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Charles P.O.V

Once we entered the bedroom I pulled my shirt off and flopped down on the bed. Anger coursed through my body. This people were really starting to piss me off. Erik shut the door and sat down next to me on the bed. Calmly he stroked my chest with his fingers.

"Come on Liebling" Erik's voice was soothing and his warm hand made my skin tingle

"The things he was thinking Erik, they really offended me" Turning to look at him I caressed his face "Will it always be like this?"

Erik rested his head above my heart, listening to the beat as he traced patterns on my chest.

"The world is changing. People like us are being accepted in society. Some people in the world don't like change, they fight it. We knew we would be given a hard time being mutants alone. We can and will fight this. Do you know why?" Erik spoke with conviction and affection

"Why?" I asked as I stroked his hair

"Because I love you and nothing else matters more. Remember that please" He placed a soft kiss over my heart.

Pain shot up my arm originating from my knuckles. Pain that wasn't mine. I instantly knew that the pain had come from Bella. Even when I wasn't looking into her mind consciously, I always had a small part of my mind settled in hers. Pushing my mind out, searching the house for an explanation to the pain I was feeling. Erik noticed my distraction and took my hand. He lifted his head off my chest and looked deeply into my eyes.

"What is wrong?" Concern was bleeding across his features

"Bella" was the only word I managed to say but he understood

Erik was quickly standing, pulling me up and out the door. Swiftly walking down the hall and the stairs we found the commotion. Bella stood at one end of the room glaring and holding her arm up. At the other end was Jacob and Billy. Charlie stood in the middle debating what to do, he had never witnessed the violent side of Bella.

Shaking my head I crossed the room, still shirtless, towards Bella.

"Hand" I held out my own hand so I could softly take hers to examine it. Running a small school for mutant children and having to deal with Erik, I knew quite a bit about injuries.

Erik came to stand next to me, peering down at Bella's hand. It was already starting to turn a purple colour. Erik and I both looked at each other and sighed.

"Broken" We said at the same time. I had seen this millions of times after training sessions or when Sean and Alex had been play fighting. Entering Bella's mind I blocked the pain receptors so she couldn't feel the pain. Letting go of her hand I turned to look at the others in the room. They were openly staring at his.

"Does someone fancy telling us what happened?" Crossing my arms, I asked

"Bella punched Jacob" Charlie was the first to speak up

"He was being horrible about Charles and Erik. I refused to take it, he needed to be taught a lesson" Bella mirrored my stance and pouted

"That sounds about right, from what I've seen" I walked towards them. Billy and Jacob looked at my chest then at Erik, who's hair was a mess. "Oh for gods sake that's not what happened"

Jacob's face was a mix of rage and concern. He was angry at us but concerned for Bella. He was practically throwing his thoughts at me and I didn't like the dark turn they were taking. Everyone around us was paying attention to Charlie and Billy's conversation. Well it was more of an argument. I slipped into Jacob's mind.

You need to calm your thoughts boy, My voice projected into his mind and his head shot up to glare at me.

"STAY OUT OF MY HEAD!" Jacob shouted across the room cutting off all conversation.

Everyone silently turned to look at him. His whole body shook with anger, if he didn't calm down he was going to phase.

Erik he's going to phase, I sent him an image of what Sam had done to his wife when he lost control during an argument, scaring half her body.

Erik edged closer. He pushed Charlie behind him and the lamp in the left corner of the room began to shudder.

It was at this moment the lights went out. The electricity had been cut. Jacobs deep breathes could be heard as he gain control back over his body. I could feel Erik's hand resting at the bottom of my back just above the scare on my spine. He was making sure I was ok. We all stayed still and quiet for a few minutes until Bella's scream was heard and a growl. There was something in the house, a female vampire. From her chaotic thoughts It was clear that she wasn't alone. Moving was fast as I could I tried to get to Bella. The darkness didn't both me in the slightest, I had spent years in the comfort of it.

The vampire was obviously faster. She clubbed Bella over the head knocking her out and proceeded to carry her. She was not getting out of here in one piece. Moving out the door after the vampire I sent some pain waves her way. She dropped under the pretense that she was on fire. Bella's body could be heard hitting the floor, hard. There were shouts behind me as everybody moved to follow. Exiting the house I found Bella's unconscious body on the floor next to the female vampire.

It was then I remembered that she wasn't alone. As I ran towards Bella I searched the how trying to find the missing mind. There was no one else here. It was then that I heard the sinister chuckle and it triggered a memory in my mind. The reason I couldn't sense the other persons mind became clear to me. The force of the flashback froze my body and I turned to look at the man behind me. It couldn't be. There was no way that what I was seeing was real.

In all my life I had only met one man who had found a way to keep me out of his mind. This man had tortured Erik from a young age, had almost killed me. This man was standing in front of me now.

He raised his right arm which was holding Charlie's baseball bat.

"Goodbye Telepath" His voice was the last thing I heard before my mind was plunged into darkness.

Den den derrrrrrrrr

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