Hello everyone! I have to put a little warning on this chapter. As you all know by now, this is a threesome fic. I have never gone too far, I think, with that but in this chapter I step over some new boundaries. This is very M rated. Please don't read if you don't like the idea of being in a Connor/Murphy sandwich ;)

Anyway, SMUT. Enjoy.

"Here you go, darlin." Kali set down the glass of water, condensation from the ice gathering quickly and trickling down the sides.

Davy eyed her appreciatively, gave her a crooked smile and slapped a ten dollar bill down on the bar top. He really was sweet. Drunk and sweet. She only hoped she had cut him off in time. Not that it was going to make too much of a difference, he was going to have one hell of a hangover in the morning.

Stepping away, she stretched, reaching up onto her tiptoes to ease the ache in her back. It was nearing 2a.m. Almost closing time.

Kali was jittery with excitement. O'Brien was here, along with Rocco and a good half dozen
other 'close friends' of her twins and she was invited to the party. She had spruced up, practically daring the Irish pub Deities to spill lager down her blouse tonight. Just try it, she thought, and added a 'heavenly directed' mental fist shaking for good measure.

Blasphemy was surely the least of her worries.

"Alright, everybody out!"

She smiled wearily, Rocco's scratchy tone suddenly loud as he propped himself up on the bar, several mugs skittering to the floor. A glance told her that he was shooing with one hand and drinking with the other. She sighed, the amber liquid that dripped from her previously clean counter top made her twitch and she decided that she had some catching up to do. Drunken Kali was the only Kali that could handle this tonight.

Moving quickly, Kali stepped over the mess he made and grabbed the tipsy Italian's elbow. "They still have a few minutes, Roc."

"No they don't." He shook his head, swaying dangerously. "We voted and McGinty's is closed." He smiled down at her, completely smashed and she couldn't help but laugh.

The few patrons that didn't belong with their small group were filing out obediently. She bit her lip, tugging a few times as she rocked on her heels. No one seemed to be fussing…

A slow smile peeled over her expression and she reached behind to untie her apron strings just as Connor and Murphy made their way to their usual stools, a third tailing close behind. She recognized him as Clint O'Brien, the handsome Irish friend she had met the night her twins took her dancing.

Instantly, closing early became a good idea. Her eyes wandered down to their hands. They each held a beer in one and her mouth grew dry as multiple images of what could be cradled in the other came to mind. Particularly her, she wasn't picky what part. Easy to please and all that.

Murphy coughed and Connor smirked. "You need a shot."

Kali grinned. "Let me lock up first."

Connor nodded, watching her as she nabbed the keys from beneath the counter. She could feel eyes on her, too many sets to count. She frowned at the door as the attention flushed her skin. Maybe this wasn't a good idea. Rolling her eyes at herself, she wrangled with the lock for a bit before twisting the key and futilely wishing away the blush she was sure had risen to her cheeks.

It was just her luck to be proven right, her hesitation definitely noted by Connor and Murphy, Clint, Rocco and the several others that all watched her. A nervous laugh bubbled to the surface. "Tequila…" She whispered, her feet suddenly fitted with a fancy gps as they moved with purpose. "Tequila will make this better."

Boondock Saints Boondock Saints Boondock Saints Boondock Saints Boondock

Tequila made everything better. Funnier, louder, brighter. Just better. Whatever nervousness she had suffered from before her first shot, she couldn't even remember what that word meant now.

In fact, she couldn't remember a lot of things. Like her middle name, or how to pronounce her 'S's correctly. Her tongue didn't seem very cooperative. She also couldn't remember silly things like discretion.

See, Tequila, good old Jose, dear friend Corona, also made her hot and not just in the sense that she was literally too warm because she was, her skin felt like it was burning from the inside out, her cheeks bright red and flushed. She was also hot. She looked damn good tonight. She knew, they told her so. 'They' being the gaggle of ridiculously good looking men she was currently surrounding herself with. And last but not least she was hot. Every time her twins grazed her accidentally she felt a rush of excitement that had nothing to do with decency or discretion.

