The Vampire Stalker- After Vigo's Death

I woke up, wondering where I was at first; but soon realising that I was in the Hospital. I looked at the clock on the bedside table, it was just after nine o'clock. Alexander was asleep on the chair against the wall to my right.

What had happened? Different thoughts rushed through my head over and over until I finally came to the memory of last night...

It was late, Friday night, and I was walking home from Katie's birthday party. The park came into my view soon after I'd got off the bus; and as I came closer to it, I speeded my walking slightly, memories flashing of the time Vigo had almost taken me. I knew he was dead, but still had the cautious feeling of walking alone near the park at night. Almost at the apartment building, my legs were starting to tire after a long night. It must have been at least eleven, there was nobody on the streets, it was deadly quiet.

A sudden car light startled me as it speeded round the corner behind me and stopped near to where I was walking. It already looked like trouble. Still walking, I took a quick look into the car window; they were young adults, about early twenties. The driver took a glimpse at me, and then to the others crammed into the car.

'So, where would a pretty girl like you be heading at a time like this?' Said the driver, smirking.

I didn't reply, instead just kept walking. But the car started to follow along side me.

Just keep walking, Amy. I thought to myself.

'It's rude not to answer' Said another one of the supposedly drunk men. I could see the empty beer bottles on the dashboard, and a couple of them in the backseats still swigging from half-full Budweiser's. They all laughed.

I turned onto the Road where my apartment building was. So did they.

All I wanted was Alexander, I remembered the fear rushing through me. I felt so safe around him, like he was the only thing in the world that could protect me. He had saved me from a vampire after all.

'Let me out, let me out.' Whispered the one in the middle back-seat; opening the door and leaping over the man next to it. 'Hello.' He said, suddenly beside me. 'I wish you'd answer.' he turned to his friends and laughed.

I crossed the road, head down.

He ran up to me and grabbed my arm firmly. 'I'm Sorry, I've forgotten to introduce myself! I'm Leander.' He gave a small laugh as I broke free and stumbled across the rest of the road in my heels.

Leander, I thought, It can't be, he's obviously messing around.

It was then that he brushed the hair away from my neck and sank his teeth in, faster than I could think to try and get away.

It must have been about six seconds before Alexander showed up and took him to the ground. Then the last things I remember were the navy blue car swerving round the corner-Leander in it, and Alexander rushing over to me.

Alexander's eyes fluttered open and saw that I was awake. He got up from the hospital chair quickly and rushed over to me.

'Thank god.' He said, with a sigh of relief. 'You scared me, Amy!' He put his hand against my cheek with a worried face.

I felt weak all over. So much that I struggled to move without slightly wincing from pain.

' I, I don't understand!' I said, 'How could Leander...'

Alexander interrupted me, 'That doesn't matter right now, what matters is that you're going to be OK.' He said it with a smile, comforting me.

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