To her credit, Kali had only flinched once.

"F-Fuck. Ass!"

And it had only been the first time. Tourettes, she figured and had since managed to keep her features expressionless during his outbursts. She gave the old man a tight smile and waited as he sorted his thoughts.

"You're h-hired." His bushy white eyebrows rose and he flashed her a toothy grin. "If you still want it."

Kali let the breath she had been holding go and held out her hand eagerly. "Very much so, thank you!"

Doc shook her hand, glancing at the duffle bag thrown over her shoulder. "You got a p-p-place to st-stay?"

Her brow furrowed, her gut twisting anxiously. That had been step two. Step one, get a job. She had to have money to eat but she could stand a few nights under a bridge if she had to...

He nodded, releasing her hand as he took a step back toward the bar. "There's a cot." He motioned toward the door that led to the small kitchen behind him. "It isn't m-much..."

Her eyes widened, "It's perfect." Would it be inappropriate to throw her arms around her new boss slash landlord? Probably. She beamed at him instead and reached for his hand again, this time covering it with both of hers. "Thank you again, sir-"

He chuckled lightly and tipped his chin. "D-Doc. Everyone calls m-me Doc."

Too excited to wait, Kali made her way towards the kitchens and her new 4 star accommodations. She peeked in, it was small but looked sturdy and she would probably smell like beer and onions everyday. It was perfect. With a quick glance she flashed him a bright smile over her shoulder. "Well Doc, when do I start?"

BoondockSaintsBoondockSaints BoondockSaintsBoondockSaints BoondockSaints

She loved it. McGinty's was loud and raucous, it's patrons rowdy and drunk. She moved quickly, pouring drinks and delivering beer. Everyone was very welcoming, a little too welcoming maybe. She didn't mind though, a pinch and a leer would boost her tips and Lord knows, she could use it.

The night was in full swing and she was busy with a slurring fellow who called himself Davy when she saw the front doors open out of the corner of her eye. Maybe a woman with better sense would feel overwhelmed at the overpopulation...better sense...or a bigger pocket book. As it was, she couldn't find a remorseful bone in her body and decided that now was a good time to make her back down the bar. She gave Davy a cheeky grin and dangled his freshly poured shot of low grade whiskey in front of his hooded eyes. "Pay first, honey, your tab is maxed."

"Oy! Conner! Murph!" Someone further down called out. Rocco, she believed the others had called him. He was cute, italian and flirty. She had already gotten a cool tip from him. Kali kissed the tips of her fingers and pressed them to Davy's forehead. "Close your eyes for a minute hun, I'll be back."

She made her way to the other side of the bar, hoping to catch a glance at Rocco's new friends. Maybe they would be just as generous for a fast drink and an easy smile but the crowd was thick around them, she couldn't quite get a look...

"Well fuck me! Who is this?"

Turning quickly, she met the eyes of the man that had spoken, her brow arched. His words were heavy with an Irish brogue that would curl any girls toes and he had the face to seal the deal. He was dirty blonde and handsome.

Rocco spun in his chair. "This, gents, is the new hire Doc has been threatening us with."

Another man, this one with pale skin, dark hair and pretty blue eyes peeked out from the mash of bodies behind. "You're fucking with us!"

Kali chuckled softly, her eyes moving slowly from one man to another. "The name's Kalisto, Kali for short. What can I do you for boys?"

"Just a beer for us." The blonde one said as he and the other man creatively acquired a seat next to Rocco.

She almost felt bad for the poor sops they had pushed onto the floor but then, everyone roared their approval and the feeling was gone. She made fast work of the tap and set two frothy beers down in front of them.

The dark haired one was about to speak when-

"Another round!" A man from one of the tables in back called out, waving his hands in the air to catch her attention as the others pounded their fists on the wooden top.

Kali glanced at the group and gave a quick nod of acknowledgment before looking back at Rocco's cute friend, only to find him distracted. Too bad, she thought briefly and then mentally rewound the night to remember what that particular lot had been drinking. She ticked off the brands of whiskey in her head and when one popped, went about filling six shot glasses and saving their contents from spilling as she made her way through the crowd. A balancing act that required no small amount of talent, she thought wryly as she dodged a stumbling drunk that fell with a smile on his face and a drink in his hand.

Successfully reaching her mark with little more than a rebellious slosh, Kali made a circle around the table, serving each shot efficiently. Once finished, she turned and began searching for a clear path back to her safe haven behind the bar when she felt a large hand cup her ass. Meaty fingers digging into her flesh with a hefty squeeze.

Kali spun around and shoved her hand in the face of the greasy man that smirked up at her unapologetically. "Pay up."

He frowned, his movements slow and uncoordinated as he tried to push her hand away.
"What?" He asked dumbly.

She shifted her weight from one foot to the other, her palm still nose level. "Honey, I don't mind if you want to grab my ass but if you are going to treat me like a whore then you damn well better pay me like one." Her brow arched. "Now pay up!" She couldn't help but noticed that the busy bar had suddenly cut the noise in half. She didn't take her eyes off the man as he grumbled something in German and dug in his front pocket.

"How much is it worth to ya?" He asked with a slur and a grin.

Kali laughed and shrugged her shoulders. "You tell me." Wink.

He glanced from her eyes to her ass and slapped a fifty dollar bill in her hand. "An i'll owe you the rest!" He and his friends roared with laughter, clapping the man on the back, unaware of her silent retreat as she pocketed the money with a smile.

"You'll do alright here, lass."

Kali looked up. "I will certainly try."

"Name's Connor."

"Aye, and I am Murphy."

She smiled at them. "It's a pleasure."