In fact, she wanted a kiss. She just couldn't decide from whom. Not to fear. Tequila decided that when Kali couldn't choose, then the choice was not to choose at all. Murphy was closest, laughing loudly at something Clint had said. She hadn't been paying attention. It was hard to follow conversation anymore.

She tugged on his hand and he turned, that devilishly handsome grin her final undoing. His hands wrapped around her shoulders to steady her, his lips parted with surprise by the time she melded hers against them. It wasn't her best work, but it still made her toes curl.

Luckily for Murphy and his modestly, Tequila hadn't taken over completely and Kali was able to pull away before things got too carried away. If she knew anything for certain, even now hazy and hot it was that her twins were not shy.

Besides, she wasn't done. Only half aware that most of the chatting had ceased, Kali twisted in her seat, precariously teetering at the edge. Connor's palm was firm against her back though and she was grateful, the room seemed insistent on spinning. Rude.

"Lass, what are you…"

She silenced him with a kiss, pleased that Murphy's hands still held her upright. Her twins were always so thoughtful.

The kiss she gave Connor left her breathless, the heat in her cheeks spreading to her lower extremities. Whoever didn't know about their arrangement, certainly knew now! BAM. Be jealous. She giggled. She should drink tequila more often, they could be friends.

Connor and Murphy stood, each maneuvering her so that she had an arm slung over their shoulders. Good, maybe they would go home now. If Tequila made everything else better, she would bet another bra that it would make the sex fan-freaking-tastic.

Alas, they deposited her away from the group on a stool with a back and the group they left resumed the noise, laughing and talking.

"We will be right back."

She wasn't sure which one said it but she smiled and nodded anyway. A quick glance and then another, slower one told her that it was close to 5 am.


Kali tipped her chin in the direction the Irish brogue came from. It wasn't Connor or Murphy, they had slipped off somewhere. Blinking, she found Clint grinning at her. "Hey." She managed, almost sure that she hadn't slurred.

"Not a drinker then?" He chuckled, his hand reaching out to brush the hair from her face.

Kali frowned at his fingers and shook her head. "Not really."

"Where did the boys go?"

She shrugged, her mind fuzzy. Probably to get her some water and aspirin…maybe a stomach pump.

"They always did set up with the prettiest girls." He bumped his shoulder against hers and her nails dug into the countertop, her legs locking to steady herself. "Never before with the same one though…"

Her eyes met with his, shocked. He was still grinning and she managed a laugh. Joking was fine…right? She swallowed, the mouth was dry. She needed something to drink.

Clint was talking in her ear, she wasn't really sure about what. He was nice enough, funny too if she remembered correctly.

"Uh huh." She gave a noncommittal nod, wondering where her twins had run off to when Clint O'Brien finally said something worth paying attention to.

"So is it the brother thing? Or are you open to other options?"

Kali jerked in her seat and almost toppled, luckily for her Clint had quick reflexes. She stiffened as his arms wrapped around her, his fingers brushing her sides intimately.

"You've got the wrong idea, Clint."

"Do I?" He whispered, his breath warm against her temple.

"Yes." She hissed, struggling against him. The problem being that she could hardly determine up from down, her body wasn't cooperating the way she wanted.

Clint tightened his grip. "Come on sweetheart, what is one more?" He twisted her body so that she faced him and grasped her by the chin.

His mouth looming closer and closer was slow motion terror...Kali had never felt so helpless, a quiet whimper escaping her throat. Whore. Tears sprang to her eyes as she tried in vain to fight him. She had so little control over herself. Every move she made fell short.

His lips stung, his teeth clashing with her own. Kali cried out at last, her hands clawing at his face to shove him back.

"The fuck?!"

Rocco's voice had never sounded so sweet.


There was Murphy and Connor.

O'Brien was pulled off of her and Kali fell to the floor on her knees, sagging with relief and shame her head bent as the world spun and spun. She heard the first punch thrown and forced herself to look up.

