to himself towards the end of his explanation. She knew he was planning out how to get into the Palace. But she would never let him get in there.

Scar: I don't know why it is such a big deal to you, if the girl is taken or not. She could be tricking you! Of course, I won't tell you if she is or not...

Tigress: She isn't! I definitely know now! Because you guys wouldn't be here to take her if she was already being controlled by you people! And you wouldn't put the thought in my mind that she is being controlled if Wei Long wanted all of us to trust her!

Scar pressed his lips together in frustration. He gave her a quick glare and Tigress knew she was right! But that didn't help the current situation she was in...

They were all in a half circle in front of her while she stood a few feet in front of the door. She watched all of them carefully, making sure they didn't move towards her. They just stood there, watching her as closely as she was watching them.

There was a sudden clap of thunder that made her jump in surprise, making her lose her focus for a second. Tigress was thrown forward onto her paws. She quickly turned around to see a black panther pinning Miles to a wall. She wore a dark gray leather vest with black pants. On her scabbard there was a curved sword and a small black bag attacked to it. Miles looked very scared by the situation, his eyes were wide, and he was breathing big nervous gasps. She growled and shoved him away. He dropped to the floor but didn't get up. He just stared at the ground in shame.

The strange girl walked over to Tigress and stared down at her.

Girl: Well! Get up!

The harshness of her voice surprised her. But she stood up quickly and spun around to look at Scar. He hadn't moved. But his eyes narrowed at the panther.

Scar: Who are you!

The girl looked down at her feet, her voice shaking with anger.

Girl: None of your business.

Tigress saw Scar's eyes widen with realization. Then she saw another emotion, but she couldn't tell what it was before his face gone emotionless again.

Girl: Leave the Jade Palace before you have ME to deal with!

Scar growled and then attacked them. He threw a punch towards the panther but Tigress shoved him backward with her shoulder. They both jumped back and the girl turned to Tigress.

Girl: Go get that white striped girl and hide somewhere safe!

Tigress: I'm not known for running away from a fight like that!

Girl: DO IT NOW! If they get her, we LOSE! I'll hold them back!

Tigress hesitated but then nodded. She flipped backward and tumble rolled into the door of the palace. After closing it behind her, she ran down the hall. She threw open the door to see Ali. She gasped when Tigress had come in and was holding a bow with an arrow aimed at the door. Ali gave a relieved sigh.

Ali: Oh! It's you! I thought you were a bad guy!

Tigress: Come with me.

Ali immediately followed her down to the dungeon. Tigress flipped over one of the tables and they hid behind it like a shield.

Ali: How long do we stay here?

Tigress: I have no idea.

Ali sighed and then stared at the door, half expecting to see a bandit walk in. She slowly aimed her arrow towards the door horizontally.

Tigress: What are you doing?

Ali: If someone comes to get us, I'll be ready. I'm NOT getting captured again!

Tigress smiled at the face she made. But then her face went serious again.

Tigress: There was a strange girl out there. A black panther. I think she saved my life...

Ali: How?

Tigress: That snow leopard boy you told us about, he attacked me from behind and probably would have got me if that girl hadn't push me away from him.

Ali: Miles?

Tigress: Yeah.

Ali made a sort of disappointed look but then just smiled.

Ali: Well, let's hope we will be able to see her again to thank her!

A few minutes passed, and then a few hours. Tigress growled quietly.

Tigress: I'm going up there. You stay here. They can't know where you are.

Ali knew the importance of this and so she nodded.

Ali: If you're gone for too long, I'm going to come help you.

Tigress: Alright, deal.

Ali grinned and Tigress ran from the room. She ran down to the town since they weren't behind the Palace and hid behind a tree. She saw the 5 boys watching the girl and Scar fight. Tigress wandered why they weren't helping him but didn't think much about it. It just makes it easier. Scar's back was to Tigress but the panther saw her and gestured to the other 5 boys. And then gestured to the area and the other side of where they were standing. Tigress understood. She walked up behind the boys and shoved them really hard. Then she tried to steer them to the other side, the panther doing the same. Tigress looked up to see a bunch of cluttered stuff around that area. Suddenly the girl grabbed Tigress and brought her back. She pulled out her sword as fast as possible and then threw it upward. It cut a rope above all of the clutter and then dropped. Everything else dropping with it.

A ton of random stuff dropped down on the boys. Tigress's eyes widened. She saw the Masters of Disaster pull themselves out of the rubble on the opposite side of them and then run as fast as they could away.


Tigress: You set up this trap?

Girl: Yep! That's why it took me so long to come and help you!

She smiled proudly and looked around. Her smile replaced by a puzzled frown.

Girl: Darn. Lost my sword. I'll be right back!

The panther ducked under a wooden plank and into the rubble. Shifu, Po and the rest of the Five ran up to her. Shifu looked around.

Shifu: What happened?

After Tigress explained everything and Shifu told her about the bandits and not having time to wake her, the panther finally emerged from the rubble with her sword. They all stared at her curiously.

Girl: ... WHAT?

They ran back to the Jade Palace and got Ali from the dungeon. Po gave her a big bear hug and told her he was sorry for leaving her alone. Shifu looked suspiciously at the panther that was keeping herself well away from the group and then, when they went upstairs, sat them all down.

Shifu: A lot has happened tonight. We now know that no one leaves Ali alone. Someone always needs to be with her if she's in the Palace, or if she goes into town! Alright?

Po and the Five: Yes Master.

Shifu: And now, girl?

The panther had been staring at the wall, completely not paying attention. She jerked her head towards him.

Girl: Yes?

Shifu: Who are you?

She gave them a unexpected shy smile.

Girl: My name is N.

Po: N?

N: I don't know my real name. So I call myself N.

Po: Oh...

Shifu: Why are you here, N?

N: To help of course. I was walking in the woods and heard them plotting this. I knew I had to help Tigress. I usually walk around, town to town, helping random people. But you guys DEFINITLY needed my help!

Tigress: Hmmm... Where did you come from?

N: *smirk* That is classified information.

Tigress frowned. Then she remembered something. When they had been fighting...

Tigress: Why was it that the 5 other boys were just watching you fight Scar?

N looked down at her feet.

N: He usually likes to fight me one-on-one...

Po: Why? Do you already know him?

She looked up at Po with a look pleading him to forgive her.

N: Yes. Scar is my brother.

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