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X Men Folks Class

Chapter 1

Charles' P.O.V

I had been sat in my study nursing the same glass of Scottish Whiskey for about an hour now. Erik was bound to be annoying the students trying to find me but I couldn't bring myself to care at this moment. It was her birthday tomorrow, 13th September. She would be eighteen, wow that meant I hadn't seen her in twelve years. My little sister had moved away when our parents got divorced. I was fourteen when she moved away and it broke my heart, still does to this very day.

I didn't know I had shed a tear till Erik was crouched down in front of me wiping it from my flushed cheeks. He pried the still full glass from my hands and placed it on the table in front of me. Erik sat next to me on the small sofa then pulled me into his arms.

"What's wrong Liebling?" Erik asked softly

"It's my sisters birthday tomorrow, she's eighteen" My voice broke as more tears fell

"I didn't know you had a sister" He replied puzzled

"She moved away with my Father, I miss her so much" I told him as I rested my head on his chest.

"Why don't we go and visit her then?" He said logically

"I could, couldn't I? Why didn't I think of that? I really want you to meet her Erik" I responded softly rubbing his arm

"I would love to meet her Mäuschen" Erik pulled me closer as he spoke.

Smiling stupidly I took the phone from my pocket and dialled my fathers number to let him know we were coming to Folks. He didn't sound to pleased when I mentioned Erik was coming but I would deal with that later. After half an hour I hung up and settled back against Erik who had stayed there the whole time playing with a metal pen I had left on my desk.

"I don't think my father's too fond of you" I told him while taking hold of the pen floating in front of my face and placing it back on the table.

"That doesn't surprise me" I could see the smirk forming on his face

I couldn't resist leaning in to kiss his lips softly. Pulling back before it got out of hand I stood up. Erik groaned but stood to follow me.

"Where do you think you are going?" His voice was husky and he raised his eyebrow mischievously

"To start packing my love, we are leaving for Forks tomorrow" I replied over my shoulder as I got to the door

"So what is this lovely sisters name?" Erik asked, I could feel the breath on my neck as I had stopped.

"Isabella Marie Xavier, now come along love and don't distract me" I said while taking his hand and leading him to my room.

Lets just say I didn't begin packing till later that evening.

Bella's P.O.V

Entering the kitchen I found Charlie pulling bedding out of the drier. He was dressed in his usual Police uniform and his hair was neatly combed. Something was wrong, it had to be.

"Dad what are you doing?" I asked as I sat down at the kitchen table

"Just sorting out bedding for the spare room, your brothers visiting" He told me as he folded the bedding and placed it on the table.

"Charles is coming!" I practically shouted with excitement

It was at that moment a beep was heard outside, Edward was waiting in the car for me. He picked me up every morning for school.

"He will be here after school and he is bringing a friend so don't be late home" He told me as he got up out of his chair. " And Happy Birthday Bella" he kissed my cheek and handed me my bag

Edward was leaning against his car waiting for me, as I approached the car he opened the passenger door so I could climb inside his Volvo. Less than a second later he was in the drivers seat. As the car set off towards school I couldn't hold back the mad smile on my face. My brother was coming, I hadn't seen him in so long. I always wanted him to come and live with us but he felt bad for mom so stayed in Westchester.

"What's got you all happy today? You know it is your birthday right?" I could hear the laughter in Edward's voice.

"Charles, my brother, is coming down today" I could feel the excitement bubbling up inside.

"Your brother?" He asked confused

"He's my big brother, he stayed with my mom when my parents split up" Just mentioning my brother made my voice softer and more affectionate

At this moment we pulled into the school parking lot and Edward parked next to Rosalie's BMW. I couldn't wait to get out of this horrible place. I truly hated high school. Edward opened my car door and helped me out, he was laughing softly at something he must have read in someone's mind. This reminded me of my dear brother. However, Edward couldn't read my mind where Charles could. Alice danced towards us with a huge smile on her graceful face pulling Jasper along with her.

I knew before she spoke what she was going to say. Charles was to blame for this, he was always so good at reading people. So it was because of this that I knew she was throwing a birthday party for me and some how I knew it would end badly.

"No Alice, no party for me. My brother is arriving later" I couldn't keep the smugness out of my voice

"But I haven't seen anyone coming, Are you sure?" I couldn't help but laugh at her expression

"Charles is…special, you wouldn't see his future" they had a right to know about us but I wanted to mess with them a little, I would explain later. "Oops the bell"

With that I walked off towards English, my first lesson of the day. Knowing sighing as I knew there would be no way I could concentrate knowing I was hours away from being reunited with my beloved brother. As a child, even though he was older, we were partners in crime. We did everything together but after my mom got remarried we never saw each other.

By the time the end of the day came I practically ran to Edwards car. I needed to get home right NOW. If Edward didn't hurry up I would run home, I was that desperate. Edward and the rest of his siblings walked over to me.

"What's got little Bella Bos heart racing? Is it Eddie boy" Emmett teased me

"Fuck off Emmy I need to get home already, Charles will be here soon" I spat back as I dived into the car Edward had just opened. I didn't have time for Emmett right now.

"Calm down Bella I will get you home" and I believed him, especially with his crazy driving

All the way home I was bouncing in my seat. When we pulled up there was a black car outside my house and I swung the door open and ran towards my house. God how I had missed my big brother

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