"I'm sorry!" The bastard with the split lip laughed, his eyes darting in her direction. "You always shared your toys with me before!"

"I'mma kill him."

"Con, wait."


"We'll do it on three."

"STOP" Suddenly Rocco was standing between the twins and Clint, his arms outstretched.

The twins shot matching glares to their Italian friend. "What?!" They growled and Kali
wiped her eyes to see them better. They really looked dangerous, like maybe they were capable, if pushed too far...

"You two, go tend Kalisto. The boys and I can take care of O'Brien."

Long, drawn out seconds ticked by before they nodded at last, the obvious rage sloughing off of them as they refocused on her but Kali frowned and held up a shaky hand. "Wait!"

They stopped in their tracks.

"Bring the Tequila."

Boondock Saints Boondock Saints Boondock Saints Boondock Saints Boondock

Kali laid down with a sigh, the bottle of Jose clutched tightly in her fist. "I've decided, I don't like Clint." She felt the mattress sink as they sat down beside her. She was shaking still and hated herself for it. Another drink of the burning liquid made her feel just a little less terrible.

"We're so sorry, lass."

"We didn't think..."

She shook her head and regretted it instantly, the buzzing in her ears worse now. "It's my fault."


"I kissed you." She touched her lips gingerly. It was hard to regret their lips on hers, even now.

"Kali baby." She opened her eyes. Connor had never sounded so broken before and it made her heart ache.

"He was an old friend. We obviously don't know him anymore."

"This was our fault."

Crying was pointless and cruel. She didn't mean to but whether it was from the alcohol or not she felt another wave well and spill down her cheeks. She squeezed her eyes shut, a soft sound torn from her at the feeling of their hands, soft touches wiping her tears away.

Murphy curled an arm around her waist and pressed a kiss to her temple. "Please, don't..."

"Cry." Connor finished, prying the tequila from her hand so that he could lift her palm to his mouth, his lips warm where the bottle was cold.

Kali nodded, willing the tears to stop as she turned her face to meet Murphy. He cupped her cheeks, his thumb brushing another stain away while his mouth descended slowly, tasting the salt on her lips. Her breath hitched.

Connor held her hand tighter. "We don't have to do this tonight, lass."

Murphy pulled back, his eyes bright and Kali shook her head. "I want to."

She sat up with their assistance, gentle hands guiding her until she was on her knees. They each held on, a reassuring grip to steady her as they kissed and nipped. She would never get used to the sheer sensation of two mouths and four hands. It was overwhelming and mind blowing. Even something so simple as undressing became inspiring. Her shirt was eased over her head and while her arms were locked above her, Murphy took his time. His hands dipped low, his lips following close behind. Connor held her still, his chest pressed firmly against her back, his hips ever insistent.

This was what she loved. Her twins. Just the three of them.

Murphy captured her bottom lip between his teeth, his tongue tracing the outline before closing his mouth over hers and kissing her senseless while he plucked her shirt from her at last. Connor dragged his fingers down her back, causing the most delicious shivers to spread down her spine as he unclasped her bra and ran his palms down her arms, hooking the straps with his thumbs. Kali couldn't think. Didn't want to. The anticipation was palpable now. She could feel it by the goose bumps on her skin and the moisture between her thighs.

She arched her back, her bottom grinding into Connor's erection as Murphy's hands cupped her breasts. His fingers rolled the budding peaks and she murmured her incoherent appreciation against his lips.

Kali let her hands slip down Murphy's sides, resting on his tapered hips, her fingers trailing the short hair near his navel. She could feel the effects of a night of drinking in her veins, she was unsteady, her emotions were high, her skin was sensitive and she felt no inhibitions. She wasn't shy; the only blush on her cheeks now was from excitement.

