The Vampire Stalker- After Vigo's Death- Chapter 4

'He definitely should be home by now' I thought as I walked home from Luisa's house. I couldn't stop thinking about Alexander, and if he was OK.

It started to rain, and dark grey clouds started to fill the sky. I looked at my watch; it was quarter past two. At that moment my phone rang; it said 'Unknown Number'. I answered, 'Hello?'

' Hello, is this Amy?' She rushed the words, and her voice sounded slightly concerned.

'Um, yes. Who is it?' I replied.

'I'm Samantha. Your friend Alexander is in the Emergency clinic, he was bleeding badly when me and my friends found him, but we brought him here and he should be OK. He was asking for you though.' Her voice sounded calm now, like she was trying not to alarm me.

Except, I was running for a cab the second she said Emergency Clinic.

I ran through the doors of the hospital's Emergency Clinic and went straight to the desk.

'I'm looking for Alexander Banks.' I stuttered to the Lady, trying to catch my breath at the same time.

She looked at the computer, slowly typing in his name.

Hurry up, hurry up! I thought. I wanted to see him, now.

'He's in room three.' She pointed over my left shoulder to the door.

'Thankyou.' I smiled.

Slowly opening the door, I peeked my head round to see Alexander sat on the edge of a seat, having a bandage wrapped around his body to stop beneath his ribs from bleeding.

I stepped in, and he looked at me with almost laughter in his eyes, and the corners of his mouth curling with humour. He obviously saw this as funny.

But then he winced with pain as the doctor finished off his bandage.

' That should keep your ribs secure and the wound from bleeding for at least a little while. But you'll have to come back in a few days to have a new bandage put on.'

'Thankyou.' Alexander said to the doctor as he followed me out the door.

We got in a cab to go home.

' What happened?' I said, after giving the driver my address.

' I found Leander this morning, he was in the same hiding place as Vigo.'

I interrupted him before he could say anymore. 'And you fought with him?' I asked, before realising what a stupid question it was.

'No, Amy. I stabbed myself with a scrap piece of metal.' He replied sarcastically. That was the first time he had ever been sarcastic with me. And he was only like that when he wasn't in a good mood.

'I almost had him.' He continued. 'I had a stake to his chest,' he laughed, shaking his head 'I was stupid by letting him grab the metal.' Then he looked at me. 'I'm sorry, Amy.'

'Why are you sorry?' I already knew why, but felt like I had to ask for his sake.

'I didn't mean to be like that with you.' He sighed.

'It's okay.' I said, leaning against him.

He put his arm around me and we were silent for the rest of the journey, embracing the moment which made us both forget almost everything, and just think about each other.

It was seven o'clock, and me, mum, and Alexander were sat in the lounge ,watching the evening news whilst eating dinner.

My mouth stopped chewing the moment the word 'Vampire' came out of the newsreaders mouth. It then flashed to a reporter speaking with a cab driver about some 'things' he'd heard whilst driving a couple home. My jaw dropped... obviously he was listening in to the whole conversation.

Me and Alexander looked at each other, mom focusing on the TV.

Then we looked back to the screen as the cab driver said my name and address. Mum looked at me as if to say, ' Amy...what have you done?'

I couldn't get the words out to explain before there was a knock at the door. Straight away Alexander dropped his fork and rushed to it, before my mom got up.

He opened it so that the people could see only him.

I went over to the window looking down on our street; there was a woman with a camera crew heading into the apartment building.

Alexander slammed the door, and sighed with relief.

'That was your neighbours, asking why you were on TV... I told them it was all a lie, and the cab driver was making the entire thing up.'

'There are already camera crews coming up though, what do we say to them?'

'AMY!' My mom shouted. 'What is going on?' She looked mad and confused at the same time.

I didn't want to answer. And before I could, she gave a heavy sigh and walked into the kitchen.

Then there was a another knock.

'Here we go!' Alexander turned around, and took a deep breath before opening the door.

'What do you know about another VAMPIRE?'

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