Author's Note: Here's the last chapter, hope you enjoy!

Chapter 25: Farewell

A painful scream comes from Bianca's mouth and her aunt stops what she's doing right away. It's a peaceful Sunday, and Bianca has just been chilling in her room before the sudden outburst. Juliana rushes to her room, seeing Bianca holding her belly in pain.

"I-I think the baby's coming!" Bianca screams, her eyes widening with fear.

"Ok, alright. Deep breaths. Let's get you to the hospital. Everything will be ok. We just need to-" Bianca interrupts her tia with a giggle.

Juliana lays her hands on her hips and groans, "Bianca! Really? Again?"

This only makes Bianca laugh even harder. She claps her hands over her mouth in attempt to stop laughing but she can't. When she finally calms down she smiles at her aunt, "I'm sorry! I couldn't resist - I just want to make sure you know what you're doing when the baby comes." She says, and Juliana hits her on the arm playfully.

"I do need your help on something though. Tomorrow is the graduation and I don't even know what I'm going to say for my Salutatorian speech." She huffs. Suddenly Juliana becomes teary eyed. This is the first time she's ever seen her aunt like this, "Are you ok?"

She nods, "You're really growing up Bianca. I never thought I'd say this after all the trouble you caused but, I'm proud of you."

Bianca smiles, "Thank you so much." She says, then gets up. She has an urging to finish her speech, already knowing the few people she has to thank for being proud of her and believing in her.

It was graduation night and Bianca could feel her heart pounding. They had called everyone's names to get there diplomas. She almost laughed on stage when the Jesus Club had held up a big poster saying, 'Congrats Bianca!'. The valedictorian speech had been made, and she listened intently to it after finding out that it was Will who was presented with valedictorian. She awed when Will dedicated a part of his speech to Clare. One day they were going to be together, she just knew it. Now it's Bianca's turn to present her speech, and she's nervous. She plays with her fingers, trying to calm her nerves as she sits there, facing everyone in the audience. The claps finally stop for the valedictorian speech, and the principal smiles.

"Thank you Will, for that empowering speech. Next up is someone who I never thought would make it here to be honest. She proved me wrong, and she has really grown up since she's been at Degrassi. I am proud to have Bianca De'Sousa share with her Salutatorian speech." He says, motioning a hand towards Bianca.

The crowd claps, but it seizes very quickly. She doesn't really have many friends, but she doesn't let that get to her. She takes her paper out, and her heart starts to pound even more.

She looks at the paper, eyes the crowd, and gulps, "Fellow graduates, faculty, friends-" She stops for a second, then crumbles up the paper, sparking the interest of the crowd.

"I'm sorry, but sticking to the script isn't really my style." Bianca says, and some of the audience laughs.

She starts talking again, "So all I have is the real words in my heart right now. I know it's corny, but it's true. If you would have seen me just a year ago, you would never expect me to be here right now. You probably wouldn't even expect me to graduate. But life changes, sometimes for the better. This year I found out I was pregnant," The crowd gasps, "I thought my life was ruined, but with the help of friends, a wonderful aunt, and God, I started to see that my life was broken before, and now it was coming together. It was all apart of God's plan for me. I don't know if I would ever be the person I am today if I wasn't at Degrassi. Trust me, the school has it's flaws, but in Degrassi, there's people who care about you, and want you to succeed." She says, her eyes tearing up.

"So my first shout out goes to Principal Simpson, for giving me a chance, for letting me stay at this school. I think any other principal would have expelled me after everything I've done." She says, smiling at him and he gives her a toothy grin and a firm nod. She turns her attention back to the crowd, "Gracias tia, para decidir a amarme a pesar de que me dieron en problemas." She smiles at her aunt and her aunt starts to cry all over again, "And thank you Jesus Club. Will, Clare, Grace. I don't know where I would be without you guys, or if I would have ever figured out my path." She says, and they can't help but smile.

"Before I cleaned up my act, I was just a bad ass who didn't care about anything. But I've realized what's important in life: being successful." Bianca draws in a deep breath, her hands shaking, "I learned that being a bad ass won't get you anywhere. Some may think you're cool, but it will only hurt you later on in life. In the end what really matters in life, is what you make in it. So, put your heart into everything you do. Be passionate about things in your life, and you will accomplish things. Then you can make a difference." She says, feeling her heart finally calm down.

The crowd erupts in cheers for Bianca, and she can hear the screams of happiness from her aunt in particular. She smiles, and takes a step off the podium to go sit back down.

"Thank you Bianca, for that touching, uplifting speech." Principal Simpson says, and and the graduation starts to come to an end. She sees Clare and Grace smiling at her, and Will smiling at her from across the stage. She can't even describe how she's feeling, it's like a dream, but this time she knows she's not going to wake up form it.

As the graduation ends, Bianca hugs all of her friends and she holds her aunt in her arms as she cries. Music plays and everyone hangs around, eating, laughing, talking. Some even come and tell Bianca what a great speech she's done. She stands a little far away from her friends for a moment, taking some time to reflect on life. Someone taps her shoulder and she turns around slowly, her jaw dropping when she sees who it is.

"Fitz?" Bianca says, a hint of confusion in her voice. She suddenly feels dizzy, this has to be a dream.

Fitz embraces her, he smells musty, like he's just ran a marathon but she doesn't care at the moment.

"Fitz! What are you doing here?" Bianca exclaims.

"I terminated the contract Bee." He says in a breathless voice.


He silences her, "I'd rather be with you no matter what." He says, and he pulls her waist and kisses her. At first she's shocked, but it doesn't take her too long to kiss him back. Her arms wrap around his neck and he pulls her deeper. Her face is flushed, and when they pull away she can't help but smile, "I missed you so much." She cries, and he hugs her.

The next day, Bianca has her baby in Kaiser Hospital. A very painful and unnatural experience that she will never talk about, not even to her friends. She gives birth to healthy girl with caramel skin, a cute afro, and shinning brown eyes, and she can't be any happier.