Murphy moaned, the heel of her hand rubbing up and down his length through the thick of his jeans while the other made sloppy work of the button and zipper. Once free from those, Kali reached inside, suddenly desperate to feel him; hard length and soft skin in her had. His hips jerked and their kiss was broken. Murphy pressed his cheek against her heaving chest, her breath uneven as she wrapped all five fingers around his shaft. She brushed her thumb over the tip and pumped as best she could, the awkward angle of their stance only slightly detrimental when one was determined. And Kali was determined.

"I want..." She practically whined, unsure how to phrase, how to ask.

Connor reached around, his fingers quickly releasing her zipper and tugging her pants down her hips while Murphy backed away and pulled her legs out from beneath her to remove them from her altogether. They made an efficient team.

Kali laughed, her feet still dangling in the air while the darker haired twin shucked his jeans and shirt to join her, his body easing down between her legs. His hands, rough against her smooth and sensitive skin caressed every inch they could reach as she writhed beneath him. She clutched his hips, her nails digging into his flesh as she urged him down on her.

Murphy chuckled, his head bent to press his lips against her neck and trail his tongue along the ridge of her ear, his body melded to her own but stubbornly still.

"Please." She begged, unabashed and wanton. Murphy pushed himself up onto his arms and Connor knelt by her head, his mouth delivering a bruising kiss as his brother sunk into her at last, his hard length sheathing as she cried out and clenched around him, her nerve endings alight.

Again and again, he thrust into her body but it wasn't enough. It felt so good, her body sung with pleasure. That wasn't the problem. It just wasn't enough. Not this time.

"More." She whispered, her arms reaching up to grasp Connor's wrists.

The brothers shared a glance, briefly, a silent communication as frustrating as always while Kali waited, wound and wanting.

Murphy pulled out of her and she whimpered from the loss. "You trust us, lass?"

Kali nodded before he finished talking. Of course she trusted them. Of course, of course.

Connor stood as well, his clothes falling to the floor beside them as Murphy moved to the side of the bed, rummaging for something. Without their hands to steady and ground her, the world was spinning again. Her heart was pounding in her chest, her lungs laboring. A chill had spread over her skin and she had to resist the urge to demand that they come back, that they hurry, that they...

Connor was on his knees and between her legs before she could finish another thought. His hands were warm, his breath hot. The tension in her belly coiled tighter, his fingers on her thighs making tantalizing circles as his mouth left marks on her hips.

Holding her breath, Kali couldn't help but lift her bottom as the side of his hand brushed over her slit. She was wet and ready to burst; all she needed was a little more. He cupped her, one finger dipping into her heat and she jerked, the shock of pleasure snapping her eyes wide and forcing a moan from her throat.

While Connor teased, Murphy returned. Kali tipped her head back, her lashes fluttering, her brow furrowed as she tried to concentrate enough to focus on the brother behind her. Murphy kneeled at her head, much like Connor had done. She reached behind, her nails dragging along his thighs but when she gripped him she stilled. He wore a condom. She couldn't quite process what that meant, she was on birth control. They had never used...

Connor's tongue swirled over her clit and stole her breath. Her back arched, her body lifting off the mattress and Murphy slipped beneath her, his legs on either side of her, his chest and arms cradling her when she relaxed.

Turning her head, Kali placed breathless kisses against Murphy's lips, keening and moaning as Connor brought her to release. True to form, it wasn't long. His tongue was talented and she rocked against him as her orgasm flooded her system. Her inner walls convulsed as her body shuddered and her skin tingled. At last she sighed, the pleasure ebbing just enough to allow her to take notice that Murphy was still behind her, Connor still in front.

Kali swallowed, instantly wired again.

Murphy slipped a hand between their bodies, his fingers slick with a cool slippery substance. She gasped and Connor leaned forward to catch it. His brother's touch was foreign but not unpleasant. He circled a few times, whispering into her ear. Not that it made a difference. She was relaxed.

She trusted them. She was excited by them.

Murphy pressed a finger inside, the tight ring of muscle protesting for only a moment as Kali accepted it. "You okay?"

"Yes." She gasped, realizing all at once what they were planning.

