Author's Note: When watching Degrassi, I had this little thought in my head and I wondered what would have happened if Bianca had gotten pregnant. I love her with Drew, but I'm trying to explore some other options. This is kind of a weird story but it's been stuck in my head for a while now so I thought I'd go ahead and post it. I hope you enjoy. Just so you guys know there will be a bit of Spanish in this story.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Degrassi or any of the characters in the show.

Chapter 1: Positive

Bianca's hands shake as she walks into her house. Her aunt is in the kitchen preparing a meal but she doesn't say anything to Bianca. Bianca sighs, running a hand through her hair as she turns to her aunt, the only guardian that she's had for a while. She knows that her aunt is mad at her ever since she found out that she was involved with the gang, but Bianca knows that she's changed. Maybe not by much but it's still progress.

"Tia, how long are you going to stay mad at me? I said I was sorry. I'm a changed person now, I swear." Bianca says, her eyes trying to plead with her aunt. All she wants is a little bit of sympathy, a little bit of forgiveness from her aunt. She has never been close to her aunt, but yet she feels like she needs her. She just needs someone, wants someone, to believe in her.

"How do you expect me to trust you when you get caught up in a gang? How stupid can you be Bianca?" She replies, angrily stirring the food she has made in a tiny pot.

Bianca scoffs, "I made a mistake ok! And I'm trying to apologize. Why can't you just see that?"

Her aunt doesn't reply.

"Haven't you ever done something that you wish you could take back?" Bianca asks, thinking back to the AA chips she received in therapy for her drinking problem. She had showed it to her when she was first taken in, a couple days after her parents died.

"You know what Bianca? I have done something I wish I could take back, like telling your parents that I would take care of you when you died. You're arrogant, and spoiled, just go to your room." She shouts, not even looking Bianca in the eye.

Bianca was never one to get emotional, but as the words seeped through her brain she felt like she was going to cry. She doesn't say anything as she passes through the kitchen and heads to the bathroom, slamming the door shut. She stares into the mirror, it's bad enough having to deal with her aunt, but now she has to deal with something much more important, something that can either make or break her life.

Bianca feels her heart beat increase as she pulls the pregnancy test out of her bag. She gulps, if her aunt hates her now, she would really hate her if she ended up pregnant. Bianca opens the box up slowly, letting the tears fall down her face freely. No one can see her, she's safe now, and in her own little world where she's free to show her emotion. She feels the urge to pray to God that she's not pregnant, but then she rolls her eyes at her thought. How silly of me, thinking that God is actually real and could help me with this.

She goes through the normal procedures of taking the pregnancy test, and several minutes later, she shakes the test and she checks the color. She feels like the life is sucked out of her as she falls to the ground after seeing that the color was pink. Positive...she wants to cry. How can this be? She knows exactly

The worst part is that she knows it's not Drew's. She had thought that she could still have a chance with Drew, but as she stares at the pregnancy test, she knows that any chance with Drew is over, even if he wants her back. She feels like she's going to puke, she wishes that she could die already as she thinks of the possibility of it being his baby.


She knows that it doesn't make sense for the baby to be anyone's expect Vince. She remembers only ever having 'sex' with Drew a few times during their relationship. And even then it was oral anyway. She remembers the condom slipping during her offer to Vince to protect Drew. She cringes at the thought of it. She hates Vince. What if the baby is his? She shakes the thought out of her head because she hates lying to herself when she knows the truth.

It's Vince's baby, and there's nothing she can do about it.