He moved in and out a few more times and she found that the more she stopped thinking, the better it felt. Connor massaged her breasts as he kissed her lazily, their tongues dancing sensually in a similar rhythm.

A second finger stung for only an instant and again, Kali let it happen. Connor let one of his hands trail down her torso, his knuckles teasing until he slipped between her folds and pressed inside. Kali did tense then, the dual sensation creating a spike of pleasure that traveled from her core to her toes.

"Ready lass?" Murphy's voice in her ear made her moan. She would have said yes to anything he asked.

Each of her twins removed their fingers; Murphy's hands instead lifted her ass while Connor clutched her hips. She had only a fraction of a second to panic. He was much bigger than his fingers.

The tip of him entered her, a short thrust of his hips pushing him inside and Kali forced herself to breathe, to relax, to...She gasped, a shock of pleasure pain wiping her thoughts away.

Breathing heavily behind her, Murphy groaned, his forehead pressed against the base of her spine. "Christ."

Connor leaned into her, his body hovering carefully above them. He grinned playfully and Kali bit her lip, nodding shortly just before he connected their hips with a curse and a moan.

No one moved and Kali tried to decide if she was going to peel apart at the seams. She could feel their breath on her back and on her neck, every piece of their flesh connected in every literal sense with her own. She had never been so fulfilled.

"Move." She pleaded, rocking her hips to a chorus of sounds.

Connor did as he was told, gently as he could lifting his hips and sinking back in.

"Again." She whispered, fighting the urge to meet him halfway. She could feel Murphy straining to remain still, his fingers almost painful the way the dug into her skin, his lips moving nonsensically against her back.

"Fuck..." His control slipped, his voice hoarse and Connor slammed into her. They cried out. Murphy rocked back, Kali whimpered, grappling desperately for something to hold onto. She reached behind her, one hand on Murphy's thigh and gripped Connor's shoulder with the other. They moved together, thrusting at once.

Kali's threw her head back; she couldn't take this for long. They kept moving, her body welcoming each brother equally. Connor pulled out, the tip of his shaft teasing her slit while Murphy plunged back inside. She felt her release hurtling towards her. The assault on her body too much to bear, too much to handle.

Connor slipped back inside and she raked her nails down his chest, her knees tightening as he held them apart. It was too much. Too much sensation. Murphy's hips stuttered and jerked with more force than before, a low moan telling her that he found his release. His breath in her ear set her higher. She swallowed, trying to take it all in.

A tweak to her straining nipples and a quick circle of her swollen clit and Kali screamed their names, splintering and shattering into a thousand pieces. She had never fallen so hard or for so long as she did then. Connor thrust again and again, a guttural sound torn from his throat as he spilled inside of her. She shuddered, her body flush, her skin slick.

With a few deep breaths, Connor pushed himself off of her on shaking arms and Murphy eased himself away. She shook her head, reaching for the twin that left her only seconds before she was scooped up from behind.

Kali squealed. Murphy silenced her. The water turned on in the distance.

"Come on you two."

A few stumbling steps later and Kali was deposited on her own two feet beneath the warm shower spray. She sighed happily, if not a bit dazed.


She squinted, one eye open to find her twins standing side by side, looking unsure. Surely this was a good time to call herself a whore. Now of all times. But she didn't feel it. She smiled sleepily and swayed on her feet, a sense of overwhelming happiness bubbling from somewhere inside when two sets of strong hands steadied her.

"You're still drunk."

"Blame tequila." She giggled, turning to curl against Connor's chest.

"You alright, lass?"

She nodded. "Better than." Maybe after a shower and a good night's rest she would tell them that she had discovered something. Something terrifying.

It didn't matter what they did in the bedroom, or in the kitchen at McGinty's or on rooftops of random public housing. She trusted them with her body.

Murphy placed a gentle kiss between her shoulder blades and Kali played absently with the bracelet that circled her slim wrist.

She trusted them with her heart. Maybe someday soon, as they drifted to sleep she would say those three little words that meant so much. Maybe.

For now it was enough to just feel it and have a secret all to herself.